Evening dresses for full women | Examples and rules of choice

Those times have long passed when picking out some kind of clothes, except for a formless balachon, it was absolutely impossible for ladies. Now evening dresses for full women are presented in stores in the wide range – the main thing is not to be mistaken with the choice to emphasize the advantages and distract attention from flaws.

General rules

Full ladies also have something to demonstrate. Most often it is a luxurious breast. Accent attention on it by choosing a dress with a deep neckline or a narrow cut in the shape of a letter V, trimmed by lace. Another good option – a dress with one open shoulder.

Evening dresses for full women should not be too short – at least to the knee. If you have beautiful legs, do not hesitate to show them. At high lanes, the Maxi dresses look good, with a skirt, a smoothly expanding book, but not very lush.

Pay attention to the trapezoidal silhouette. Often such evening dresses are sewn from several layers of cloth of different shades. Beautifully falling soft folds will help disguise excess weight.

From what should be refused without thinking?

  • Dresses in tightness.
  • All sorts of sequins, sequins, rhinestones, ruffles, frills, folds, bows and any other excessive decor. It is better that the dress is without unnecessary details, but from high-quality fabric, perfectly tailored and well-seeded.
  • Cutout in the shape of a boat.
  • Lantern sleeves and sleeves expanding. This focuses on full hands. Blank them with a calant or shawl. You can wear Bolero.

If you are interested in a classic or business style, then read the article "Blouses for the Full Women who are grupped". Blouses will help hide, then what would not like to demonstrate.

Color spectrum

Everyone knows that black color helps seem slimmer. In addition, it is a classic that is always in fashion. You can choose a completely black dress or outfit with separate inserts, visually reducing volumes where it is necessary.

Full women are recommended to abandon the evening dresses of bright, screaming colors, white and pastel tones.
Attracts unnecessary attention strip to problem zones (especially horizontal and diagonal), cell and large print.

Choose for yourself noble saturated shades – dark purple, burgundy deep blue, emerald, crimson, chocolate, coffee, merreno.

Suitable accessories

Select the appropriate shoes to the evening dress. High thin heel shoes or sandwichees visually lengtheys legs and makes a shape slimmer.

Evening dresses for complete women examples and rules of choice

Instead of a large and shapeless bag, take with you clutch or something small and elegant on a long thin strap or chain.

Pay special attention to laying. Hairstyle can be selected depending on the type of face.

Do not overdo it with jewelry and jewelry. You will be similar to the christmas tree harshled. They must be unshakable but high quality.

Dresses depending on the type of figure

Any complete figure refers to a specific type.

  • X-shaped (looks like hourglass). Thin Waist, Wide Massive Shoulders and Full Hips.
  • N-shaped figure (resembles a rectangle). Wide shoulders and hips in the absence of excess fat on the stomach and clearly not a pronounced waist.
  • A-shaped figure (in the form of a triangle). Full hips, narrow waist and shoulders.
  • V-shaped figure (previous option on the contrary). Heavy shoulders, thin thighs, almost complete lack of waist.
  • O-shaped figure (almost like a circle). Hips and shoulders are proportional to a significant overweight in the waist area, protruding belly.

In the first case, emphasize the waist of the beautiful belt. No straight silhouettes. Do not be afraid of fitting styles. Take a look at models tailored by oblique, trapezoidal dresses, skirts year and corsets.

The owner of the N-shaped figure most often slender legs. Choose evening dresses length or palm above. You are suitable dress-shirts with a deep vertical neckline, tunic dresses. Visually "pull out" silhouette will help a long chain with pendant or necklace, light gas scarf.

Ladies with a silhouette in the form of the letter, and it is recommended to cover the lower part of the body with soft folds and drapes, the top can be tight, with a V- or U-neckline. Perfectly on them evening dresses of silk or viscose with an overwhelmed waist and / or decorative elements on the chest and shoulders. There are interesting models with shirt riding and moderately lush skirt. The sleeve bell will make the shoulder line more proportionate.

Full ladies, wide in bones, with massive shoulders, and implicitly pronounced waist Find the evening dress is the harder. Choose from one-piece models with soft drapes length to the knee to draw attention to the legs. Along the edge of the hem can go trim. Prerequisite – closed shoulders.

On women with the figure of the last type it will be good to look a balloon dress, tight breasts, free in the waist area and hips and newly narrowed to the bottom.

Ampire style

Long Empire evening dresses similar to the ancient Greek tunics – a universal model for full ladies. Such outfits sew from air silk or chiffon. They have a simple cut, excellently masking extra kilograms. It looks like this model is very feminine.

The main advantages of the dresses are an underlined overwhelmed waistline, forming a clear, elegant silhouette, and gently falling, freely flowing volanesses and drapery, hiding protruding belly and wide hips.

The most important thing for full ladies when choosing a stylish evening dress to adequately approach the assessment of your appearance. Do not look at clothes separately from yourself. It is important exactly how you look in this clothes. Incorrectly chosen dress even the most famous brand may look ridiculous and ridiculous.

Evening dresses for complete women examples and rules of choice

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