How to bring skin to "tone", or what is the facial tonic?

Face skin care must be special. It requires careful care with the use of more cosmetics. And if, for example, we only clean the skin of the hands and sometimes moisturize the cream, then the skin of the face needs even in regular toning. Unfortunately, many girls neglect this stage of care, simply because they do not know why it is needed and how much it will be useful for beauty and health.

So, we continue the cycle of articles on the topic of phased skin care. The first stage is the face washing. Today we will talk about the second stage – toning.

Tonic is a liquid cosmetic solution that is usually applied to the skin surface with a cotton disk. The skin tone procedure performs several functions.

1. Restores the natural pH (acid-alkaline) balance.

Acid-alkaline balance of our skin on average is equal to 5.5 (weakly acidic medium). In the process of washing on our skin, the alkaline components of the cleansing agents are active, which is why the pH balance of the skin is broken. This can cause negative consequences in the form of irritation or rash. To help your skin comes tonic. It will help several times faster to restore the acid-alkaline balance of its surface.

2. Neutralizes the effect of rigid water and removes the remnants of cleansing.

It is this feature that is a good reason to use a face tonic after every washness. The fact is that rigid flowing water is quite rude with sensitive and allergenic skin. The owners of such types of skin after washing often feel discomfort and feeling of tightness. And remnants of money for washing, not fully removed from the face can score pores and cause irritation. Avoiding these unpleasant consequences helps the usual cosmetic tonic.

3. Prepares the skin to subsequent care procedures, soothes.

This toning function combines the previous two. It is well-purified leather with a restored acid-alkaline balance that will be much better and fully absorbed all the useful substances that your cream or face mask can give.

4. Provides antiseptic action.

This feature mainly concerns alcohol content tonic, which mostly use greasy and problem skin holders. Tonic for oily skin can disinfect and dry foci of inflammation. It is important to remember that even for the skin prone to fatty skin, such tonic on an ongoing basis is not recommended, since the cosmetic can cause excessive dryness.

5. Nourishes the skin with antioxidants that impede aging.

This function will be performed by tonic, the composition of which is enriched with various vegetable extracts, vitamins and macroelements. Vegetable tonic can not act as the completion of washing, but as an independent stage of care, sometimes even eliminating the subsequent use of the cream.

So, with the advantages of tonic we figured out. It remains to understand which criteria to choose a facial tonic to come up to your skin type.

How to choose a face tonic

How to bring skin into tone, or what is capable of a facial tonic

Fat and problem skin should be tone with means with the content of antibacterial and antiseptic components. Tonic for this type of skin also have the ability to improve their own sebalulation and contribute to the judgment. For normal leather, tonic with a high content of various caring extracts are suitable. For dry skin it will be very important for the presence in tonic deeply moisturizing components.

What tonic is suitable for skin care up to 25 years? At a young age, a special cosmetic means is needed, which includes components to normalize the activity of the sebaceous glands and to prevent inflammation. At the same time, not to cut the skin, the tonic must include powerful moisturizing components in order to eliminate redness and dryness.

Macy, expert on beautiful and healthy life, represents a product that will fit perfectly into the care system of young skin!

Hydro-tonic for narrowing pores for normal and prone to fatty skin SO YOUNG from Macy (Code: SY-2) completely removes the remnants of makeup and other contaminants, normalizes the activity of the sebaceous glands, narrows the pores, eliminates the fat shine, redness and peeling, prevents the appearance of acne.

Hydro Tonic So YOUNG:

  • normalizes the activity of sebaceous glands;
  • narrows pores;
  • eliminates bold shine, redness and dryness;
  • prevents the appearance of acne;
  • Only for young skin.

also in Series SO Young from Macy Enter: Lightweight Moisturizing Cream for Softening and Protection of Young Leather, Yoghurt Face Mask "Cleansing and moisturizing", Base under makeup with antibacterial effect, air mousse for skin cleansing.

Do not forget to include toning in a daily skin care system. After some time using the hydro tonic you will see the result – transfiguration and fresh skin.

How to bring skin into tone, or what is capable of a facial tonic

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