Exercises for face

If we want slender legs, we make a "bike" if we need a handsome tummy, we swing the press, if you really want to have an elastic ass, we are squatting. What to do with face? That’s what to do with the face, if you want to have a clear outline, no wrinkles and wide-open eyes?

Immediately run to plastic surgeons or slightly wait and buy a robust face cream? It turns out, you can avoid the first and second option, if you teach yourself to do exercises for cute lying. You will not believe, but the face after regular workouts looks like a new! However, before making self-improvement, it is necessary to remember the basic rules:

– do better in the evening, about an hour before sleep. However, you can also do in the morning, for this it is necessary to get up at 5 am, wash, apply cream on the skin, wait until the cream is absorbed, then fifteen minutes to make a grimace in front of the mirror, then wash the cream again, then make a cream again, then make a makeup and, like an eaven without breakfast and in pajamas. Because time does not exist anymore. Those ladies that do not work can afford the luxury exercises for the face in the morning, immediately after sleep, just at the moment when the servant will bring you fresh coffee and freshly baked buns. All the rest, simple mortals, I propose to transfer the exercise for the face for the evening. Per hour before sleep.

– Before the complex exercise for a person, it is necessary to take a shower and be sure to apply a moisturizing cream on the skin. Each task is made 20 times, the total workout time is about ten-fifteen minutes, it is necessary to study every other day, choosing exercises to different parts of the face. By the way, in this complex of exercises will not be presented to the exercises for the eyes (for the skin around the eyes), because the eyes are not forehead, and if it is not imputable to prescribe a place, then you can stay one-eyed pirate, and not a wonderful lady. Yes, and then the skin around the eyes is too gentle and sensitive to learn and train.

– It is best to make it best in proud loneliness, so that the husband does not have a panic attack, and the cat has not thrown away from the balcony in search of help. For exercises, we will need a mirror, and a chair or chair, you need to train.

1. Forehead.

It is only among the great philosophers of the forehead, exhausted with wrinkles, speaks of the depths of thought and the undoubted talent. In the beautiful half of humanity, the wrinkled forehead speaks only about long and difficult for the past years and does not decorate the wonderful stranger at all. Meanwhile, in some women the first wrinkles appear on the forehead, and in 25 years, and if everything goes in such a pace, then for forty years will be fashionable to rub carrots for Korean salad on his forehead.

Exercise against wrinkles on the forehead
Position the three fingers of each hand above the eyebrows, eyebrows with effort up, as if you saw the promise promised to you for the new year and were terribly surprised. Eyebrows crawl up, but their fingers pushed down. Such manipulations must be done 20 times, and then tip the fingers on the forehead, such as I was in a stupid, that again believed the boss.

2. Nasolabial fold.

And if the forehead is still possible to close the bangs, then the nasolabial fold can be masked only by a thick and wide beard with a mustache. But if you are not a man and if you do not speak in a wandering circus, then this option does not fit us at all. But it is the nasolabial fold that appears pretty early and already by 28 years old can only turn the most cute face in the face of a dull clown with hanging cheeks. No matter how cool, and the nasolabial fold, has not decorated anyone yet, so the following exercise can be performed from time to time to all beautiful ladies.

Exercises for face

Exercise against nasolabial fold
First of all, stretch your lips forward, as if we are a wonderful kolmill bird, which is trying to enjoy pollen from a flower. So make 20 times alternately inflation cheeks. Exercises need to do slowly, we are not in a hurry, grimacing, as in cartoons it is definitely not worth it.

3. Ovol face and chin.

I do not argue, Bulldog, this is a very cute dog and against Pelican I have nothing, quite a funny bird. And there is a turkey, he is also handsome. But if we do not want to have a "floating" and "hanging" oval faces and double-triple chin, it is better to spend a special set of exercises from time to time, aimed at maintaining a magnificent oval. By the way, the cheekbones like Jolie, are also quite possible.

Exercises for oval face and chin
It is necessary to lift the chin a little (a little, so as not to evial ​​the jaw, which only a surgeon in the traumopuncture can be put on the place) and put forward the lower jaw forward, as if you are a horse. As soon as you feel the muscle tension, lock the position for a couple of seconds, and then slowly relax. Relax two seconds and repeat the exercise again.

The next exercise is even simpler, pour your chin, as if you are cut and think about something very important, on the scale of all mankind, not less. Make a fist in the chin, at the same time lower the lower jaw. When the press strength is equal to the power of resistance, fix the position of the jaw for three seconds, and then relax slowly. Relax a couple of seconds and repeat the exercise again.

They say this workout for the face really helps to reduce, or even avoid wrinkles. But the fact that she contributes to death is one hundred percent: in such a position of the face and mouth, to carry something out of the refrigerator at night looking and is, it is impossible for sure!

Exercises for face

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