Ekaterina Volkova told about actors’ fees in TV shows and advertising

According to Ekaterina Volkovkov, the profession of artists is not so tempting, as it seems to many novice actors. Yes, and great earnings are far from all. What amounts can count the artists and cinema and why actors are divided into several categories, the star of Sitkom "Voronina" wrote on social networks.

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Not all Russian celebrities boast a millionth army of fans in social networks, and if it is also supplemented with a successful career in the cinema, then we can safely consider: life has succeeded. Catherine Volkova refers just to the number of those happy artists who rarely experience discomfort from lack of proposals. But in order to dispel the myths of the well-known actors’ fees and satisfy the curiosity of fans, Catherine revealed one of the main secrets of stars: their earnings.

First of all, Volkova divided the spheres in detail in detail in which the actor can earn in three areas, and the artists themselves took to four categories. So, to earn an artist can serve in the theater, moving in cinema and serials, as well as agreeing on advertising on social networks or on traditional television / banner advertising campaign.

Ekaterina Volkova told about actors' fees in TV shows and advertising

But how much does the actor earn, directly depends on the category to which it belongs to producers and viewers.

"There are 4 categories of actors: beginners, recognizable, stars and mega stars. Everyone has their own fee, "Writt Volkova.

If the actor serves in the state theater troupe, he has a salary from 25 to 30 thousand rubles or a little higher. Money is small, writes actress, especially given that often employment in the theater does not allow to work out somewhere else. But but the theatrical artists turned out to be well protected during a pandemic. While their colleagues sat without work, they calmly received a salary, sitting at home.

If the actor participates in Anhydrous, he has no fixed salary. He earns a way. For one performance, an unrecognizable actor can get from 5 to 12 thousand rubles, but its recognizable colleague will already earn from 25 to 50 thousand. The gorer of the stars, of course, is higher, but it is still not the amounts that the singers and singers are obtained for one concert. There it is about half a million or a million.

"Because of the coronavirus, the halls reduced half a half, then allowed a quarter, respectively, the actors received only 25%. But it is better than nothing, so I have refused to work a bit, "Catherine admits.

Catherine Volkova with actors of the series "Voronins"

When working in the cinema, each shooting shift is paid, so the actors refine if they are claimed into multi-sieves or filmed cinema with a long expedition, says Volkova. For example, one shift can last an average of 12-14 hours. But sometimes even so that the artists will only be removed for sleep, the rest of the time is removed and especially do not complain, because competition is terrible than actively using producers.

However, if the novice actor receives 3-7 thousand rubles per day, the recognizable, from which 2-3 roles of the second plan, will earn 15-25 thousand or even more. But the media is 50-100 thousand rubles, the mega-star can feel free to count on 150-250 thousand.

"It all depends on the project budget, the material (sometimes the actor likes the scenario so much that it can and for free), director, the volume of the role. The fee will be higher if the series will be shown on the federal channel, for example, "the actress specifies.

Also Volkova assures that advertising is the most unloved way to earn money for the actor with ambitions, but it is for advertising that. In advertising, the value has not a shooting day, but the rights allowing the advertiser to show a video involving actor on such channels of so many months. An unrecognizable artist is in charge of 35-50 thousand with rights, the star will lead to negotiations on completely different amounts.

Fans thanked Catherine for a cognitive story in numbers, advising hanging these rates on school doors so that future applicants immediately understood that they were waiting for, and could more really appreciate their own strength, talent and ability to break through.

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