Bottors – Boots with Majesty Mania

Women habitually borrow details from male wardrobe, very easily making them their. The same thing happened with a bottle – high boots, which for several centuries ago only were male representatives, and in military service. Militari style, dangerous length, it would seem, the complete absence of feminine refinement of these rough boots played on the hand of the beautiful floor. And already several seasons in a row boots – an indispensable satellite of fashionable autumn and winter.

The origins of very high fashion

At the bottle, a very interesting story, which illustrates the ambiguity and contradictions of their image. About three centuries ago Such boots began to wear French officers. Their height was very convenient with a constant horse ride, because they defended luxury pants. They also came to the secular receptions in boots, but turned off high tops, and the boots acquired a slightly updated view. The presence of boots on male legs continued until the beginning of the 20th century. It was then that women began active borrowing from the male wardrobe, without having taken attention to these original details. But even such a challenge of emancipated ladies of the beginning of the century did not stand closely with the appearance, which attached to bottle at the end of the century.

Eighties – the era of vinyl fashion and tight outfits. In that period, the girls of easy behavior began to greedily buy boots, which unfortunately faced the leg, leaving a climbing strip in the hip region, where the frivolous mini skirt ended. From the military wardrobe, the boots stepped right on the night streets of large cities, at first glance, finally dropping their status. But, fortunately, it took only two decades and the harder work of designers who returned to them the title of desired accessory, heating and stylish satellite of autumn and winter.

Style Height

A good addition to the wardrobe or accessory, independently forms the image – Such is the fashionable fate of the bottle, which the largest houses are offered to try, and even better – to purchase. Any girl should know the basic rules of wearing these stylish, but, at the same time, quite complex boots, risking with improper use hopelessly spoil the image.

Treads for autumn-winter 2010-2011 are offered both free of coarse skin and soft, tight legs like leggings of leggings – released from fashion? . The first are safer to wear than the second, as they can hide the problem in all aspects of the legs. Tearing the leg to the skin across the entire length can afford the fashionista, which has not only enviable data, but also a well-developed feeling of taste. Such models are worth combining, rather, not with a mini skirt, but with a dress-sweater that will calm the aggressiveness of his cozy softness. In addition, it must be borne in mind that the new interpretation in the form of slits or lacing should appear on slim legs, not allowing excess fat to float out of the holes provided to be stylish, and not exposure.

Bottors - Boots with Majesty Mania

Wide thighs need to cover enough long outfit, which closes the top of the bottle. Excellent ally for them – shorts which shorts to wear this summer? or breeches that don’t give a thorough skin thighs. If the boots are not too high, for example, on the palm above the knee, the most optimal choice – tights tights: accessory in a female wardrobe in tone or close by tone. Then the hips can be minimized a bit.

The main trends of the season fall-winter 2010-2011

Autumn-Winter 2010-2011 season presents both samples of classical restraint and original finds couture. Main Trend – Height. Botforts strive to upwards as they still did not do it. High heel is adjacent to a stable heel, and flawless smoothness and closeness exist near lacing along the entire length and bold slots in the area of ​​the Miss or Back. Rigid leather and models created as if the hunting boots or soft boots fit like a glove is a matter of taste and, of course, physical data.

Predatory femininity in the form of a skin of python, a sharp nose and the finest studs are represented by Burberry. Black or dark brown comfortable classic with a rolling riding, making boots all to the knee – such is the choice of Sergio Rossi. Prada conquers novelty rigid skin scene. Laceclock on the sleeper and high stud – these are MARCHESA boots. Luxury suede is demonstrated by Isabel Marant and Roberto Cavalli. According to the fact that designers are offered by the upcoming autumn-winter, it is safe to say that the "squeak" of the season – tight models from suede.

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