Examples of wedding decoration in mint color

The mint color "smells" morning cool, tender spring grass, the freshness of the light breeze by the sea and, beyond any doubt, gives the image of the bride of lightness, innocence and weightlessness. This shade of greenery and the sea wave rapidly broke into the western wedding fashion, where today is actually considered a classic of the genre, but in our territories he only recruits popularity.

So, if you dream to create a unique and unique celebration, take risks to take advantage of the incredible mint shades.

Mint – a shade of romance, it looks as touching, but much more interesting than other beaten generally accepted shades of wedding celebrations. By the way, the mint color, in fact, has nothing to do with the natural color of the leaves of the same plant, its spectrum varies from the pale blue (almost burned) to a bright mixture of blue with green.

And this means that it will have to work well, in order to design a wedding in a mint color turned out to be harmonious and interesting: the desired shade should be selected carefully, depending on the type of bride and even the venues of the celebration.

In general, I would like to note that I began to use the most popular mint color in the middle of the last century: at that time this shade was actively used not only when sewing fashionable clothes, but also in the elements of the home decor, special fashion was used gentle mint and pale blue sets , various elements of textiles.

Special pisom and even luxury were the cars of a gentle-green or burnt-blue-color, which, if you managed to get, then for very big money. That is why modern weddings in mint color are often drawn up in retro-style, because with it easily manage to recreate the atmosphere of the luxurious past.

With what to combine?

If you look at this tint from the point of view of science, we learn that mint tones are perfectly soothing the mind, contribute to relaxation and adjust on a positive way. Its main feature is the fact that he perfectly harmonizes practically with any other shades, and also successfully fits into any stylistic direction, whether it is a classic wedding, a wedding in retro style or, say, Shebbi-Chic.

As for the color combinations, the mint perfectly emphasizes the saturation of bright colors, such as bright red, purple, white, blue, and also skillfully shams the entire pastel range: olive, pearl, pale yellow and so on. Perhaps the most winning and spectacular combination is considered mint + gold – bright, original and delicate option for the wedding at any time of the year and any stylistry.

Summer wedding, which is held somewhere outdoors, looks harmoniously in mint-yellow. Winter celebration originally beat mint in combination with bright red, gray and pearl shades. Weddings in a modern style, regardless of the time of year, look good in a mint-coral or mint-peach decor.

Groom and Bride

Want to get different from the rest of the brides? Try trying the wedding dress of a gentle-cop or mint color! Such models can be found in the collections of such famous designers as Vera Wang, Elie Saab, Monique Lhuiller and others.

Naturally, to afford a designer dress may not every bride, but enough to see the photo from their wedding collections to inspire new and interesting ideas, and the dress can always be sewn to order. The image of the bride in such an unusual dress is obtained by winning, gentle and sophisticated, risking, you can show your original feeling of taste.

Examples of wedding decoration in mint color

If you still do not risk fully overlooking the mint, then accessories will always be saved, which can be decorated in the necessary color scheme. It can be gentle blue shoes, or an unusual jewelry or precious stones, among which in the image, as it is impossible to fit emeralds, jade, turquoise, malachite.

If the wedding takes place in the cool time of the year, then the outfit can be supplemented with a gentle blue blouse or mint coat. As for the colorage, the dark-haired young ladies will most suit the shades of mint close to the blue, but the light and rules are ladies – close to bright or dark green.

As for the image of the bride, he, like the outfit of the bride, should be a stylish and original, corresponding to the general concept of the holiday. If you have a youth and modern wedding, you can choose a bright mentholic or gentle-mint classic suit in combination with a white shirt.

If the wedding is close to classic canons, then you wear such a bold costume is not needed, the crumpled tie perfectly combines with gray or even with a black suit. The boutonniere of the groom should be decorated in a single range and in one style with a bouquet of the bride.

Decor of the holiday

Popular mint color fits perfectly into the festive decoration of the wedding, perhaps it will not even be able to overdo it, because it is incredibly light and gentle. Work over the style of invitation: on paper, the mint is perfectly combined with white lace, pearls and small blond flowers.

In this style, a wedding cake, chairs and an arc for wedding can be decorated, on this topic there are many photographic examples that will help you inspire and create your own unique celebration.

Examples of wedding decoration in mint color

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