How to become rich in the material plan man

Admit to yourself what you’ve ever wondered or still wondering how to become rich, in material plan, man. Money and wealth rule the world, and that person is more confident in herself and happy who has more pieces of paper and ring coins in his pockets.

    How to become rich in the material plan man
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Most of the ordinary citizens, occupying their modest niche in society, are wondering about their financial position, being in bewilderment why one is not lucky in life, and others, less talented and capable of always on horseback. Which is typical, luckies do not attach almost no effort, having everything in excess of wealthy parents, or open their business, successfully working on themselves. As it’s a shame, sometimes it becomes when you see a successful businessman who once, being your classmate, he studied on one twice, wrote off your mathematics, did not understand anything in chemistry. And now he is a businessman! And such as you, the hardships, in the sweat of the face work for its benefit. Unfairly, tells a pride, incredible envy and insult.
Once in my youth, you dreamed of a beautiful life, thought that everything would be wrong, otherwise you would achieve that beautiful life, open your business, or get a promising work. But for this you need to work a lot, learn, have a good education. That is why it was so diligently at school lessons, at the lectures at the institute, jammed the material before exams, neglected with rest and walks with friends, was postponed personal life «for later», when everything will be fine, and so on. Only you calculated a little, did not take into account one simple moment. Think about, can your life defined for you someone else? After all, perhaps it is not your choice, rather choosing your parents or society in which you live? As a rule, parents are imposed on this mission, so hard to worry about the future of their child. In principle, this is not bad, but if you look at their actions on the other hand, it turns out that people who love you and want good, can unwittingly destroy you, not suspecting you.
The fact is that your parents or other people participating in your upbringing have never been rich and even just wealthy people but, nevertheless, raising you, gave advice (installations) how to behave. A hungry man, as you know, did not feed a friend, but poor, respectively, can not teach how to be rich! This simple truth was always at all times relevant, and remains so far. For many years in school you were taught what we need to learn well, and then you will live well. But the life is stubborn, prove to all its guests, that it is not! Modern educational institutions, ranging from school and ending with universities, created at all to raise, teach their wards to be free, how to earn material money and live to live. Rather, on the contrary, all educational institutions are – «factories» To prepare the workforce, followed by the operation of you for your own purposes. Yes, no one speaks about it, but just just turn on the logic and sound reason, and everything will be in place. No matter how sad it sounds, but you will never achieve the desired result, you will not be able to open your own business, become a truly free and independent person in the broadest sense of the word, following the standard settings, stereotypes, given to you by your environment. Perhaps successful people will not even be able to explain the secret of their success, because the mechanism of this success is laid in the subconscious. A successful person, not aware of fully why he does exactly, and not otherwise, it does not move in a closed circle, but by spiral, the radius of which is gradually increasing, that is, there is an element of development, progress in the direction where it moves. Unlike most humble, often decent and talented people who are involuntarily guided by the data from the earliest childhood, successful people do not puzzle themselves with unnecessary restrictions and moral principles.
Do you remember what farewells give you parents? Surely they were like: «In order to live well, you need to work much», «Be rich dangerous, they have trouble trouble», «Never try to stand out strongly from others, it may not like someone», «I worked all my life at the factory, and now it’s time to make money on bread», «Man without education can not live well» etc. Of course, the parents did not want to be evil, just a model of life similar to his own, because there are no idea about other models of life. Moreover, it is extremely difficult to contradict the parents, since any indentation from their recommendation leads to a fierce protest. Wanting only good for his Chad, parents practically impose their own worldview, without seeing no other path except those chosen, solely correct from their point of view.
How to be in such a situation? Listen only yourself, aggressively and selflessly contradict «Good detractors», Thereby stepping into uncertainty, or still submit and accept the standard plan for life? The main thing is to understand the principle of all that is happening. The reason for all failures is primarily laid in your thoughts and subconscious, limiting actions. Limiting communication S «Losers», which are most in your environment, and vice versa more communicating with successful people, you gradually switch your consciousness and subconscious on positive and good luck. This is a rather difficult task, because you have learned so long and stubbornly «slave», involuntary pawn, proud of the status of a labor man, impartially work for a penny, feeling false happiness from this process.
Alas, no matter how there, millionaires and businessmen can not really be, but live with free from other people’s complexes and stereotypes, much more pleasant!

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