12 options for trend female shoes for summer 2021

The fashion world does not get tired to affect the variety of styles that will be popular in summer. And it concerns not only stylish clothes, accessories, bags, but also shoes. We studied current trends and rush to share with you a selection of the most fashionable characteristics of the shoes in the summer of 2021.

1. Flat sole

Ballet shoes, sandals and even ordinary slippers – all this, fortunately, in the summer of 2021, you can choose on a flat sole without a clear conscience on a flat sole, because it is one of the main trends. Convenience and comfort now at the peak of popularity. Open shoes without heels will be the perfect supplement of outfits for the beach. Also we advise you to finish the impossibility on the ideas of outfits with Birkenschtoks. Read more about such shoes in our article.

2. Ribbons on ankle

Shoes with ribbons and bows on an ankle can be the perfect conclusion of a romantic image or a stylish accent of the casual restrained bow – it will depend on the style of the shoes, their material and colors. For sexy outfits, choose Bsykia boats with elegant ribbons. And if you do not want to throw away the unnecessarily large amounts on model shoes, just tie the ribbons to ordinary boats with straps.

3. High platform

High flat platform again in trend. Choosing such shoes, try to immediately think over the whole image and not too overload it with bright colors or accessories, shoes on the platform itself is quite catchy, even if it is a monophonic white or beige sandals.

4. Square sock

If you are tired of taking trends, which is considered fashionable at the moment, then summer 2021 will be a pleasant surprise for you: a flat square sock at the peak of popularity. Looks very stylish, agree.

5. Low heeled shoes

Almost all the latest shoe collections 2021 offer fashionicates to get to the summer with shoes or sandals on ultra-low heel. Especially popular low stilettices, studs, columns and heels-glasses. Such humble, but cute options are simply created for a stylish tea dress – one of the best outfits of the summer 2021. Examine the styles of tea dresses in our review and make sure.

6. Wicker sandals

Romantic fabric or brutal with arms in the form of a harness – all wicker sandals in trend this summer, choose any. Wovers perfectly fit into the fashionable summer safari style, they are suitable for the beach, and for romantic boho. To such models of shoes can be boldly to choose braided bags.

7. Comfortable Vietnamese

We are no longer accustomed to see Vietnamese among trend shoes, but this year their popularity is especially high, because this trend decided to support the most famous manufacturers of fashion shoes.

eight. Clogs

If you still do not know how the clogs differ from Sabo, then it’s time to find out, and the best way is to immediately buy yourself and those and others, because this is a summer trend 2021. Despite the massive appearance, many clogs are pretty light. It is possible to combine them with jeans and shorts.

12 Options for trend female shoes for summer 2021

nine. Crocters

Since we mentioned Sabo, then sin bypassing such a trendy version like croces-sabo. Most often in shoe stores you can find conventional crocks – monotonous and without decorations. But such options look quite sad. If the soul craves creativity, then choose shoes with decorations or decorate your crocks yourself in an unusual way.

ten. Large decorations

Stylish image with an emphasis on shoes will be particularly relevant this year, so boldly choose shoes with massive decorations that will pay attention to. Brilliant fabric, catchy baubles and other accents – options for glamor parties, wedding celebrations or graduation dresses of high school students.

eleven. Topsiders

All on board! This summer (as always), the trend will become outfits with the maritime. If you do not know how to create a wardrobe in the marine style, then look at this fashion guide. The best option for shoes for fans of the beach and walks on the boats will be comfortable topsiders who are not scary moisture and salt. Do not skimp and choose high-quality models. You will not spend the money wasted, because topsiders will not come out of fashion, as long as people love the sea. Tosiders remain a favorite styling of yachtsmen for almost 80 years!

12. Muli

Want something more feminine? Then choose stylish Muli on the height. Muli – Shoes without a back (often with an open toe). Above, we have already mentioned a square sock – it can be seen in the versions of the most fashionable styles of such shoes in 2021. Look in our review to pick up stylish Muli. Almost any Muli will be gorgeous in ensembles with a fashionable summer accessory in retro style – style glasses "Cats". For consumer sexuality, you can wear a stylish round earrings – hit the current year.

At the sight of a pretty shoe, many women are unable to keep the gusts of the Shopaholic and buy shoes without thinking. However, we recommend first to think about what outfits are in your wardrobe and what images do you plan to create this summer. Examine the trends of Streetail to determine the choice of shoes that will become an impeccable addition to your favorite.

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