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Anyone wants to look beautiful and young. But the time of time is inexorable and sooner or later, everyone, going up to the mirror, discovers the wrinkle on her face, the fallen sulfur, the second chin and T.D. It makes everyone look for ways to deal with such problems.

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Of course, in our days, achievements in the field of plastic surgery of persons allow you to remove any signs of aging of the skin of the face and other defects, however, first, these procedures are difficult to name cheap, which is already making them available not for all segments of the population and secondly, many Of them are not safe. Also partially the problem of aging of skin cover on the face can be solved by using various cosmetics, such as anti-aging creams. However, there is another method, quite safe and natural, which can help you return the skin of the face elasticity, get rid of wrinkles and extend youth.

All you need for this – It is found in your schedule 10-15 minutes a day to perform a set of exercises for the muscles of the neck and face. Facebilding, or gymnastics for the face, there are already several decades, providing its effectiveness when applying. The most popular authors in this area are Carol Magio, Senta Maria Range, Joe Capone, Reynhahold Benz and Other. The techniques of all these authors converge in one – that the facial muscles are amenable to workout and can be trained in the same way as the muscles of the body. It will help the muscles to preserve elasticity, avoiding stretching and decreasing. If the sets of exercises regularly, the blood circulation in the fabrics of the person is improved, the normal metabolism is restored and the skin elasticity increases. According to doctors, trainable muscles are obtained three times more nutrients and seven times more oxygen compared to muscles that are not exposed to load. This allows, engaged in Facebilding, not only work with the manifestations of age-related changes, but also with their causes of occurrence.

For people older than forty, when problems with the face is already difficult to ignore, recommended «force» Intensive complexes. People do not need to be engaged with the same load, but the holding of a complex in order to prevent such problems with the face is still justified, especially if a person plans to look beautiful as long as possible.

Below is a set of exercises that can be used as the prevention of age-related skin changes. The number of repetitions of each exercise should be increased constantly, starting with ten in the beginning and gradually aroused up to 60. The complex is recommended to perform twice a day.

Exercises for strengthening the muscles of the neck and suspenders.

  • Tongue pull to the base of the nose (before the place where the grooved tongue is located);
  • Exercises for face and neck
  • Close the mouth and strain the neck muscles as if swallowed;
  • Lower the corners of the lips and most strain the neck;
  • Try the bottom lip to pull closer to the nose;
  • Eat elbows in a horizontal surface and put the chin on the hands. Try, pressing your hands on the chin, omit it down.

Exercises for muscles cheeks

  • Inflate and blow up cheeks
  • Inflate one cheek and sequentially move the air from one cheek to another;
  • Press the palms on the cheeks and try to inflate them, overcoming the resistance of the hands.

Muscle Exercises

  • Rotate the tongue in the mouth in a circle;
  • Take turns tap each tooth;
  • Fold the lips with a tube and strain;
  • Say the letter «O», Trying to stretch it as much as possible;
  • Maximize the lower jaw forward, squeeze the lips and strain the muscles of the mouth.

Muscle exercises near the eye

  • Close your eyes and rotate them first clockwise, then counterclockwise;
  • Often blinking;
  • Seek eyes, trying to strain the muscles as much as possible;
  • Looking up, taking the eye up to the limit, then the same – way down;
  • How can one wider open your eyes, then scramble as much as possible.

Exercises for muscles in the field of nasolabial folds

  • Put on the nostril fingers and try to inflate them, overcoming resistance;
  • With wide open mouths to pronounce vowel letters as louder and clearer;

And remember that regular classes are needed to achieve a sustainable result, and not single attempts.

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