Emo-bang: from informal style to the classic youth image

Emo-bang can be an addition to your image, even if you do not belong to this subculture, which is known to have long gone into a deep underground and does not use the former reverence of sensitive teenagers. Like many other attributes of beauty pains of a particular style, it remained in modern fashion, because it is a very recognizable image of the image. You can try emo-bangs for yourself regardless of your age and the image that hold.

What does Emo bang look like

Emo-bang – this is oblique torn bangs torn bangs – fashionable mischief, asymmetrical, in an authentic version covered half of the face. The appearance of Emo-bangs is closely connected with the meaning of the entire subculture of emo – sensitive depressive boys and girls who darken the eyes by throwing make-up in the dark colors and cover them with hair, as if hiding from the outside world.

Emo-bang is made by a competent hairdresser with a razor, which gently slides down the strands and "wraps" her, leaving instead of a thick bangs smooth, falling. However, experiments with a beauty, no one cancels, the more they are available and explained in young age. Emo-bang can be both a single-layer and two-layer. The latter looks like a straight bang that reaches the eyebrows at which the second – oblique. This not only allows you to make a variety of familiar image, but also expands the possibilities of the emo-image for different types of face.

Who comes up with emo bangs

Emo-bangs perfectly suited to girls who wear short and long asymmetrical haircuts. Emo bangs are more suitable hairstyles with a bulk top, and if necessary, such a bang is capable of cope with the face adjustment – too long, complete or angular.

The hairstyle decorated with layers of the cascade type is suitable for any person, and in combination with Emo-bang, it becomes a universal option for an extended person when it is necessary to visually shorten it, as well as for a chubby person with pronounced cheeks it balanced.

Emo-bang looks good on teenage girls who can still afford informal clothing style. In a more mature age, Emo style in a hairstyle, expressed by this bang, is to combine with more elegant versions of haircuts that do not descend lower shoulders.

Hairstyles with emo bangs

With the return of fashion for hairstyles in the style of punk increased relevance and emo-bangs – incredible, but the fact, these two styles can calmly coexist within one hairstyle. Punk style involves a contrast combination of a short haircut short haircuts: current comfort and long, sometimes bulk bangs, which is just and maybe in emo-style. In this regard, it is easy to imagine a short haircut, for example, Pixie, with oblique emm-bang, the length of which can be varied as desired – a magnificent fashionable version of modern hairstyles for young girls.

The easiest, common and safe option for emo-bangs is a stylish asymmetric haircut with selected sharp tips, which are underlined with wax and lightly fix the roots of flavored and varnish. If the person in the correction does not need, emo-bangs can be usual if it is too narrow and elongated, long or complete, rounded, it is better to combine oblique emo-bangs with a classic straight to eyebrows – soul mirrors .

Emo-bang from informal style to the classic youth image

Long haircut Cascade with emo bangs becomes a feminine hairstyle for owners of long and thin hair. Without bangs, such hair may look boring and uninteresting, whereas a simple bang in Emo style gives the image of modernity, daring, attracting attention to the eyes.

Laying Emo-bangs

Whatever the length and degree of milling emo-bangs, the key to its spectacular image – smoothness and good fixation. Emo style in hairstyles acute in the literal sense of the word, so such a learned to their "barns", intermittent with the "blades" of strands. Laying emo bangs requires a little styling agent, which will help her to fix, not fluffing and not spilling.

Wet hair is treated with foam or lotion, dry the brush of a large diameter, trying not to twist the bang, but on the contrary, pulling it out. In completion, the bangs can be surchated by another styling agent, but not gel, which will make it greasy, and matte pasta strong fixation or wax.

To achieve the perfect smoothness of emo-bangs, it should be processed with ironing. Then the thermal protection agent is preliminarily applied on the hair, and it is necessary to spend several times on the bangs, at the end splashing with a light varnish or pulling the tips with waxing.

Be careful with daily laying of emo bangs: having ribbon tips and an inhomogeneous thinned structure, under the influence of hot laying over time, it can become dim and lifeless.

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