How to brew seeds of dill for a newborn (and whether it is worth doing it)

Often young mothers from colic, gases and other infant troubles of girlfriend and relatives are advised to use dopey water. Tell me, is it useful for kids.

If you believe the search engines, then dill water is a "magic agent", produced in the form of a small bubble of dark glass cost from 150 to 200 rubles in the amount of 15 ml. It is recommended to use as a medicament with increased gas formation and colic children from four to six months after the doctor’s consultation. The composition has a fennel essential oil.

Baby food manufacturers also produce children’s dopey Tea with fennel, promoting the improvement of digestion. Use such teas recommended only after six months.

In addition, on the Internet you can find recipes, how to brew dill for a newborn yourself with the help of seeds. This decoction is not a medicine. Like childhood tea, it is a food product.

However, no studies confirming the effectiveness of the use of dill water currently not. This is a drug with unproved efficiency.

How does dill water on the body of the newborn affect


First of all, it works on the placebo effect. If Mom trusts some kind of medium, there is great hopes for him, her confidence is transferred to the child. Brewing dill from colic, Mom calms down and finds confidence that overcomes all the difficulties with colic and gas formation. In this case, self-making power is much larger than the pharmacological effect of the drug.

Laxative effect

Durce water for newborns It has a laxative effect. The gastrointestinal tract of the baby is not ready for digestion of gem food for about four months.

If at this age Breasts gets any food, and not maternal milk, then a completely natural consequence of this is a banal diarrhea. That is, the laxative effect indicated in the description of the drug is the reaction of the unwitting gastrointestinal tract to enter it adult food. By the way, it can provoke an appearance of allergic reactions.

What says in

We now turn to the official document of the World Health Organization "Nutrition of Children of Breast and Early Age":

  • WHO recommends extremely breastfeeding up to six months.
  • WHO recommends the introduction of gentle food to the diet not earlier than six months.

Why not worth it brew dill from colic

This is due to two main points.

  1. Durce water is not a drug with proven efficacy.
  2. WHO does not recommend using children’s tea or home blade dill for children under six months.
  3. How to brew seeds of dill for a newborn (and whether it is worth doing it)

Some resources are offered brew dill for mothers – drink a decoction of dill to increase lactation. But experts claim to do so do not.

In the famous American reference book of medicines, quite unexpected side effects of the use of fennel can be found:

  • It can cause cramps because neurotoxic;
  • When used in large doses causes hypotension, vomiting and weakness, including in a breast child.

There is even a study on animals about the use of fennel, fenugreek, anise, goat, and distorted. It does not confirm the lactogonic effect of these herbs.

And although numerous bloggers in Instagram are taught, how to brew dill seeds for a newborn, do not rush to resort to folk remedies without organizing the right child care.

Do not rush to apply Pharmacy dopey driver without a consultation doctor. Side effects and allergic reactions are possible.

What then to do with colic

First find out what is colic. The world introduced an international classification of diagnoses. All known diseases are divided into groups. Among them there is no such definition as intestinal colic.

It turns out, colic – just a common popular explanation for all incomprehensible signals emanating from the baby. Any discontent or discomfort inexperienced moms tend to explain with colic or sick tummy.

Infants may experience unpleasant sensations when the intestine is overflowing, because the sphincter is required for empties, and the newborn does not know how to do it. But with this factor, it is easier to fight than with a mythical disease for which there is no uniform treatment regimen.

1. Special pose

Instead of brew dill water, Locking: Special pose help relax the necessary muscles. Second option: you can attach a baby to the chest – it relaxes the whole child entirely.

2. Proper attachment

There is no point to keep the child after feeding by a column. If you suspect that the baby swallows a lot of air, then check, right whether organized applying to the chest.

3. Contact with mom

The connection between the increased gas formation in the child and the presence of a nursing mother in the menu of such products, like peas and cabbage, has not been proven. Mothermary milk is made of blood – only those substances that are dissolved in lymph can fall into it. The secret "pea" ingredient causing a bloating in the blood yet not yet found.

Contact with mom – the best medicine from most problems with newborns. This contributes to the timely development of the child. It is to find next to the mother – the key to successful breastfeeding and good baby mood.

How to brew seeds of dill for a newborn (and whether it is worth doing it)

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