Breakfast from which not fully

Nutrition specialists argue that it is impossible to refuse breakfast. The absence of morning meals contributes to the development of obesity, and can also provoke sugar diabetes or lead to heart problems.

That foods affect metabolism, no one secret, but what kind of products are worth use for breakfast, we will now find out.


Scientists conducted research and concluded that the food was rich in protein not only helps to keep the excellent figure, helps to strengthen the muscles, but also helps to control the appetite.

Products that are rich in protein include eggs, meat, fish, as well as certain types of vegetable food. Such products are saturated with the body with vitamins and give a feeling of satiety, thanks to which the desire to perform endless snacks and go to a minimum. The human body is not able to stock the necessary amount of protein for a long time, for this reason a person is simply necessary to use protein products.

Calcium and vitamin D

If everything is interconnected in life, is it worth saying that in the human body, too, everything is interconnected? After conducting a series of research, the specialists found out that people who suffer from lack of calcium are observed by a slow metabolic process. Calcium and vitamin D products promote fat oxidation. For an adult, a daily calcium rate is 1 g, obtained from food additives or food itself. Calcium are rich in dairy and fermented milk products – such as milk, cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt, nuts, oatmeal and barley cereals, beans and t.D.

Green tea

Magic properties of green tea are known to many. This drink for breakfast is especially useful, he will not only wake an organism and gives a charge of cheerfulness, but also activates the metabolism. Green tea is rich in antioxidants, this drink gives the skin fresh and healthy look, is able to protect the body from some diseases, as well as improve the operation of the gastrointestinal tract. However, due to the high caffeine content, green tea should not be abused, but in moderate quantity it will only benefit.

Ideas for breakfast

Water. Take yourself for habit drinking half an hour before eating a glass of water with a slice of lemon. In the morning this drink "Woke" Sleepy organism and set up an intestine to work, and drunk water before dinner or dinner will help not move.

Salad with chicken, celery and apple. Boiled chicken meat separated on fibers or cut, mix with chicken celery and apple. Fix with low-fat yogurt or lemon juice.

Breakfast from which not fully

Cottage cheese with fruit. Low-fat cottage cheese mix with favorite fruits, dried fruits, nuts or bran. Instead of fruits, you can use fresh greens or even vegetables, as well as add a bit of low-fat yogurt.

Do not neglect such a classic breakfast like chicken eggs. There are a lot of recipes and cooking options, so everyone can find something to taste – boiled screwed or sick, pashota eggs, as well as scrambled eggs and all sorts of omelets with the addition of vegetables and cheese.

Smoothie – Delicious vitamin cocktail. Preparation options Great set, it all depends on flavoring addictions and fantasies, and you can make such a nutrient drink in a matter of minutes, which is also important. In low-fat yogurt or kefir add favorite fruits or berries, then carefully whipped by a blender. If you wish, you can add a little honey, oatmeal or even cottage cheese.

As already mentioned, it is recommended for breakfast to drink a cup of green tea, and if you do not imagine your breakfast without a sandwich to tea, you should pay attention to rye toasts or loaf, which are perfectly combined with low-fat cheese and fresh vegetables, and sausage can be replaced with boiled chicken meat.

From sweets for breakfast will have to refuse. But if it is impossible, I remember that the most useful delicacy is bitter chocolate, the content in it is cocoa should exceed 70%. In the dairy, and even more so in white chocolate there is nothing useful, only an incredible amount of sugar that will not go to the Figure.

Kashi Useful not only to children, but also adults who are watching their figure and health. For example, oatmeal and the manka are a source of protein, so why not start the morning with nutritional porridge? You can add pieces of fruit, berries or nuts. The rest of the cereals are also no less useful and nutritious, so you do not need to neglect them, but include in the daily diet. Porridge must be cooked on water or on low-fat milk, it is also not necessary to overdo with sugar and butter, then it will be really useful and dietary.

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