Breast mastopexy (breast lift)

Breast lift, or as it is called, mastopexy – an operation to improve the overall appearance with the help of her breasts lift and shape correction. This operation provides for the reduction of the areola and nipple, if necessary.

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Grudobvisaet due to weight and due to the fact that the skin loses its elasticity. By deterioration vidagrudi may cause loss or weight gain and pregnancy. Naprotyazhenii surgery, the doctor removes the excess skin and tissue shifts molochnoyzhelezy and nipple-areola complex up.

Mastopeksiyusovetuyut women who have small breast size. This is due to the fact that when a small weight breast such operation is most effective, and if grudbolshogo size, the effect of the operation will be short.

Takoymetod may be advisable for women who no longer plan to have children, because after the birth of the operation will disappear.

Preparation for the operation

Snachalanuzhno consult a doctor or surgeon mammologist. Spetsialistydolzhny examine your breasts and make the necessary measurements. If imeyutsyakakie any breast disease, the physician may prohibit the operation of mastopexy.

Embrella gives a positive conclusion, then a specialist who will be carried out must tell the client about all the moments of this procedure. All of the excess must be discussed before the operation! The client will have to pass all of the species and get a consultation oncologist and anesthesiologist.

Operational operation only if the patient’s health causes no. Mastopicia cannot be carried out even in the case of a conventional cold.

Turning days before surgery, you need to refuse cigarettes and complete the receiving drugs, which contains lecithin, vitamin E, oraspirin.

Evening operation you need to lie down in a relaxing bath and dine light products. You need to capture with you a soft bust of a non-profitable base in the clinic. Cosmetics to use it is impossible, nails should not be lacquered.

How is the operation going

Mastopacsia supervises under anesthesia. If a small incision is required, then the doctor can be operational under local anesthesia together with sedatives.

Operations for one and three hours. Cuts can be different lubricants. They denote the site from which excessive skin will be removed.They also determine the new location of the Nizho-Araol complex. Sooh Opel Operol and vertical line from nipple to lower fold. The result is not immediately seen, but after two or three months.

Customer Total to know that the scars remain on the place of the seam, and the effect of such an operation is nonsense. Over time, the chest will return to the previous state. Properties can not be achieved complete symmetry.

The first operation will write a client after a few days, but it is possible to start working in a week. In the first postoperative thirty days, heavy items above the level of breast. The operation does not occur to the appearance of cancer, but in a year it is recommended to visit a visit and make a mammography.

Types of operation

Breast mastopexy (breast lift)

Today there are several types of Mastopsee operations.

Full-to-stock, which is needed by women of a samped form of breast. With such an operation make an anchor form. Speed ​​from the Area to the bottom of the breast. After that, the doctor is practicing a small skin over the scene of the breast and rebon. Plot in the shape of a crescent. Nipple is cut off and sewn higher.After such an operation, noticeable scars remain, which over time decrease.

A sickle dress in the form of a sickle, the doctor cuts a piece of leather over the Areol, which has a crescent crescent. Nipple does not cut off, but simply pulls up above. Such a video is suitable for women with lowered breasts.

Benelli suspender

Heracks around the Area Skin Plot, in shape resembling a donut. The fabric that remained, hesitated to Areola, and the scar remains around it. Employed when the doctor cuts the plot more, which allows the increase in efficiency.

Mastopecia Benelli is a technique for the operation of Benelli plus a straight cut.The incision is performed from under the area and continue to inframammor. Such an exemption gives excellent results to those clients who are not suitable for Benelli, and a complete mastopexy is not needed.

Side effects

All-billion phenomena can be divided into temporary and permanent. Temporary is pain and discomfort with some movements, reduced sensitivity, swelling. Permanent – these are scars, a decrease in the size of the arolam and nipples, too much or the opposite, low sensitivity of the nipples.

Bleeding infection is extremely rare. Scars are quite extensive and can remain reddished long or rough. Over time, boulder thin lines acquire. They can be easily hidden using decolted clothing.

Period after surgery

Specialster film covered seams. Some time of the wound will be sought, the Agrud will have a heaven look. Over time it will pass.

Twenty-one day after surgery, together with a dressing woman to make a surgical bra. After that, the civagned seams are removed.

Breast mastopexy (breast lift)

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