How to choose a pump with caviar in the store: several proven tips

We understand how to distinguish in the male shop from female, how to understand that there is a bonus in fish, and what signs to navigate when choosing a fish.

Caviar — incredibly tasty, useful and nutritious delicacy. Adults and children, and during the winter and, especially, on holidays, this appetizer is the most sought-after at every new year table. However, far from everyone knows that this delicacy can be bought with red fish, but to sprinkle it at home. It is very profitable: on average, in one fairly large individual can be up to 200 grams of delicacy, and in price this weight will be calculated at the price of fish. Today we will tell you how to choose a humpback with caviar in the store and what factors should be navigable to make a choice.

How to distinguish a female from male

Of course, the first thing to be done to find a part in the store with caviar — make the selection of fish-females, because the males can not be. You can do this if you pay attention to some features.

At the male, during spawning, a noticeable humpback appears on his back, while the female this area remains almost flat.

Men’s individuals, due to the fact that they are designed to defend the family, have a brighter color. If you look closely, the reddish and pinkish stains are quite noticeable on their torso, while the "Girls" is a gray-white torso, without noticeable other shades. For the same reason and the total size of the male’s body is a little more. The average weight of the female individual hesitates in the area of ​​one and a half kilograms, and the weight of the "boy" on average exceeds the mark of two kilograms.

The male body itself has sharper bends and forms, no doubt arises that it — predator, and besides, it is flatter. The female caller has rounded and smooth outlines, and if you turn the "Girl" and look at the FAS, it is more fastened. We tried to pick up a photo on which the difference is most noticeable:

In addition, you can distinguish the male from the female on the jaw and teeth. From a male representative jaw twisted, and the teeth of a larger size. The female is flat, the teeth are almost not visible and they are much smaller. The upper lip is a little shorter than the lower.

There is also an opinion that you should pay attention to the tail: the male tail has a V-shaped form, while the female is direct. In addition, the tail of the male is shorter, the female has a more elongated tail fin for maneuvering.
Another way to identify a girl from a boy — Pay attention to the face and, most importantly, on the nose. More about this tricks you will learn from the video:

Some tips how to choose a pump with caviar — Frozen and not

Season — It is easiest to buy a humpback with a bonus in August or September, since it is at that time a fish goes to spawning, and during this period there are caviar in most female individuals, however, and at another time of the year a fish come across a filling, but she, As a rule, ice cream.

Purchase place. It is best to choose it on a specialized fish market or in large fish shops, and experienced hostesses go only to proven stores, where they have already come across "surprise".

Of course, to buy a pinkish with a delicacy inside, it is necessary to give preference to the uncompressed whole individual, because in purified, everyone has already been blocked to you. Many economical hostesses prefer the whole fish just because several dishes can be prepared with it:

  • ear from the head and tail;
  • How to choose a humpback with caviar in a store several proven tips
  • steaks;
  • caviar as a snack.

Before going to the store we advise you to explore sources of fishing with a lot of photo materials to be able to accurately distinguish the girl from the boy.

Publishing pink salmon with a "bonus" inside the more dense. If you manage to touch the fish, you can almost absolutely determine the presence of a "bonus" inside.
Also pay attention to the hole to exit caviar. If it has a pink or reddish tint, as well as a slightly stretched form, most likely, inside there is a bonus.

Fresh fish presence is much easier to determine, however, and for fresh-frozen pink salmon there are a couple of recommendations:

  • To begin withdrawn a few females or ask the seller to tell you.
  • In the area of ​​the belly, especially when looking at the humpback in the FAS, there must be a significant seal.
  • Hole for ikrometania should be red or pink.

To figure out even more detail in the topic and learn how to choose a pump with caviar, see the video:

Benefit and harm

And the fish itself, and the possible caviar in it is incredibly useful and tasty. They are rich in such vitamins as a, in, s, d, e, pp, large amounts of useful omega-3 fats, iodine, potassium, fluorine, zinc, iron and magnesium, folic acid and lecithin. And, although this is a delicate product, it is also dietary, as it is a fish, and caviar are products with a high content of valuable protein.

However, if you certainly want to buy a person with caviar, you need to know about the potential dangers of such fish. The fact is that most of the species from the salmon family live only one year: after spawning, they finish their existence, and significant changes occur in this last life period in their organisms.
So-called spawning changes are very cunning. At the very beginning of the spawning, such a fish, of course, also caught and eat. However, the meat of spawning individuals becomes more loose, pale, and after freezing it will fall apart. Most often, delicacy takes place in spawning, and the meat is given to animals.
But when approaching the place of spawning, the fish does not eat even animals, because spawning changes are already so critical that it actually "rot healing".

Fish caught in the mouth at the exit from the sea, of course eating. It is not harmful to health, however, the meat has a non-unique look: fall apart, crumbs and suitable only for minced. Yes, and caviar in such an individual most often misappropriate, small. So buying such a pump or not – everyone decides for himself.

How to choose a humpback with caviar in a store several proven tips

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