In advertising women’s image, body, figure, etc., Capable not only to encourage, but also awaken the needs of the buyer. As a result, for men, the female body in advertising is a call for what they have to do: buying, possess. And what is the role of Breda Pitt in advertising of women’s fragrance?
"To keep the legend, you need to change the point of view on it, – President Chanel Fragrance said & Beauty Andrea d’Avak – We first invited a man for perfume advertising for women. Chanel No.5 is our leading aroma, and we are ready to invest in order to preserve it at this level".

Participation of Brad Pitt in Advertising Chanel No.5 cost the house chanel at $ 7 million.

And here is the commercial itself (two of its versions):

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A good product in permanent advertising does not need.Spend 7 million on such an advertisement I see no sense.And the fact that a man is yes though a monkey, if only the product was high-quality.


If everything was as you say, there would be no advertising industry. And if it exists, yes it is so great, then it turns out, not everything is so simple. Great power suggestion. The purpose of advertising and prompted the buyer to follow this product. And Brad Pitt for this purpose Well, just perfect. The fragrance is female. Product quality, it is known, but Chanel needs to support your brand, constantly reminding yourself. You yourself, come, do not buy yourself spirits whose face will be a monkey. Personally, I don’t even like these perfume, I get aesthetic pleasure from all commercials dedicated to him. Spirits advertising is real art.

Finally nothing. This is me about the roller))) Aroma for me – know the comments, rare kaka (yes forgive me of his fans))).

I looked at the first roller, and only one thought arose "What kind of garbage" ?! Yes, and Pitt somehow not ice.

The second roller is better

I liked it, penetrating)

I also liked it, especially my unusualness 🙂

Something somehow so-so. In no way in general. The first roller generally creates the impression that he pulls this perfume everywhere with me :-)))

And he has a beautiful gloos. And rollers about nothing! And maybe this is the idea.

And you have not seen films with him before, once the voice first heard? 🙂 And just probably looked with Russian voice acting.

Of course with Russian translation. And here I was straight listened to him, and not read the titles.

Yes, I understood, I just got so accustomed to the original voice acting to watch that I did not reach me right away, what did you mean :))

And cool when one translator is enshrined at one foreign actor, the GLOS of which we know and find out.

This is Yeah, we really have a man with a beautiful voice, however, however, a real voice is much more pleasant in any way 🙂

Ahahaha, Daaaa, saw in Frandlent. Say that I fell into the sediment when I read the amount – say nothing! I walked all day yesterday, shaking hands in the air and mumbled in the air, well, as it is possible, well, it’s just It is worth saying))) Heh)) even the husband became interested in the subject of my frills)))

Flax, I’m counting, it is the Brad himself Pitt! Elimination of beauty and masculinity (hahhaa))), sex symbol! And female perfume. So I had to fall out the round sum)))) it was necessary to break. I wonder, and before him someone was offered to play in the video, for example clubs?)))

No, I understand myself that Mr. Pitt Figure is large and respected. but 7 million. it’s somehow even a lot. May have in mind that the whole roller cost this amount? Then I believe))

Or Chanel and representatives of Mr. Pitt agreed to voice exactly this amount so that you, Len, walked all day, shaking hands in the air and mumbled in the air :), Dear House Chanel has become even more respected, and the producers of films learned the fee and did not even think to buy, inviting Mr. Pitt to work in the next project.

I like Piet)) But advertising on the one hand is interesting with another really stupidly spent money.

Here’s how to advertise "Nieachem"))

The purpose of advertising after viewing (fragrances in particular) so that the consumer has the need for urgently "running by bringing the poles to get the same", or "Ltd., interestingly, you must definitely try".

And here, the aroma itself is so already concentrated, so already removed the unmeared number of the rollers, that the point of spending so much money Yes, even if Starina Brad? We are, right all the breaking our heads will go to buy it? Well, so many know how he "Feromonit" *on an amateur, straight*. And even if lovers, they will not go to buy it, even if the comic Rowen Ekinson is racing in advertising? (I expect, of course, but something like that)

And more, the fragrance is not new, they were interested in the sum of the voiced fee?))) Or b.Pitt says penetrating, about omnipresent, and we know that his love Jolie wears absolutely other flavors (by the way, if she was shot in the video, the logic was settled, and so. Some "Aunt" and nonsense – "Nipanyna").

In general, I wanted to express: urgent need to take away did not arise, high sales a long ago he made Monroe to his one phrase about nightcloth, so it could be steeper, only if Pitt voiced that his beloved would use the 5 number, but apparently Guldenov it was not enough to twist so much))) I saw nothing new, so there is no interest too (the video itself is very inferior to the old one with the participation of Kidman, here at least "love story" Showing, or with Audrey Toyu). So I repeat – nothing.

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