By calculating: Cultious wedding stars marked for bidding

These outfits were not exactly destined to dust long in the closet. We tell about the seven of the most reluctant wedding dresses, which were exhibited (and six of them and sold) at auctions for fabulous amounts.

The wedding dresses of the stars often turn out to be a slice for investors and collectors who lead fierce battles for outfits. Someone acquires a cherished lot for subsequent resale for an even larger amount, and someone wants to take possession of a cult thing that once belonged to the idol. One way or another, and from those who wanted to acquire a dress Audrey Hepburn, which she tried only once, or an outfit of Emy Winehouse, which is not at all similar to the standard wedding outfits, it was a lot. We tell about the seven of the most famous wedding images of Celibriti, which were exhibited at the auction.

Audrey Hepburn, $ 23,000

Businessman James Hanson was known for owned by huge states and loved the society of young and promising actresses. On his list of beloved, young Audrey Hepburn, whose way to the world of cinema just began. Their relationship quickly fell into the field of view of journalists who started with the excess to describe the romance of a beautiful couple. In 1952, when Audrey was occupied on the shooting of the Roman Vacation, the lovers were engaged in. True, before the wedding, it did not come to the wedding – Audrey realized that she had no time for his family because of a large amount of work.

By the time the fountain sister, which at that time was ruled by one of the most famous studio in Rome Atelier Fontana, have already managed to create a wedding image for its client – a cream-shaped satin dress with a cutout "Boat". After an announcement of the cancellation of the wedding, Hepburn appealed to the studio asking: to pass the dress as a gift decent young bride. A happy owner has become the girl named Amabil Altobello, Italian from Latina province.

Altobee participated in the radioonkurs, held in her city, just a few miles from Rome. She explained the lead that he could not afford to marry her groom because of the lack of money for the organization of the wedding. Fountain sisters who listened to broadcast in their studio, decided that it was she deserving a presented Hepburn dress. And almost 60 years later, in 2009 it was exhibited at the Kerry Taylor auction in London and sold with auction for $ 23,000.

Catherine Hepburn, $ 27,000 dollars

The first and only spouse of the Legend of Cinema Catherine Hepburn became her childhood friend Ladlow Ogden Smith, with whom she met while while studying in college.

They got married in her parents living room in a narrow family circle. The outfit of the future movie star was also rather modest – Catherine chose a cream dress made of mint white velvet with a gold embroidery. Six years after the wedding, Miss Hepburn filed for a divorce in Mexico, legs with his spouse remained in good friendly relations. And in 2004, its first (and last) wedding dress was sold at the Sotheby’s auction for $ 27,000.

Elizabeth Taylor $ 187 931

On the Star List, Elizabeth Taylor was eight weddings and seven husbands. Therefore, we have the opportunity to look at the actress in the wedding dresses of completely different style directions. The most classic and charming turned out to be the first for the ceremony with the Conrad "Niki" Hilton (cousin Uncle Paris and Niki Hilton) in 1950. The dress was developed by Helen Rose in an up-to-date for the middle of the century style using lace and atlas of the color of ivory.

It was the first marriage of 18-year-old actresses and, unfortunately, he lasted long. A year later they divorced, and after two years, Taylor married again. And in 2013, her first wedding dress was sold on the London auction for $ 187 931.

Madonna, $ 81 250

By calculating the cult wedding dresses of the stars issued for trading

The first chief chop star was Sean Penn – the American actor with whom she met in 1985. In the same year, on the day of the 27th anniversary of the star, the couple decided to get married. The triumph took place in Malibu in front of 220 guests, and for an important day of the singer chose a dress, trends of the time – a dress of tulle and mesh bodice with strapless, low-cut in the shape of a heart and decorated with beads and pearls. The image was designed by Marlene Stewart, who in the 80s created for pop stars, many outfits.

Unfortunately, this dress did not bring luck to Madonna – their tumultuous relationship ended in divorce four years later. And in 2014 the first wedding dress was sold at auction for $ 81,250.

Jerry Hall, $ 4717

Model Jerry Hall and Rolling Stones leader Mick Jagger started dating at the end of the 70s, and in 1990 decided to get married in a small Hindu ceremony in Bali. For celebration Hall ordered a modest knee-length dress with open shoulders of white lace by designer Anthony Price. After 9 years of their marriage annulled, as the court recognized as invalid. In 2008, Jerry decided that her outfit did have to bring someone joy – and sold dozens of items from her wardrobe to a charity for the homeless the Emmaus, including products Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and Vivienne Westwood and the very wedding dress, which went under the hammer for $ 4717.

"For me it is time to let go and to set priorities. I like my dress can find a second life in someone else’s wardrobe. I just thought: "This is a great way to recycle," – says Hall. – Really strange to think that some other woman might wear it at her wedding. I just hope that whoever she was, she was luckier than me ".

Elizabeth Taylor (sixth marriage), $ 62,500

With actor Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor tied especially intricate relationship – eight weddings with him she had two whole. The first time they got engaged in 1964 and lived together for 10 years. The second time – in the following year after parting.

By calculating the cult wedding dresses of the stars issued for trading

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