Low like a movie hero: Top 5 Restaurants-movie stars

You know that some restaurants are not just a place for exquisite dinner? Among them are real stars of cinema who can compete in popularity with world actors!

The best way to plunge into the atmosphere of your favorite film is to drink and eat in the iconic bars and restaurants from our list. These establishments for years and decades flashed on the big screen in the most famous ribbons.

If you travel in the following places, be sure to look at one of these restaurants and have a bunch, feeling the heroine of Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, Audrey Toyou or Meg Ryan.

Restaurant CiCada, Los Angeles ("Pretty Woman", "Bruce Almighty", "Mr. and Mrs Smith")

The most famous institution among world kinomans. In this chic restaurant with a long history, it is considered very prestigious to dine, but for the beginning there is still a very try to get.

Dress code here is very strict. Men without a suit, and women without evening dresses are ordered here. Dinner is accompanied by an exquisite interior, live music and obfora waiters.

It is in the "Cycade", which is considered the embodiment of the elegance and luxury of Hollywood hills, directors love to shoot the most famous frames of their films.

Remember the scene from "Beauty", where the inexperienced heroine of Julia Roberts, stunned by a luxurious restaurant, accidentally launched a snail from the plate right in the waiter? And "Bruce Almighty" performed by Jim Kerry, who led his girlfriend (Jennifer Aniston played) in the "Cycad", but did not make her an offer on which she hoped, what provoked the gap? And temperamental tango killers with weapons in a restaurant performed by the most beautiful couple of Hollywood – Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt ("Mr. and Mrs. Smith")? All this was removed here – in the cult "Cycade".

McSorley’s Old Ale House Beer Pub, New York ("Once Upon a Time in America")

If you are in love with the atmosphere of classic gangster films, your path lies in the "old beer house Maksurilis".

Experienced kinomans remember that it was here that the young "noodle" (Robert de Niro) in the cult film "Once in America" ​​began his criminal career.

However, one of the oldest peetic establishments of New York is interesting and its own history.

Irish Pub for a long time was considered the institution exclusively for men. Until 1970, the administration even forbade the ladies to transplant the threshold of the bar! Feminists such a taboo had not like the soul (unless women could not be connoisseurs of beer and other hops?) and in court, they achieved the abolition of the ban.

But men were not going to surrender so simple: to repel the wishes to prompted here, the host bar just "forgot" to make a female toilet, forcing visitors to go to one restroom with men. So it lasted for another 16 years.

But the beautiful floor was not so fragile. Lucy Commissioner, Vice President of the National Organization of Women’s USA, the first crossed the sacred threshold for men. She was not embarrassed by any whistling, nor disapproving shouts of regulars. After such an indicative example of internal resistance, the last New York bar "Men only" finally gave up.

Snack Katz’s Delicatesen, New York (Donney Broko, "When Harry met Sally")

In fact, the Snack "Delicacy of Katz" became famous long before the heyday of modern Hollywood – Mecca for lovers of burgers has been working since 1888!

This can boast a few institutions, so it was happy to be shot and drose (or even in reverse order!) Johnny Deppa characters (Donnie Brasco), Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal ("When Harry met Sally").

Budget like the hero of the film Top-5 restaurants-movie stars

Café Des Deux Moulins, Paris (Amelie)

Cafe "Two mills" operates in the capital of France for a long time, but truly famous it has become in 2001 – after entering the screens of one of the most kind and magical films of all the time "Amelie".

It is in this cafe the main heroine performed by Audrey Tutu works as a waitress, in parallel by performing the cherished wishes of people.

Although, by the way, it was in this inaccuracy that made a screenwriter – in fact, in the "two mills" there are no waitress girls. Visitors here serve exclusively guys. But it does not affect the atmosphere of space.

Bar Vitelli, Savoka, Sicily ("Great Father")

It is in this small, until the famous bar in Italy, directed by Francis Ford Coppola rented his legendary "godfather". Of course, not the whole picture, namely the scene of the walling of young mafiosi Michael Korleon (the same young at the time of filming Al Pacino) to the daughter of the owner of the Apollonian Bar Vitelley.

After the release of the film on the screens, the seamless owner of the institution immediately renamed it to "Vitelley" – and the tourists flowed into the famous bar.

By the way, for the bar and his owner, a minute of glory became an absolute chance: initially Koppola wanted to shoot a film in the town with the speaking name – Korleon. But something was not challenged, the plans changed – and the shooting took place in the ancient Sicilian town of Savok, who was still a stronghold of local pirates in the XI century.

We hope you enjoy the atmosphere in the best "cinema" bars and restaurants in the world! And whether it is worth mentioning that the institutions from our list became famous not only by the appearance in the movies, but also excellent cuisine?

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