Breastfeeding: Everything for Mother and Child

Each mother tries to give his baby love, attention and affection. However, only in the last decade, among moms in our country, an understanding has appeared that it is very important to give her baby and breastfeeding – the best thing that came up with nature for our babies. The period of breastfeeding is the moment from which the deep attachment of the mother to the child begins, its psycho-emotional development, the formation of relations between mom and baby.

Physiologically, most of women are able to wim up their child for not one month. So why many go on a more "easy" way of artificial feeding, instead of making efforts for the formation and maintenance of lactation? Most likely, the case is in ignorance how to do it, in the insufficient number of information.

The most important and most importantly rule of the right start of the lactation process – earlier the attachment of the child to the breast of the mother, immediately after delivery. Recently, an increasing number of maternity hospitals welcomes the joint stay of the mother and the child from birth. Already in the maternity hospital, the child lay out mom on the stomach, applied to the chest, give a few drops of colosum, thereby running two processes – lactation and successful intestinal intestine. These invaluable drops of milk harbingers launch immunity immunity – guarding your child health, transmitting antibodies to a large number of diseases and protecting it from infections.

Joint stay of the mother and child helps them better adapt to each other, establish emotional contact. Mom at this time will learn to put the baby to the chest correctly and will ensure that the children’s branch workers give it a bottle with a mixture. After all, it depends largely, which way the power will be prioritized for the kid. Very many children, having received the experience of sucking from the bottle in the first days of their lives, subsequently refuse breasts. If there is a real problem with milk, due to the transferred operation or for some other reason, during the period of solving these problems, it is necessary to feed the child from the spoon or from a special device, similar to work with the process of sucking the chest. Also, you should not give the child a pacifier, which is mainly intended for children on artificial feeding Artificial feeding: Choosing as needed to satisfy their sucking reflex. It must be remembered that the process of sucking the chest and the process of sucking a pacifier or a bottle differ in the way that various muscle groups use. In the future, because of this, the kid may incorrectly suck the chest, traumating the nipples of the mother.

It is very important for good health of the child, feed it only with maternal milk. A child who gets only milk does not need even in water, since the milk fully fills his need for fluid. Moreover, in recent times, an increasing number of specialists adheres to the opinion that the baby who eats only Mamino Mamino does not need it in the water, nor in babies up to 6 months of age. Exception can only be a very hot season of year, when a child can give further a bit of water.

Breastfeeding Everything for Mother and Child

One of the main requirements of successful breastfeeding – the applying of the child to the chest on demand. Mom needs to learn to understand the behavior of a child, signing that he was hungry. You should not be afraid to reconcile the child – an extra meal of a child will break down, but feeding on the clock can cause not only malnutrition, but also restless behavior. Applying baby to the chest on demand, you will not only feed it, but also give your heat, constant emotional support. At the same time, let the kid himself decide what time he should spend in his chest. After all, the child should not only improve, but also satisfy his sucking reflex.

In order for the formation of lactation to be successful, it is necessary to feed the child and at night. It is during night feedings that the prolactin hormone is produced, which will provide you for a long-lasting feeding of a child. It is important not to shift the baby from one to another breast too fast, because then the child will not have time to eat the fattest, rear milk. You can stick to the following feeding scheme: You give one breast into one feeding. If the child lacks milk from one breast, then you can give it another, but the next feeding, in this case, you need to start with that chest on which you have finished previous feeding.

So, for a successful and prolonged breastfeeding, you need a desire to give your baby the most valuable for his future health – your milk, understanding the needs of your child and following some feeding rules. All this will provide you and your child breastfeeding almost up to two years.

Breastfeeding Everything for Mother and Child

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