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B Abl mask for young skin, lip gloss with velvet texture and marzipan shower gel. BeautyHack editors talk about new funds to pay attention to.

Babal Mask Pep-Start Double Bubble Purifying Mask, Clinique

«Clinique Pep-Start line for young skin love for bright jars, light textures and pleasant prices. In a new tube acid apple – Merry Babal Mask (another trend from Korea). What it is? Press the dispenser – Pink gel is squeezed out, which turns into tiny bubbles in a minute. Most those who love to lay out photos in Instagram in funny masks!
Multifunctional means: acts as cleansing gel, mousse, peeling and even primer under makeup. After washing (keep only 2 minutes) the complexion of the face is improved, the skin becomes fresh, smooth and shining. There are no oils and fragrances in the composition, only foaming ingredients – Glycerin and Aminosham, (last «erase» peeling in the upper layers of the skin)».

Velvet Lip Gloss Intense Liquid Matte, Guerlain

«One of those liquid lipsticks, which in effect and saturation is no different from the classic lipstick. But it is applied much easier – Made in the form of a glitter with a neat down-powder applicator. By texture – like a velvet cream that smells a vanilla and smoothes the skin of the lips. As part of Hyaluronic Acid and Cenerla Asian (the most important rejuvenating plant in Ayurveda). You can choose from seven shades – from daytime nude to evening plum».

Matte moisturizing lipstick KISSKISS Matte, Guerlain

«First than admire in this lipstick – Spectacular Matte Gold Valley. His design was developed by the Paris Jeweler and Designer Erve Van der Stand. Second – The lipstick itself is similar to the toy (so fascinating pigments). I was surprised that lipstick matte and even velvety, but at the same time moisturizing, applied to the lips like a light balm. Pepper extract is pleasantly tingles the skin of the lips and makes the contour more expressive. Fragrance vanilla and berries – Excellent supplement».

Regenerating Night Cream Peptide4 Night Recovery Cream-Oil, Elemis

«New British Luxury Brand Elemis Created for Night Care – time when skin is restored and updated. Peptide cosmetics has long won the hearts of those who want to return the skin youth and freshness, since peptides (or just organic proteins) launch the process of rejuvenation and stimulate cell renewal. Despite the impressive moisture, the cream-oil is instantly absorbed into the skin and does not leave the feeling of fatty film. Do not have to wait a long time until the tool is absorbed and fear to leave fat traces on the pillow. In the morning, the skin looks smooth and shining, like the Disney princess, as if you slept at least 10 hours. Night violet oil in the composition will not leave indifferent cosmetics lovers with a pleasant aroma – Moreover, floral notes will help tune in to deep healthy sleep».

Shower gel «Almond Praline», Gloria Home Spa

«If you like the aroma of almonds and never give up Almond Croissant for breakfast, these news – For you. The Russian brand Gloria Home Spa, producing one of the most famous sugar sugar pastes, appeared «dessert» homemade «Almond Praline». It includes an oil scrub, a means for wrapping, milk, soap, a cream for hands and a shower gel, which I immediately took with me to the gym (thanks not a heavy and compact bottle). The gel of the pearl color smells a sweet almond, impregnated with nut liqueur and sprinkled sugar powder. It foams well and easily washed off: does not leave a bold trace, but also without the effect of the screens. Leaves after itself marzipan loop».

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Night face mask with hyaluronic acid Optimula Hyaluron Poten Moisture Mask, Vprove

«Vprove – Brand from South Korea, where the skin belongs to special fanaticism. For example, in VPROVE laboratories, not only the type of skin take into account means, but also the weather. This night mask – For the winter season, when the skin is irritated and requires moisture. Very liquid, on the skin it looks like water (the main ingredient in the composition – hyaluronic acid). Mask need to be applied in the evening, wait 40 minutes and only then go to bed, not afraid of staining the pillow. I have sensitive skin that annoys from most means, especially if they are with hyaluronic acid. But with this mask, only freshness and pleasant moistening felt (as if skin «Drink» water). Suitable and those who have inflammation – Portulak extract Heals rashes and does not give bacteria to spread further».

Balsam-Rinser for Volume Volume, Yves Rocher

«This air conditioner took with him to the gym – him «slim» and compact bottle. On consistency as a thick cream, and in the composition – Malva extract (smells of wildflowers). Mallow – Therapeutic plant with rising stems with man and large bright flowers – It is at the expense of it that the hair is compacted and acquired. Balsam applied along the entire length and even on the roots – Hair remained fresh and well-groomed».

Night Repair Mask for Hair Repair, Yves Rocher

«Suitable to everyone who has a weakened hair or dry ends (especially clarified). Thanks to the oil of jojoba and thick nutritious consistency, the tool reanimates the hair in one night. I applied to bed to clean, the hair dried by a towel (retreating from the roots) and well fasten them. I woke up on the morning with perfectly straight and well-kept hair, without the sequential ends that I was already going to cut out. Lucky!».

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