Epilation of a deep bikini zone

The beautiful half of humanity throughout life is committed to excellence and is fighting with such phenomena as overweight, acne and unnecessary hair on the body. All these problems can be solved by visiting the cosmetic salon, where the masters will offer any external improvement services. Epilation in the bikini zone (deep) every year is becoming increasingly popular and in demand. Interesting is the fact that smooth and clean skin in intimate places gives women an incredible self-confidence no less than expensive underwear. Looking at the photo that demonstrate the result of this procedure, you can understand how beautiful it looks and sexy.

Types of epilation intimate zone

What hair removal methods are suitable for an intimate zone

To understand what we are talking about is, first of all, understand the terminology. Bikini line – an area that goes beyond bathing panties, and a deep bikini zone – the pubic area, large sex and crotch. Those who still decided to visit the salon to remove unnecessary vegetation in the intimate area, should know which methods are suitable for this.
Epilation of pubic or deep bikini can be carried out with the help of procedures such as:

  • laser hair removal;
  • electroepilation;
  • photoepilation;
  • shaving;
  • bioepilation (use of wax or phytosmol);
  • Shugaring.
Epilation of a deep bikini zone

Sometimes for a more complete effect, the wizard can use several options in one session.

Photoepiling bikini zone

Deep hair removal with sugar and wax known to women for a very long time, since the Cleopatra. But despite the development of cosmetology and methods used to remove vegetation in intimate zones, until today, such an ancient way remains very popular. Issue clients of salons about the fact that the procedure is absolutely painless, in fact, do not correspond to reality. But the skill of experts will help minimize discomfort and discomfort from the procedure.

The result after rolling and shugaring holds, as a rule, within 2 weeks. At the same time, each new procedure makes the vegetation softer and thinner.

Epilation or depilation in the bikini zone takes from 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the denotation of vegetation, its rigidity and wishes of the client. Photos that can be seen in large quantities, talk about the good quality of this procedure. When comparing the surface to remove vegetation and, after an excellent result is visible to the naked eye. After the end of the session on the processed surface, a means is applied, which removes redness, slows down the hair growth and helps prevent them.

What you need to know about the procedure

So what you need to know about laser hair removal? Before writing to a session, you need to visit the expert consultation, which, having studied the structure of the hair, their color and rigidity, will select the most suitable option of a procedure that will really help get rid of excess vegetation in the field of deep bikini. In addition, the consultation process can reveal the reasons that impede such an event as an epilation:

  • oncology;
  • fungal diseases;
  • Skin damage.

In addition to the complete removal of hair from the deep bikini zone, at the request of the client, the Master can retain a strip of a certain form or make a temporary tattoo using henna and rhinestones. In this case, the fantasy is limitless, and the photo catalogs of fashionable bikini design will help to determine which epilation is needed at the moment.

Shugaring deep bikini

Since far from every woman can decide on a hike in the salon, but look beautiful you want everyone, it is possible to perform hair removal in the intimate zone and at home. Conducting the procedure yourself, you should try different options and understand which one is the best and least painful.
Before removal of unnecessary vegetation, it will be necessary to remember some of the rules of the session:

  • It is necessary to take a bath or hot shower to heat the skin as much as possible, and then disinfect it;
  • While removing hair – monitor the process to accidentally not injure the skin and skin;
  • For removal of pain and irritation, painting for local anesthesia can be used;
  • After the end of the session is best to wear spacious natural cotton underwear.

In which option to stop, as well as to remove yourself or with the help of professionals, it depends only on personal preferences and budget. In any case, satisfaction from the result obtained is all inconvenience and unpleasant sensations.

Epilation of a deep bikini zone

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