120 years ago X-rays were discovered

… Friday evening on November 8, 1895. Small Laboratory of the German Würzburg University. Everyone has long sold home, only one person remained – 50-year-old rector. Hardworking and persistent man, he continues to conduct physical experiments again and again. That is how well-known under the name "X-rays", or X-rays, or X-rays were opened in such an environment.

Probably why we need X-rays to explain to anyone you do not need to explain: everyone passed fluorography, and many know about X-ray, they did a snapshot of the tooth, broken limb, spine, heart, stomach, joints … In fact, X-radiation is very bright light. which is not available to the human eye, it is interesting that he can shine even dense and opaque objects. Today, the X-ray is one of the most common and easily accessible (it is possible to study the snapshot without any special devices) methods of diagnosis. And whether we know how the X-rays were opened?

We have already begun to tell the story of their discovery, but not yet voiced the name of the scientist – they had a physicist Wilhelm X-ray (it is noteworthy that the Germans pronounce his name as Rottengen), subsequently received the Nobel Prize for his opening – for the first time in history!

The opening of the X-ray has become an epochal for science – it became possible to investigate what was previously simply not available: for example, to see the location and size of organs without surgical intervention. However, medicine was not all. Huge influence had the discovery of X-rays for the development of equipment. Motion the latest development dreamed of many entrepreneurs of that time – however, the scientist refused not only to sell it, but also patenting, believing that its development should not become a source of income.

A x-ray behaved with such modesty and then when he was honored to honors for the perfect discovery. So, the authorities awarded the scientist of the Order, who gave the right to have a noble title, adding a particle "Background" to his name – however, the scientist did not use this privilege. Similar history repeatedly with the Nobel Prize: X-ray accepted it, but I refused to go to the presentation, referring to the abundance of work. When the award was sent to him by mail, he gave all his money to the authorities to help other people survive the terrible consequences of the First World War.

And now some practical recommendations.

What you need to know by preparing for the X-ray?
• First, it should be remembered that due to strong radiation, X-ray is not recommended to do more often than once a year, and if we are talking about children and adolescents up to 15 years – then no more than 3 years.

• If you take a snapshot of the skull, you will not need special training – except women will have to remove hairpins and hairpins from hairstyles.

• If the limb x-ray is done, then the strips of the adhesive plaster should be rejected and wash off iodine if it has been applied, remove the rings.

• with shots of sternum, lungs, clavicle, blades, should be removed decorations from the neck.

120 Years ago X-rays were discovered

• more complex preparation requires an X-ray shot of pelvic bones or lumbar-sacaches. Thus, the intestine of the patient needs to clean well (you can put the enema), and within a few days before the procedure should be excluded from the diet gas-forming products (black bread, fruits, vegetables, legumes, etc.) – intestinal gases can distort the image.

And finally, we offer you some entertaining facts about X-radiation:

• How often little children swallow minor items! The creators of the "Lego" designer decided to take care of the health of the kids and the psyche of their parents: all the details contain Barium sulfate, which makes the toy non-toxic for the body, and besides, because of its content, the designer is clearly visible on X-rays – so if the kid swallowed Detail from "Lego", to find her doctor will be much easier.

• To which they just did not think during the periods of deficit during the USSR! Here, for example, on old X-rays made music records – there were peculiar pirate plates – they called them "plates on the bones" or "plates on the ribs". Interestingly, the extraction of "raw materials" for the records was not pursued – honey. Employees even were pleased to unload archives. Sounded on such a plate a little differently than on the usual, "lamellar", surfaces – and today experts chase for such entries.

• Few is aware that items that we use in everyday life also emit X-rays. Of course, items such a bit, and the simplest example is … Ordinary Scotch. Sticky tape that is at home for everyone, begins to emit the lawsuit only when it is unwound and glued somewhere, if it is simply stored in a roll, then there is no radiation. This is explained by the fact that when we spare ribbon with a sharp movement of your hand, there is a charge that begins to emit X-rays. And the adhesive tape can be charged so much that the rays are enough even on a simple thumbnail shot!

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