Exclusive Buro24 / 7: a report from the Rolex Fastnet Race

Today Buro 24/7 is exclusive footage from the scene of one of the most challenging and exciting sailing races in the world Rolex Fastnet Race. The material has been prepared specifically Anastasia Zaitseva, a consultant in PR and marketing, working with sports activities Rolex.

The oldest offshore race in Europe, the length of 608 maritime miles passes in the south of England every two years. The harsh North Sea even in August prepares a lot of surprises. At this time of the year, the Atlantic coast of the North of Europe, and, directly, the United Kingdom and Ireland, are in the power of the Western wind reaching the storm power. This race is considered a sign, each yachtsman seeks at least once a famous route.

Yacht Ran 2 Niklas Zennstrema

Starting in Kaus, White Island, Fleet Regatta goes to the strait of La Mans, bypassing the picturesque cliffs of Niddles, Portland Bill, Lands-end, then through the Celtic Sea of ​​Yacht rushes to the southern coast of Ireland, where they make a sign of the cliff of the fabric, who gave a regatta. But it is only half of the way.

Next, the crews have to go through a long cut back to the finish line in Plymouth. The Royal Yacht Club Squadron takes the regatta in the regatta. The organizer is the Royal Ocean Racing Club, created immediately after the first race of the Fastset Flight in 1925. Naturally, the prefix "Royal" means that the club is under the patronage of the monarch of the England family.

Historically sailing was a noble aristocracy competition. It should be noted that the small town of Caus is the most important world center of sailing sports. Here is one of the oldest in the world of racing. And, by the way, it was in Kuause on the regatta who got acquainted the parents of Winston Churchil, what a touching commemorative plate appears on the coastal promenade. In general, the list of winners of the regatta of different years is impressive by the number of representatives "The strengths of this world".

Among yachstmen, for example, you can see the name of Baron Edmund de Rothschild, which in 1965 at his yacht Gitana IV set a record time of the route, which was 81 hours and 40 minutes. His glory did not give rest to the American media magnate, the creator of CNN Ted to Terene, who in 1971 broke this record, having passed the race for 79 hours and 11 minutes. And it is his yacht American Eagle managed to reach the finish line and win in 1979, which went down in history because of the terrible tragedy.

Then the record was released on the number of fleet, 303 yachts. The strongest storm collapsed when most of the participants were already in the sea, as a result of 18 people (15 yachtsmen and 3 rescuers) were lost. More than two thirds of the crews did not reach the finish. After the incident, the organizers conducted a serious work on the development of security systems. And yet the marine element often shows its difficult character.

Jolie Brise Yacht, Winner of the First Race of 1925

Exclusive Buro247 report from the Rolex Fastnet Race

One of the Russian teams on Rolex FastNet Race, Yacht Krasotka

It is enough to remember the example of the last regatta of the Rolex FastNet 2011, when about 30 yachts were forced to get away from the distance due to heavy weather conditions, but the most dramatic events turned around around the Favorite of the Rambler 100 of George David. In 100-foot (about 30 meters), the yachts due to strong waves literally broke the keel, the boat turned over, and for counting seconds the entire crew, including the owner of Skiper, was overboard. Fortunately, without the victims.

And yet, all of these stories do not stop the lovers of sea adventures. This year, a record was recorded again by the number of participants. The list of those who want to go through the race was filled out per day after opening online-registration. At the start, which stretched almost two hours, 335 yachts out of 20 countries. It’s nice that this year in the list of participants a lot of Russians (8 crews). This increase in Russia’s interest is discussed literally all and organizers and media.

The results of our teams will be known other day. According to the preliminary weather forecast, the organizers do not expect extreme conditions at least until Tuesday. Accordingly, this year is not expected by the new record of the route. Home the regatta amplifying held at 10 knots in the breeze. The composition of the participants as always is very diverse, including 8 different divisions. The race is held on the handicap system, i.e., the results are calculated with the coefficients for each type of vessels thus come down to finish first is not always wins the overall.

The main intrigue of the two: Does Ran team will belonging to the founder of Skype billionaire Niklas Zenstremu win in the overall standings for the third time in a row and replenish your name list the race of legends, and will be possible to pan-European team Esimit Europa 2 won all possible trophies in the Mediterranean regattas reach finish first. As part Esimit, by the way, there is one Russian. Results to come soon. In the meantime, enjoy the video from the start.

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