Especially for the season of vacations. Travel along the coast of Crimea. Swallow Socket – Elegant Crimea Symbol

Just amazing how inventing engineering thought, which allowed to create this miracle. And not just create, but also securely fasten the abyss on the edge, thereby implementing his visitors.

Meanwhile, it is curious that the castle did not always have such a kind and not always staying in it was safe.

The first building on an Aurihina Mountain and the lock could be called with stretch. Rather, a wooden cottage. It was built after the end of the Russian-Turkish war (1877-1878.) for the retired Russian general, whose name is history, unfortunately, did not save. But the structure itself, romantically called by his first owner of the "Love Castle" (another name – "General Poison"), immortalized on the canvases and.TO.Aivazovsky, L.F.Lagorio, A.NS.Bogolyubova, as well as in the photo of that time.

Since then, the plot with the buildings on the Avrory Grief has changed the owners several times. Owned them a court doctor a. TO.Tobin, after his death – his widow, then the Moscow checkpoint Rakhmaninov, who, by the way, demolished the original wooden structure and built the castle in his place, however, also from the tree. It was she who called him "swallow nest".

The current medieval knightly architecture of the "Swallow Nest" is obliged to the oil industry of the Steingeel who very much loved to relax in the Crimea and bought a plot on an Aurian Mountain. He hired an engineer and sculptor Leonid Sherwood (the son of the famous Designer of the Historical Museum in Moscow), which by 1912 heed the future symbol of Crimea – Gothic castle "Bird" sizes. 40 meters of the height of the Aurryrina Mountain were added another 12 m of the height of the "swallow socket". The width of the foundation of the castle was only 10 m, and the length is 20 m. Inside, only an entrance hall with a living room and two bedrooms, located in the two-storey tower, were placed inside. Near the building was even broken by the garden.

At the beginning of World War I, Baron Steingel went to Germany, and the castle "Lastochka nest" sold to the Moscow merchant.Shelaputin, which opened a restaurant here. After his death, the restaurant closed.

In 1927, Aurrina Mountain survived a strong 9-point earthquake and lasted a strong crack. The garden broken in front of the "swallow jack" together with a part of the rock fell into the sea, the spiers on the towers threw, the survey site hung over the break.

Despite the emergency condition, the "swallow nest" tried on the role of the reading hall, which was located here in the 1930s and belonged to the local holiday home "Pearl". In the end, the "swallow nest" was recognized as an emergency and the passage to it was closed. Although there were brave, which for the sake of memorable photos still made their way to the castle.

ONLY 40 years after the earthquake on the Avrory Grief and in the "Swallow Nest" were carried out restoration work. The crack in the rock was cemented, the foundation of the lock was strengthened, hanging over the collapsed rock part of the house is fixed with a console reinforced concrete wall, partially modified facade and interior facilities in order to make the structure more stable. Also, all the construction was observed by anti-seismic belts. After reconstruction in the "swallow nest" again settled the restaurant. Near the walls of the castle earned a large market for souvenirs.

At various times, the swallow’s nest and its surroundings became a shooting platform for such famous film schools, as the "ten Negreat", "Amphibian Man", "Police History-4: First Strike", Children’s Films "Academy Pana Klyaksa", "Blue Bird" , "Mio, My Mio" and others.

Especially for the season of vacations. Travel along the coast of Crimea. Swallow nest - elegant symbol

The fact that the "swallow nest" is actually an outstanding architectural object, and the coins depicted by a limited edition of the National Bank of Ukraine with the image of the castle: Golden dignity of 50 hryvnia and silver dignity of 10 hryvnia.

The playground at the castle "Swallow Nest" is closed on the restoration, it opens to visit. But a lot of tourist groups stop on a specially equipped observation platform, which offers a beautiful view of the castle and you can make good memorable photos.

If you are traveling not as part of a tourist group, you can get to the "swallow socket" by a minibus or a ship from Yalta. Of course, a trip to the castle will be more picturesque. At the foot of the "swallow nest" there is an excellent reliable berth, which allows mooring even in a 4-point storm.

If you want to spend a vacation from the "swallow nest", then you can stay in the "Pearl" or "Parus" sanatoriums. They are closest to the castle. You can also choose any of hotels or holiday homes in Gaspre and be able to walk to walk to the castle at least every day. If you are planning a more economical vacation, you can rent a room in the private sector.

From the observation deck at the Castle itself, there is a magnificent panorama of the Crimean coast: on the sea, the rock Sail, Bear Mountain, Yalta.

No wonder of the rock is called Aurinina – by analogy with the goddess of the morning Dawn Avrura. From this place you can observe great dawn over the sea. Come – and make sure that yourself!

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