Tanning Cream: Bronze Conquest

With the onset of the vacation period, the tan cream becomes a permanent inhabitant of a beach bag. They enjoy women, men and children who he helps to find a beautiful smooth tan, expressively bronze or light golden. Not everyone uses this tool, but many cannot refuse him, once feeling the effect. And that’s right, especially since, in addition to aesthetic result, a tan cream protects the skin from burns and other sad consequences in the open sun.

Not mistaken in choosing

Assortment of cosmetics of any orientation, be it a cream with a rejuvenating effect or body lotion, surprises with its diversity and ability to cope with any skin problems. The same applies to tanning products. There are creams and lotions that protect the skin from the Sun, not allowing the burn and being a screen on the path of destructive ultraviolet rays. There are boat accelerators that are known to everyone who at least once in his life attended a solarium. Bronzemen, auto-wargo tapers: how to use funds – means of completely different purposes, with other properties. It is very important to clearly imagine the difference between these cosmetics and prevent confusion, taking one thing for another. With sun jokes bad.

Sun creams are able to protect the skin from the influence of ultraviolet rays, but at the same time they give you the opportunity to be beautiful and smoothly tanned.

Unlike sunscreen creams that protect the aristocratic pallor of the face and body, they allow the skin to produce melanin, with whose help she darkens.

Auto-military creams, which in recent years are becoming increasingly popular, can not be taken for tanning creams. The first paint the skin from above, gradually climbing from her surface after a while. With the help of a tan cream, the skin darkens natural way in the sun. Why are they needed if you can tan and without cream? The necessary protection SPF and moisturizing no one canceled.

Beach beauty

Sun creams can be more dense or liquid in texture. Purchasing such a means in the store, you need to make sure that cream is intended for which part of the body. There are creams that can be applied to face and body, but in some cases it should be indicated on the package, the cream is intended only for the skin of the body, it means that for the person it is necessary to find another cosmetics to protect yourself, and get natural color with natural healthy shine and without a burnt nose.

Sun cream necessarily includes moisturizing or nutrient ingredients (depending on the type of skin), filters of physical or chemical origin, absorbing and reflecting the necessary ultraviolet rays.

As additional components, the creams include vitamins and antioxidants that will never be superfluous for skin.

In cosmetic products, most consumers will prefer natural ingredients that diligently look for on the label. With tanning creams The situation in this sense is not entirely unequivocal. The thing is that it is the ingredients of synthetic origin that is better to protect the skin from burns and resist the absorption of harmful ultraviolet. It is believed that the silicone base of the tan cream serves as an ideal base for such a fund. Naturally can be mitigating and moisturizing the skin, for example, aloe vera aloe vera extract: the beneficial properties of a houseplant, which is widely known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Children’s tanning creams

Men and women can enjoy the same tanning creams, children need special protection. Children’s skin is thinner and sensitive, prone to irritation and rash. In addition, the children on the beach are usually very active, so manufacturers are trying to combine the mass of useful properties in the formula, not only standard protection and moisturizing, but also hippallerity, water resistance, fast absorbability. Among children’s creams for the sun, the Biocon brand is allocated, which is also represented as a spray. Beautiful and well-proven tools for a safe tan for children are presented in the Garnier Ambre Solaire line.

Cream for solarium – high-speed tan

Bronze Cream Conquest Bronze

Tanning creams in solarium have a different chemical formula, which is associated with the specifics of the acquisition of dark skin color. What is the difference between a tan cream in a solarium tanning cream in solarium: how to prepare the skin from the usual applied on the beach. First, it is believed that such funds remove the characteristic smell that remains on the skin after staying in the solarium. Secondly, they most often have supplements that allow you to get a specific tank. And, thirdly, such cosmetics does not just light up, but also speeds up this process.

The creams of accelerators enhance the tan, making it more intense. With them you need to be especially cautious owners of light skin. Acquire such funds only in respectable manufacturers and do not save. Cosmetics for tanning in solarium requires close attention, it happens that inexpensive means contain substances-accelerators or tinted skin, but at the same time they do not protect it from the devastating effects of harmful UV rays. However, it is necessary to relate to all the creams for sunbathing.

A good choice

High-quality tanning creams that have been good reviews for a year, will always be in professional cosmetic brands. Pay attention to the Shiseido, Lancaster, Biotherm creams. If you need a boar cream with the gain effect, you may like Eva Sun, Eveline Sun Care, Carebean Breeze, Geolex. Among democratic brands, the most famous tanning creams will be in the Garnier Ambre Solaire, Nivea Sun, Estel Sun Flower.

How and when to apply the cream for sunburn

Sun cream is intended to protect the skin and give her a beautiful shade, so you need to apply the tool before you go to the beach. The most optimal option is to apply the cream 20-30 minutes before entering the street so that it absorbs well, but keep in mind that every hour or two needs to be applied.

Despite the Factor SPF and the set of moisturizing ingredients in the composition, should not lie under the right sun in the hope of a beautiful tan in the watch of his peak activity. Sunbathe either before noon or after sixteen hours.

Bronze Cream Conquest Bronze

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