Exercises and Diet for Fine Waist

Previously appreciated pyshki. And now the ideal – This is a girl model appearance. Thin waist, long legs, well-groomed. Here are the main signs of a beautiful girl. And what to do those who do not fit the adopted beauty canons?! Can be said to yourself and the whole world: I am as it is. And you can start working on yourself. Exercises and diet – And you close as much as possible. Yes. It’s complicated. But no one promised the magic word or spell, which in one minute will turn the girl weighing 100 kg into a miniature slim. To obtain a slim body, you need to work hard on yourself. No tablet for you will do it. Now they talk a lot about magic slimming pills. They only remove excess fluid from the body, and fat deposits remain in place. The only thing that will help you – This exercises and diet for a thin waist. To begin with, consider the set of exercises, which will help support the figure, and then move on to diet.

Become right. Legs located on the width of the shoulders. We produce the slope of the body to the left leg, then move to the right leg. Return to the original position. You can complicate this exercise. Small dumbbells in the hands will give great efficiency.

We now turn to the next exercise. Become right. Legs put on the width of the shoulders. Hands pull in different directions. Sharply turn the housing to the right and left. We repeat the exercise at least 15 times.

To perform the next exercise you need to lie on the floor. Put your feet parallel to each other, and put your hands behind the head. Raise legs so that they do not form a corner in ninety degrees.

Alternate slopes to the right and left, without accompanying tilts, gives a very good effect for pulling up the side muscles.

To give the shape of the waist and stomach, as well as pumped muscles of the hips, useful for the following exercise. Need to become knees and alternately omit the buttocks to the right and left. To give a tempo, you can use the musical composition. For rest you can become a simple workout. Stand straight, put the legs in the original position. Bend alternately to the right, then to the left leg. Now you need to lie on the floor. Stretch your arms and legs. Now try to reach your hands to the legs. This is one of the most efficient exercises. But it is necessary to perform it at least 10 times in one reception.

And the most famous exercise – this is "bridge". It strengthens the abdominal muscles and waist. But can not do it sharply. It is fraught with muscle stretching. And this is not a very pleasant impression. And gymnastics you will have to throw for a few days. Therefore, all exercises will be performed gradually, without a memorandum. Here is not a complete set of exercises that will help you emphasize the line of the waist. Remember that in any business – This is a regularity. Any television, any exercise, repeated from day to day, will bring a tangible result in a month.

Exercises and Diet for Fine Waist

And now it’s time to talk about what else will help to find a dream figure for you. Diet for a thin waist – it is not the last thing that will help in achieving the goal. Now a very rich choice of diets. There are low-calorie, protein, model, low-carb diets. There are various types of monodi. You can choose any. But it is better to consult with your doctor. Only he knows the state of your health. Mountains are suitable for dropping a few extra kilograms. They too limit the body in the receipt of useful substances. Therefore, long compliance is concerned about serious avitaminosis. Protein diets are suitable athletes and those who want to gain muscle mass. Model diets are affected by their excessive rigor.

Long adherence to such diets leads to malfunctional failures, to the emergence of various dysfunctions. The optimal option can be considered low-calorie diets. They allow us to use all products, but at the same time they monitor the calorieness of food consumed. This will increase the effect obtained from exercises. Diet should be reasonable, without serious restrictions. But you can create your own diet. You will simply eat according to the rules of rational nutrition. It is enough to exclude from your diet. We will have to abandon sweets, from sugar, from bread. If we really want to get an excellent figure. Very helpful to use more vegetables and fruits. But the fruit is better to pick out savory. They are less glucose. In addition, you need to consume fiber to avoid digestive problems.

In any diet should not forget about water. Because of dehydration, health problems begin. Poor work internal organs. It begins total pollution of the body slags. And consumption of 2 liters on the day of the liquid will help quickly say goodbye with extra kilograms. Provides cell saturation with useful substances. Carbonated drinks better avoid. They quench your thirst worse and cause unpleasant consequences.

In any case, you need to remember the simple truth – You can’t buy health for money. Therefore, common sense should be mixed with exercises and diet for a thin waist. Do not strive to achieve instant results. Gradual weight loss will lead to a complete restructuring of the body. And a beautiful slender figure will delight you for many years.

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