Breakfast in bed or how to start good morning

Not so long ago, the belief was told that breakfast in the bed – luxury, which is allowed only by the individuals of aristocratic and recognized celebrities. However, times are changed, and with them misconceptions and the opinions change. The same happened and with the presentation of breakfast in bed, as about luxury. Probably, it’s not about the status or caprication, but simply in a desire to please only asking a loved one, show your care – a cup of fragrant coffee or refreshing juice … Caring can be beautiful, and this can be achieved, knowing some rules.

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Rule first: Choosing the right breakfast menu

The physical shape and the figure of the beloved man is both your care, and the subject of a reverent relationship. Therefore, it is better to immediately ask the set of low-calorie products, and as for the menu, it is not necessary to do from breakfast a festive feast. Recipes for the holiday – separately, but for now you can do the fact that it lies in the refrigerator, only here to take care of this is not bad in advance. It is quite good. Fresh fruits, a cup of coffee, juice … with fruit just – cut into a more powerful, mix, add non-large yogurt, you can ice cream, but not ice! And the fruits are better to take in the same quantity. By the way, Salat should not "swim" in the fill.

About coffee: This is also a question of your prudency, it would be nice in advance, but without persistent interrogation, find out your favorite variety, roasting, sugar or cream … Cream – extra temptation. Do not forget about the possible appearance of a beloved tummy, so apply cream separately in a special thrush from the service. Maybe a person is not a coffee lover at all? The tea has both tea in the beloved cup. Beautiful and warm – this is without intrusiveness.

The man knows that a man will prefer in the morning more serious refueling, so it will be quite good to throw two pieces of bacon on the pan and put on a very big fire and immediately beat a couple of eggs in a plate … turn the bacon and pour eggs, and still sprinkle all grated cheese And greens. And your hero will unfold in shoulders, do not doubt!

The fitness version of the breakfast is somewhat more demanding more than the products due to the need to add the body of vitamins and proteins, so choose the egg skey. Cottage cheese, but not unnecessary fat. Serve chopped fruits and juice. About coffee, most likely, remember not will have to remember, but it is also possible.

Rule Second: Surprise for Your Half

Little things have a property to memorize for a long time. And it is in the trifles that can be expressed in a gentle attitude, to demonstrate respect for your beloved person, even show that there are things, you understand and no less important than for him or for her … It turns out that it is not a little thing – wake up from a kiss, hear whisper in the ear … see the first person in the morning … you need to express, show, interest and amaze.

Breakfast in bed or how to start good morning

In breakfast there are so many opportunities to express their attitude and surprise the ability to romantics! Napkin with a delicate inscription or verses, a small fresh rosette, mounted in a transparent glass and dropping, as if by chance, a couple of petals with a tear on a tray … And how interesting and joyfully a man seeing his favorite newspaper, rolled up with a neat tube, which will go to the ring so as not to unfold! He will even postpone this newspaper for you, when he sees and understand that you respect and remember his interests. Add light, soft and calm music as seasonings, make morning light, and you will see that they themselves prepared and filed this breakfast from all over ..

Rule Third: do not forget about safety!

Promotivity saves good endeavors! Negligence turns them into trouble … to provide – this does not mean to foresee, but some events can still be predicted in different versions.

And also patience and sincere desire to smooth annoying trifles can be expressed so simple – bring breakfast to bed. Yesterday’s quarrel, careless words, passion, anger, disagreement, such a familiar desire to "bite" a little – all this goes. But it is important not only to recognize your mistakes, but also to show what little things here are all, compared to you … In the direction of reproach, look, what kind of beautiful coffee turned out, what the smell went around the room, in our room!

Not always a complete refrigerator will help smooth yesterday’s emotions, but you can also surprise with the desire and ability, without running in the morning to the store, it’s so beautiful to file everything: see what I got a beautiful scrambled eggs for breakfast! Do not drink coffee? Good but in the morning perfectly cheerit and green tea. And even more in it and puts on his feet, and gives the strength to the expression of love on the face. Tray then take, about what was there, and do not remember, and the feeling of heat and attention will not forget for a long time.

Would not spoil the impression with negligence! So as not to return to yesterday’s reproach, try not to put a tray next to the sleeping person. Tighten on the table nearby, prepare a special stand, which is more convenient to keep dishes, and serve them. So more beautiful, so more care.

Breakfast in bed: still luxury

There are still things that you just need to extract from everyday life, hold to leave for the feeling of the holiday. A bright event that happens every day will soon erase and loses glitter. Leave a part of the good for suddenness, for the feeling of something new and very joyful. After all, in life, not everyone has to remember with joy and smile. Happens anything that maybe you have to remember each other. Then this aristocratic breakfast, filed in bed, will not let you forget this great time spent together.

Breakfast in bed or how to start good morning

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