Breed miniature American Eskimo Spitz

American miniature Eskimo Spitz is a small, fluffy dog, but at the same time strong and proportionally folded. Spita white wool, long and thick, which is characteristic of the Spitz breed. Sometimes there are some other wool colors – it’s cream or biscuit. In the height of Spitz reaches about 30 cm, and weight has from 2.5 to 4.5 kg. Spitz has small and reprehension of the ears of the triangular shape, and the end is rounded; Ears have a proportional size relative to the head of Spitz. The head has a wedge-shaped form with rounded and somewhat wide skull. And although the head is small enough, it produces power. Spitz muzzle resembles a fox. His spin is wide, straight, and the tail is planted high and very fluffy, while throwing on the back.

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The story of spice has about six thousand years, and this is the period of Neolith, which confirm archaeological finds, namely traces of spice-shaped dogs found in many territories of Europe.

Breed miniature American Eskimo Spitz is the youngest breed of all American spitts. The club of dog breeding registers the Eskimo Spites of both small and medium size, but not yet recognizes miniature. All dogs have one standard. This breed occurs from the German White Spitz. Americans prefer white color, so they are bred only spheres of white. Long period of American spitz called just «Spitz», What led to the fact that this name is quite fried by experts who are not very familiar with this breed.

For the first time, name «American Eskimo» Applied in the age of 13 for the twentieth century, when this breed was registered in the United Kennel Club. Up until 1969, almost no one knew this breed, but soon the National Club opened, which set the task – to preserve the breed, after which the breed became known and began to gain popularity. In 1996, AKS included this breed of dogs into a non-normative group, whose representatives are divided into varieties in their size.


Breed miniature American Eskimo Spitz

Rest, Entertainment, Games: American popsicle is very easy to train, and the process of dresser is perceived more like a game – cheerful and entertaining. They love long walks in the fresh air, while they adore to play among the members of the host family.

Attractive features: The Eskimo Spitz breed is distinguished by the fact that it is very good and easily absorbs new skills. They have good health, which allows for a long time to serve the owner and at the same time to be active, cheerful, and therefore all the favorite family member.

Possible health problems: Perhaps the incorrect development of hip joint, also problems with knee joints and eyes.

Features of content

Distinctive trait «American Eskimo» – this is excessive noise. If you do not pay attention to it during training and training, then later it can grow into the problem, barking dogs will be permanent. Some dogs are absolutely not transferred to strangers, if in early childhood a puppy is noticed such behavior, then it is necessary to systematically teach dogs to unfamiliar people.

Miscellaneous: Eskimo Spitza recently were one of the favorite breeds used in the circus art trainers. This breed is instinctively inherent to defend themselves from people and animals encroaching on its territory. If in the apartment where they live, got the guests, then even their dogs meet the ringing. This property is very positive effect on the popularity of this dog as a guard.

Eskimo Spitz retained all the features of his more tall brother, which is his little copy of it. This dog is sometimes the Americans who grow it in themselves, call «Beauty without vanity».

Having an American Eskimo will have difficult. First, this dog requires constant physical exercises that support its tone. At the same time, he needs a large space for games. In the fresh air, these dogs are very funny and active, which requires patience from the owner, if possible, a dog can take something interesting. Eskimos love to live on a certain regime of the day. In addition, there are difficulties in courting for appearance. Because they are too active, the day they can dump several times, and a lot of garbage crashes on the wool, so they need to constantly bathe, and comb wool. If this is not done, then the wool may turn lumps. Education Also the case is not an easy due to the restless character of the dog: Spitz is very independent and because sometimes it just does not want to perform some teams. But there is a positive moment in all this – these are accommodation conditions. They can live not only in private houses, but also in a regular apartment.

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