How to care for hair in autumn and winter?

It is no secret that late autumn and in winter the state of our hair deteriorates. This affects the lack of vitamins, various colds, the constant wearing of the headdress and even the central heating that dries our hair!

Usually worse than all clarified hair and hairs with a chemical twist. Can it help look like hair stronger and healthy? About this today women’s website We will tell about typical mistakes when caring for hair in the fall and winter, as well as tell, How to properly care for hair This is not an easy time for them.

Common mistakes when caring for hair in autumn and winter

The cause of problems with hair in the winter and late autumn hairdressers consider Temperature differences and hats. Because of the cap roots caps rapidly pollute, and the skin of the head stops breathing. Now the hair grows not as fast as the necessary food comes with great difficulty.
Trying to avoid all these troubles, many just prefer not to wear a hat! And make a huge mistake!

The contrast between room warm and frosty street causes the curls to constantly experience stress, and from the roots to the most tips. Therefore, my head is better every day with special shampoos, but Hold hair under hat!

And do not go to the cold immediately after laying. Give roots to cool from hot comb.

Another error is insufficient or incorrect hair care, why sequesters immediately appear. Wrong laying, visiting the sauna without caps, frequent trips to the solarium very quickly deprive the hair of natural moisture.

Know: enough a few seconds of warm air to dry strand. Cooling, it takes the right form. It turns out that the air is hot 45 degrees destroys the hair structure. So do not regret the time for laying! Fitting a hairdryer on gentle mode and Do not overheat hair! 15 unnecessary minutes that you spend on drying hair with warm air, in the end save you from a long reducing course.

And it is best to give hair from time to time the opportunity to dry naturally, without using a hair dryer. Only in no case go to the cold with the hair not yet sucked!

How to care for hair in late autumn and winter

How to care for hair in autumn and winter
  • First of all, Cut sequencing tips. So the hair will look careful and healthier. Travel hair daily Immaining serum, and on the tips of the hair apply a special means so that they do not.
  • To return brilliance, pay attention to Hair products with vitamins A, E and in. To maintain the health of your hair, do not forget about the full diverse food, as well as use dietary supplements or vitamin complexes.
  • Long hair in their structure belongs to the mixed type – fatty roots and dry on the tips. Keep in mind: Masks and regenerating balms for the skin of the head and tips ideally should be different. In the mask for the tips, oils are necessarily present: almond, castor, olive. And the composition of therapeutic means for roots included floral extracts of aloe, chamomiles, etc.
  • Try winter more often combed. It improves the bloodstream and supplies the hair on the bulbs by the necessary energy. Trained roots will noticeably strengthen with time. Choose rome with ceramic cloth or genuine bristles.
  • AND Excuse hair straightening, at least not for long. Smoothing or winding them with iron or tongs, use Ceramic coating devices.
  • Cream Cotton Pillowcase on Silk. Or pretty habit getting the hair with a silk scarf. It sounds strange, but the reception is working. It is known that the hair rod is covered with a peculiar Cuticle Couch. In a healthy condition, scales cuticles are tightly adjacent to each other. If strands lose shine and quickly confused, it means that scales are raised in different directions. Silk helps to smooth them. After all, natural proteins, which are part of its composition, take care of the hair, return to them the former shine, and remove the effect of electrical.
  • And, of course, use hair masks. Or easy to use finished funds, or no less effective folk recipes for hair masks . Especially good masks from burdock oil, salt solution, from honey or aloe juice.

Tips for hair care professionals in the cold

Salley Brooks, International Art Director Nivea Hair Care:
"Winter’s hair can be laid as often as at any other time of year. Just use an immemorified emulsion that will provide them with the nutrition and the necessary protection against aggressive external factors ".

Rimma Korneev, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Head of the Center for Scientific Development,
Recommends in the cold season Oxygen-containing shampoos: they restore the oxygen balance of the hair onion, strengthen the roots and prevent the appearance of dandruff.

Julia Gorbatova, Brand Technologist Paul Mitchell:
"Peppermint extract in combination with tea tree oil enhances blood microcirculation in the head of the head, strengthens the roots. Wash your hair with cool water and do not overload with styling means. ".

How to care for hair in autumn and winter

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