12 most generous millionaires – why they give money?

Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, John Bon Jovi, Mark Benioff and 8 more Americans who do not spare spending billions for charity: what they think about themselves and their donations.

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John Bon Jovi, №25 in the list of the most influential world celebrities forbes.
"The best charitable activity implies reciprocity," Rock Musicant is sure. In New Jersey, he opened the restaurant Soul Kitchen with an exquisite interior (exquisite tablecloths, silver appliances …) and an unusual approach: to the poor customers in it offered to work for food. And the rich is served by the menu without prices – they will pay as much as we find the right. "We are trying to make people stronger, because they feel part of something," says the singer.

Warren Buffett, No. 2 in the list of richest Americans, Condition $ 44 billion
"Imagine a star of Baseball Alex Rodriguez: he can lubricate two thirds of the blows, but the third will take a part to the glory. Also in charity: you should not disturb the fact that one of five, two out of five or even four of five ideas did not work as you expected. If one works and you change the life of millions, you will feel very good, "says Buffett. He spends up to 99% of his wealth to charitable goals, he owns the largest one-time donation in 2012 – $ 1.5 billion to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

David Rubinstein, co-founder Carlyle Group, №139 in the list of richest Americans, Condition $ 2.9 billion.
"My charity theory is simple. First – egoism. No one who sacrifice money does not say that he feels terrible after that. On the contrary, you feel better. And when you feel better, you will live longer, because your emotional health is better. Second – you really can help someone. And third, so you can get faster in paradise. I can not prove the latter yet, but why should I risk?"- says Rubinstein. Not so long ago, he donated $ 7.5 million to the restoration of the 169-meter Monument of Washington, damaged as a result of the earthquake.

Mark Benioff, №277 in the list of richest Americans, Condition $ 2 billion.
Creator Salesforce Mark Benioff earns a lot. And willingly spends charity. Together with his wife Lynn, they donated $ 100 million to the creation of a children’s hospital at the University of California in San Francisco.

Mark Andrisssen and Laura Arrylading-Andrisssen, Mark – №10 in the list of the best venture investors Forbes.
Together with the wife of Laura Arrylaladja-Andrisssen donated $ 27.5 million to the ambulance center in Stanford. Prises to give half of the income from the investment of capital on philanthropy throughout life.

OPRA WINFRI, №139 in the list of richest Americans, state $ 2.7 billion.
Opra Winfrey discovered a school for girls in South Africa. On the first issue, she rose to the stage and said graduates: "For many years I have been asked why I do not have children. Now I know the answer ".

Steve Case, Founder AOL, №331 in the list of richest Americans, Condition $ 1.5 billion.
"There are three different ways to give. The first is to give money, writing checks, which is important. The second is to give your time and passion. And the third – to give their reputation using their connections and seeking to join people, "Steve Case convinced. Together with the wife of Jin, he founded a fund who is trying to link the Internet and social networks with charity.

Bill Gates and his wife Melind Gates. Gates – №1 in the list of richest Americans, the state of $ 59 billion.
"The best thing is to make people watch around them. If you push someone to go to Africa and see the incredible beauty and horror of what is happening with children, for example, in malaria, it will change them. We must go and watch, "- give a recipe for charity Bill and Melind Gates. They donated $ 28 billion to charity.

Leon Black, №107 in the list of richest Americans, Condition $ 3.4 billion.
"5 years ago my wife was diagnosed with cancer. It turned out that this erroneous diagnosis. The experienced was terrible. But after that, we decided that it was worth investing in the study of cancer, "Leon Black shared his experience. In addition to donations to medical research, they discharged $ 48 million to create a center for visual arts in a college in Dartmut.

Peter Pieterson, №1119 in the list of world billionaires, state $ 1 billion.
"Wish only what the passion is in you. Because in projects you invest not only financial capital. But also human capital. And enthusiasm and energy increase the efficiency of what you do, "- sure Peter Pieterson, one of the creators of Blackstone Group.

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