How to change the profession and make a successful sports project: the history of the creator of Sculpt studio

In the Moscow Fitness Studio SCULPT, which opened in 2019, no exhaust load. And group and individual workouts pass through the most demanded areas today: Barre, Pilates, TRX, Power, Classes on reformer (Sculpt has become one of the few studios, where such classes). How to change the scope of activity and from scratch to create a successful sports project, BURO. told the founder of the studio Anastasia Troitskaya.

About how the project was created

I am not a coach, and in the past I did not damn the idea of ​​entrepreneurship. After graduating from the Sociological Faculty of the London School of Economics, I entered the Magistracy on the history of the Arts in New York. I always led an active lifestyle, but it was the New York that truly inspired me the fitness culture: the abundance of stylish studios, high level of coaches. And the main thing is the mentality of the New York residents themselves who are always running to the sport before or after work or, if it is a day off, right from sports in Legins on Brunch.

Returning to Moscow, I acutely felt the shortage of the usual routine, but could not find "that very studio". Return to large fitness centers? This is not even stood about this. So the lack of a suitable place over time turned into motivation and the desire to create a project that will meet the necessary criteria: professionalism, style, atmosphere. That’s how I changed the profession.

About how the project was created

The main promise of our project is that fitness is primarily about balance and health. We do not make a slimming or iron press focus, although our workouts are effective tools to achieve these goals. Tighted body should be perceived as a pleasant bonus. The most important thing is that we get from movement – this is energy, emotional and physical balance. So fitness becomes lifestyle, and training – support for many years, and not for a couple of months before the beach season.

The second important component of the concept of Sculpt is a conscious fitness approach. In all classes, from the most intense to the least intensive, we pay special attention to the control of each movement, learn to understand how our body works, as different parts of the body interact with each other. This allows you to establish contact with your body and effectively achieve results without burnout and injuries.

About difficulties

Running in 2019 was my first experience in the role of the head and business owner. Practice – Best School. I studied everything in the course of the development of events: how to build a relationship inside the team and with clients, how to choose contractors, how to plan a marketing strategy. The opening of the second studio in 2020 was difficult differently. First, a new studio is three times more. Consequently, the logistics of the organization of all processes became more complicated. Secondly, it was not easy to maintain a building in the height of quarantine, and after – to attract new customers. We opened in the midst of the global crisis, when to win the trust of people became doubly difficult. Nevertheless, we grow and at the same time we train an excerpt.

About guide style

I am demanding, but soft. Trust and respect – Pledge of an effective team. I am against old-fashioned installations and a tough hierarchy. It is important for me that all employees are comfortable and that everyone felt their involvement and responsibility to the future project. Everyone is well understood this thin line between friendly and professional relationships.

About customers

How to change the profession and make a successful sports project. History of the creator of Sculpt Studio

Due to the diversity of training, our studio suits people of different ages, with different preferences and physical abilities. But, despite the differences of our customers, we have some atmosphere of Community. I often see that customers find out each other, communicate or at all randomly meet in the studio of long-time friends or former colleagues. Watch out this dynamics – special pleasure!

About favorite studios

Very respecting New York Pilates Studio in New York. They have a completely different approach, but their rapid growth and special individual style inspire.

On uniqueness

Without false modesty, I will say that we have some of the best professionals in Moscow. Each coach has invested and continues to invest a lot of resources in his education, because fitness does not stand still. Collect such a team was task number one. I can doubt the correctness of some of my solutions, in my success, but in the fact that our customers in the most reliable, experienced and gentle hands, I am 100% sure.

Another feature I can’t not notice is our interior. Each detail is thought out and matched with love. It turned out a cozy stylish space with a special atmosphere. I am very proud of the result!

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