Budget and luxury, extension and volumetric: told about their favorite mascaras for eyelashes

Editorial BEAUTYHACK.RU says not only about the innovations of beauty industries, but also to share proven agents. Extension, intense, budget and luxury – in today’s selection of our masters for eyelashes.

Body mascara Chic Volume Mascara Garconette, Vivienne Sabo

Vasilisa Kakorina, Beautyhack Beauty Director.Ru

Mascara – The most popular cosmetic tool in the world, but the ideal to choose is difficult with all the emotions of the beauty market. I tried tens of different means of different brands – I have thin and straight eyelashes and if the mascara turns out to be too liquid or the brush is too voluminous, as a result, I get eyelashes in lumps. For several years I enjoyed the classic version of Cabaret from Vivienne Sabo, which is known worldwide. This mascara lies in the cosmetics of star makeup artists, beauty experts and is used in podium makeup.

But in the spring to my hand got a mascara Chic Volume Mascara Garconette, who translated my attention to himself! In Chic Volume Mascara GarConette – Plastic brush in a tandem with a creamy elastic texture create a maximum volume. The remedy gives a real and beautiful volume for one application, and it is perfectly amenable to conventional oil to remove makeup. My Eyelashes Chic Volume Mascara Garconette makes intense black and volume – brighter than Cabaret.

For me, this mascara is the perfect value for money.

Mascara for eyelashes 2000 CALORIE DRAMATIC VOLUME, Max Factor

Tatyana Chernikova, editor BeautyHack.Ru

This «dinosaur» Beauty world, which appeared on the market 20 years ago, does not give a single chance to other means. And I tried them a lot: this is the most popular product in my cosmetic. With a car of 2000 Calorie, I met or at school, or at the university. And impressed: the eyelashes became thick and long, as in the magazine. Then there were not yet heard about the extension, so the most popular question was, if I did not glit. Over the years, whether the quality has become a little worse, or the eyelashes from constant twists and tints are tired (and maybe both). Wow effect disappeared. But I still did not find the carcasses yet: it is not lubricated, it does not appear, gives the volume.

I adore her brush – perfectly divides the cilia, none of you «sparse paws». I tried in a blue shade, and in brown – the color is noticeable only in the light, with artificial lighting there is no difference. But in quality, these options are not inferior to the classic black. Like a neutral fragrance, I do not like fragrances, and a composition that is suitable for sensitive eyes.

Chanel De Volume De Chanel Mascara De Chanel

Natalia Picus, chief editor BeautyHack.Ru

For me, the best Mascara EVER – this. I use it for five years, periodically trying to go to other products, but I will return all the time. I’m not a paint eyelashes every day, but when it happens, waiting exactly two effects: a saturated pigment of black and lack of lumps. It would seem that such a little, but not all means are coping with the tasks.

In Chanel de Volume de Chanel Most of all I love a brush – fluffy and straight. Her, by the way, was collected according to some secret patented formula, so that he twisted, and cried, and no lumps left. And everything works and works. And thanks to the limiter, it never happens for excessive means – exactly as much as it is necessary to scratch the eyelashes. As part of carcasses – several types of wax, resin, vitamins, all – anti-allergenic, not irritating. Suitable, by the way, and those who wear lenses.

Another important moment for me – so that the mascara is amenable to the usual foam for washing, it was not then additional tools to wash the circles of the panda around the eyes. In this case, enough warm water and means. The only minus – the price of Brasmatic. Since I use internship, I am quite rare, and its shelf life – no more than six months, often it is necessary to throw away almost the full bottle and buy again what a fusion. Not very rational.

Mascara False Lashes Mascara, Mac

Budget and luxury, extension and volumetric told about their favorite eyelashes carcasses

Natalia Andreeva, Editor of the Special Projects Department

I have thick and long eyelashes from nature, so there is a mascara in my cosmetic bag only for expressiveness and emphasis. The brush from False Lashes Mascara is quite fluffy, which helps to try each ciliary, while not gluing them. For daily makeup I apply with one layer, for evening makeup – I spend in a sauna twice to achieve the maximum effect.

Mascara does not spread and does not appear during the day, and also does not leave prints on the eyelids. In the evening it is easy enough to rinse with ordinary warm water.

Cost: 1 880 USD

Mascara They’Real!, Benefit

Selecting BeautyHack Editor.RU Julia Kozolia

For the first time I tried this mascara in Travel format. The length of the brushes is not entirely convenient for application, but in the rest of the complaints there was no: the eyelashes are in high quality, does not blind them and good for natural nude makeup.

For several years I have been using mascara in classic. She has a brush with a dome-shaped tip, which is very comfortable to paint eyelashes at the edge of the eye.

I have no long eyelashes, so they are easy to rinse from Benefit without Kerlera – It turns out an expressive look, eyelashes look longer, but natural effect is saved.

Budget and luxury, extension and volumetric told about their favorite eyelashes carcasses

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