Buy a coupe: Found the most comfortable car for egoists

The coupe is the perfect body type for egoists, singles, sociopaths. The coupe does not assume the presence of someone in the back row, and on the passenger seat, there are usually random companions, which in the morning will go home by taxi. The coupe is a personal space for your ego, your thoughts, your fears and complexes, covered with shiny metal and chrome armor, so that no one around you see your weaknesses. And of course a coupe is the doors without a framework.

I do not even know why from all of the listed I love this form factor car. I think my psychoanalyst, reading the first paragraph, will answer this question better than me.

I was lucky to be driving the updated coupe Mercedes-Benz E53 AMG in a couple of weeks before the first snow fell. In winter, I could hardly evaluate all the dynamic possibilities of this car, and the cars with two doors do not fit at all with the Russian winter.

AMG fans will certainly say that E53 is not quite real that AMG must have an eight-cylinder motor and be with an index 63, and we have six cylinders and in general – hybrid! Indeed, in the updated E53 there is a row six with turbocharging and EQ BOOST technology, in fact it is MHEV, or simply put – a soft hybrid.

But what’s the difference, if he has 435 horsepower, four-wheel drive and evil exhaust. And perhaps, in contrast to the insane eight-cylinder brothers on the concern, E53 is more balanced for everyday use. But about this later, in the end, the coupe is a car for egoists, which means anything should not.

Hybrid E53 AMG, honestly, is felt only in a pair of moments. Soft hybrid is just an electric generator electromotor built into the engine. When braking, it produces electricity, with sharp starts, gives an increase to power in a couple of dozen horsepower, and the same motor works as a starter.

It is precisely because of this that the E53 starts absolutely unnoticed, in contrast to the machines we are familiar with the engine of internal combustion. Neither a single vibration is transmitted to the body – just the noise of the engine smoothly occurs somewhere under the hood, goes into hoarse rumbling exhaust, but you do not feel anything.

You can safely put a coin on the steering wheel, start and jamming the motor at least all day – the coin will remain on the spot. And the start / stop system, which in many cars irritates extra vibrations on each traffic light, it works absolutely softly and imperceptibly. Which is definitely plus.

In the Russian market, the coupe is a practically extinction. Charged coupes so can be entered into the Red Book. But the charged coupe is really the perfect means of movement for every day, if you are not used to bored.

Why? Everything is very simple. In E53, two entities get along, as the two sides got along with one coin at the villain from Batman. If in the afternoon, pushing in traffic jams, this "Mercedes" as it should be "Mercedes" can pretend to be soft and comfortable thanks to the air suspension, and the blue screen of the dashboard sets up almost to the meditative way, then with the onset of the night he begins to spur you.

Blue contour backlight turns into neon lights, the dashboard in sports mode becomes similar to a computer simulator, and the radio with endless news is replaced by a soundtrack to Hotline Miami. Empty Kutuzovsky Avenue, checkers on the garden ring, every tunnel is a reason to open the window and press the pedal to the floor so that the exhaust shooting shrewd the soundtrack from the burmester speakers.

Empty night streets are his element, he reveals his dark essence. Fast, loud, hard. In the appearance of E53 AMG there is no special aggression, but if you let him, it will turn into a racing car and will provoke you to create nonsense. All the time that he was on me on the dough, I regret my neighbors – because they were always aware that I came home in the middle of the night.

Buy the coupe found the most comfortable car for egoists

He seemed to be created for those who did not play in the game in childhood. You can display overload, power reserve or display of the suspension in real time. Even on the new "Mercedes" steering wheel – double knitting needles with touch keys and two round screens – to switch the AMG mode parameters, turn off stabilization and other quick settings.

And the number of configuration settings of the dashboard and the screen of the MBUX system and can be crazy. It seems in a week I never tried them all – often I just caught myself thinking that I like the black and yellow screen of the screening of the screens, but I can’t choose what I put in the wells on the dashboard.

Parameters of supervision? Navigation? Gravity indicator? And the black and yellow window of the design requires the corresponding contour backlight, which can also be configured to infinity. "Mercedes" stop, it all looks too beautiful, it is impossible to give a person such freedom of choice!

For what I love the coupe? Appearance? Status? Of course, for doors without frames. And according to the Mercedesian tradition in the E-class coupe, you can lower the front and rear windows, which, in combination with the panoramic roof, turns it into a cabriolet like.

In E53, an amazing way left for the rear passengers. It is much more there than German classmates, and four adults are placed in the cabin without problems. Fastening for children’s chairs in the back row and a fairly large trunk, again, by the standards of the coupe.

It seems, in the case of E53, the charged coupe is not only a daily source of positive, but also a fully practical means of movement, which is able to give positive emotions every day.

Not only to you, if suddenly in the city of full sociopaths and egoists, you will finally get tired of loneliness.

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