How to behave if at work there are envious

Since childhood, some loved to praise something, and others could not disappoint. Once, we shouted and boasted each other, who has a more beautiful typewriter or doll. Then he began offenses, screams, tears, and even fights. Of course, every child spoke in his own way, but the essence was the same. Years have passed, and now the envious is already experiencing not because of dolls. Enviousness is everywhere: at home, at work, even in the store. A person may not know us, but seeing something, envy. Of course, envy is not only black. There are people who themselves admit that they are a little jealous of you because you are lucky. But, at the same time, they do not want evil. Much worse when enlightening this black. And worse when such envious at work. Here it is difficult to predict how to behave at work so that such people do not hurt you. After all, when you can behave correctly, if you envy those with whom you need to see every day, then you can avoid many troubles. So how to behave if at work there are envious?

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How to behave if at work there are envious

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In order to protect yourself and find out how to behave if there are envious ones, it is necessary to know the reasons for their behavior and pressure levers on such people. First, it is worth not to forget that people, by their nature, envious. You yourself envy someone, just do not say that, or are trying to suppress this feeling. This behavior is commendable, just when you notice that someone envies you, but does not try to harm, but on the contrary, take an example with you and wants to be better. But, quite another thing, if people cannot look at the fact that you have a good family, a house, car and you achieve something at work. When such people are in the team, you need to be able to take care of them. Of course, being at work, you cannot completely exhaust such individuals, because you still have to rotate in society. But, nevertheless, you can learn to behave so that they have, as small as possible, you will insult you, offend and hurt.

There are several basic rules explaining how to behave with similar people. So, first of all, learn too much to frank. Even if you are a very open person, with such people you need to be careful and think about what you say. Never let yourself in need to announce that the chef praised you for the work done or you got a surcharge. Generally, try to talk as little as possible about yourself, boast your personal life, relationship with your loved one. Remember that enviousness is angry not only because of your achievements at work, but also because you are a happy person. Also, if you have something happened or something did not work out, do not let yourself complain about everything in a row. Remember that envious can use it against you. But, at the same time, you should not be sulfur and imperceptible, if only no one has envied. The fact that there is bad people nearby, not yet a reason not to care for themselves, walk in hoops and ride the tram when you have the opportunity to buy branded clothes, go to the beautician and come to the office on an expensive car. Just, you never need to do something through the measure. If you constantly brag about new things before employees who can not afford it, and literally despise their poverty, then there is nothing terrible in what they envy you and are angry. It is always necessary to remain a normal and adequate person who respects himself, but also does not forget about others. If you see that one of the employees perfectly performed the work, and the colleague acquired a gorgeous dress – Be sure to praise and make a compliment. The main thing is that your words were sincere. If people feel fallen on your side, they will be angry, annoyance and envy even more. That you are more successful and happier than someone, there is nothing wrong and terrible. Bad when you constantly expose it at the bottom and literally push the eyes to those who, for some reason, does not have this.

Also, some employees may think that you have achieved something because of attractive appearance or connections. Naturally, they begin to envy you and be angry, because they do not have the opportunity to achieve the same, since the appearance is so-so no. If it is not true, you should not give people a possibility for you. You have achieved all your work and have the full right to reap fruit. Therefore, do not be afraid to tell the truth. Let them know that you have achieved what you have a car, for one simple reason, for example, because you work from fourteen years. And the salary and praise of the chef you get also not by chance and not for beautiful eyes. Just when your friends walked and rested, you sat over books, and ended two specialties at the same time. Let everyone know that you are not so lucky as they seem. Only, make sure that your explanations do not turn into miserable excuses. No need to behave as if you feel guilty for what you have. It is not worth it to dissect yourself as in other people’s eyes and in your own. You did not try in vain and try on. And if these people could not and did not want to do something, it means that only their fault. And, by the way, they can fix everything, if they really want it.

In fact, a nice and kind person can exhaust an envy. Of course, someone will still look askance to him, but most, if they envy, then only in white. The fact is that your friends and acquaintances will always know that you yourself have achieved everything, do not schec what you have, always ready to help and share. Such people will always help you, maintain and protect against envious. Therefore, try to be optimists, do not let yourself discuss someone and gossip. And back – Never envy other black envy. In this case, there will always be many good people near you, which will just allow her bull and greed envious to spoil your life.

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