12 new books for preschoolers with beautiful illustrations

Children’s book is a magical world, thanks to which the child not only recognizes interesting stories and meets unusual (or, on the contrary, similar to it) characters, but also learns to fantasize, empathize, draw conclusions and develop imagination. Far from the last role in all this is playing illustrations accompanying the printed edition.

Surely you know that preschoolers are difficult to focus on one text for a long time, so large, colorful pictures in the chosen book – it is rather not a wish, but the need.

  • develop the habit of reading;
  • help correlate read with what they saw, which means they activate the work of visual thinking;
  • stimulate gradually explore the story, paying attention to the smallest details;
  • Drawn images from the book easily explain new words and concepts that may occur in the text;
  • turn reading into a fascinating process.

1. Walking through the forest

2. Cherry and Cranberry

3. What sings sea lion?

Zinger – Sea Lion, Circus Star and the best friend of the young Syrota Manfred. In the evenings, Manfred carries for Lvom, and he, in turn, sings him wonderful songs. These amazing melodies are far away, overcoming all obstacles and distances … go days for them. And once the Singer disappears. Now Mandfred is needed by anything to find the best friend, but at the same time and find out what the sea lion sang on all this time.

4. Africa. Nature and culture of the hottest continent

12 New books for preschoolers with beautiful illustrations

Everyone knows that books are a great way to make a virtual journey. Open the page – and you are already in amazing Asia, old Europe or exotic Africa. What animals inhabit the hottest continent in the world? From what they protect the henna tattoos, and how to read hieroglyphs? Answers to these and dozens of other questions you will find in the colorful book of illustrators from Spain who love to travel, know everything about Africa and want to introduce with this amazing corner of our planet of all inquisitive guys.

5. How to fix imagination

6. Granny playing

The main character of the fairy tales of the famous children’s writer Irina Zatasky – Little Volchonok. Today he has a birthday, and his mother with dad is engaged in preparing for the holiday. Sit the baby entrust the grandmother. Having learned about it, the wolfpock was very upset: surely he will be sad, because the grandmother is old, it will not work with her to have fun and play. But soon the baby understood how I was wrong: you never bother with your beloved grandmother, she will tell a million interesting stories and teach play the most interesting and fun games.

7. Adventure of Klinkus in the city on the trees

"Adventures Klinkusa" – This is a series of children’s books of the Italian writer Alessandro Gatti about a small boy Klinkus Cora and a magical city in the trees in which he once managed to be. Thanks to colorful illustrations with embossed elements, children will get acquainted with the unusual town of Listvyanka and funny friends of Klinkus. Very soon the main characters are waiting for incredible, complete dangers, adventures: someone kidnapped the tears of dragons who covered the streets of Listvyanki, and now the brave company will save the city from the hopeless darkness, and to open its true purpose.

eight. Happiness is fox

nine. Atlas Mermaok

Underwater world full of secrets and mysteries. Numerous legends talk about the wonderful inhabitants who inhabit it: the militant ruler of the seas and the oceans of Neptune, a grumpy old man and, of course, beautiful fairs – mermaids. "Atlas Mermaok" – This is a real encyclopedia that contains all comprehensive information about these fantastic beings. In it, you will find information about which mermaids are and what they do in their underwater kingdom, as they are called in different countries and why the meeting with these amazing beauties should be fear.

ten. The first book about money

eleven. My big Medvedik

12. All year round in the forest

A real gift for inquisitive naturalists. Wimmelbuch is a popular children’s genre, which is a bright comic with detailed pictures. In it you will find colorful illustrations about forest inhabitants, interesting facts about the nature and seasons of the year, more than 100 tasks for attentiveness and 16 poems, in which the bear (the main hero of the book) will introduce children with their home – a huge forest, and will also answer the most interesting Questions about him: why birds sing? What a bee rejoice? and T. D.

"Books are doors that bring you from four walls … They teach, raise, you travel with them, you dream, imagine, live other lives, and you multiply a thousand times", – Somehow said our contemporary, Spanish Writer Arturo Perez-Reverse. And in his words hidden huge wisdom. After all, if you captivate children reading, they will not only dive with each time in another magic story, but will certainly learn: to fantasize, explore, amazed, analyze, think and incessantly admiring the amazing world around.

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