12 films to laugh widden

This is one of the brightest, comedic movies about the life of adolescents. This is the first film Olivia Wilde as a director. The viewer is watching the life of two girls who are issued from school from day to day. They decide to go into all the grave to enjoy the teenage life and the adventures from which they previously refused. The main roles were performed by Beni Feldstein and Keitlin Devir.

2. "Tallie" (Jason Reitman, 2018)

This one of the most difficult and most unexpected films of Beauty Charlize Theron. So you have not seen her yet. She plays the mother of your children who cannot cope with constant fatigue. She is engaged in education by children, cares for the house and does not have time for himself at all. Husband invites her to hire a night nanny. The woman first refuses, but soon understands that she really needs help. Nanny does not just execute his duties for child care, but also begins to gradually penetrate the family relationships. What will come of? Be sure to look at this warm, funny and at the same time a dramatic film.

3. "Type cool legples" (Edgar �ight, 2007)

This pair of actors will never let you down. This is a guarantee of a good evening, because Nick Frost and Simon Pegg are considered to be masters of comedy. Then they kill zombies, then go to the investigation into the depth of the UK. In this film, it is interesting to monitor not only the brilliant comedy work, but also for an interesting story.

4. "Big Lebovsky" (Brothers Cohen, 1998)

Cohen’s brothers love to create ironic cinema, full of sharp jokes. This film was very popular in the 90s. This criminal comedy will suit brutal girls and those who bored light melodramas. It seems that this is the perfect film to view with your second half.

5. "Airplane" (Jim Abrahams, David Zucker and Jerry Zucker, 1980)

Classic American film created at the same time by three directors. It turned out the sharp comedy, parody of the popular catastrophe films. The plot unfolds around the main character, a Strakeker Ted, who is forced to take on the control of the aircraft. Good film for relaxation after a hard day.

6. "Wedding of my best girlfriend" (Paul Fagig, 2011)

One of the most popular comedians of the decade. Why? Yes, if only because the film employs talented and famous actresses: Kristen Wig, Melissa McCarthy, Maya Rudolf, Rabn Wilson and Ellie Cerma. Events in the film are unfolding against the background of a wedding celebration, and this already guarantees that the movie is not only funny, but also beautiful. True female comedy.

7. "Hangover" (Todd Phillips, 2009)

Even 11 years after the release of this film, it remains one of the tops among the comedians. If you want to learn more than men, then you can not miss this movie. "Hangover" will show the story of friends who went to Las Vegas to enjoy the last days of freedom for a hundred percent.

eight. "Perfect voice" (Jason Moore, 2012)

This film again returned singing "a cappella". It is already interesting, is not true? This is a teenage comedy without censorship, which has become a real phenomenon in the world of cinema. Lightweight and funny film on brave, bold girlX.

nine. "Shrek" (Andrew Adamson and Vicky Jenson, 2011)

12 Films to laugh widden

Why we do not remember this legendary cartoon? Romantic, funny story about the Green Bolotnaya Crank, which could find his true love and conquer the whole kingdom. Cartoon full of comedy moments, funny characters, it is perfect for viewing the whole family.

ten. "Zombies named Sean" (Edgar Wright, 2004)

This is a comedy parody of horror film. If you love movies about zombies, then this is exactly your option. Zombie rebellion, epidemic, love story and a lot of hard humor. If you are looking for an easy, ironic film, then this is one of the best options.

eleven. "Ace Ventura" (Tom Sadyach, 1994)

Yes, in one time the wave of criticism collapsed on this film. Especially got Jim Kerry. However, soon this style of the game became his brand. And we will be sincere, the film is really scolding. He became a classic film of the 90s.

12. "Silver Linings Playbook" (David O. Russell, 2012)

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence – this is one of the 12 eternal acting duets of world cinema. "Serena", "Joy", "American scam". We are confident that this is not a complete list of their common works, because in the future they will give the audience many legendary films. One of the best films of these two actors – "Silver Linings Playbook", which received 8 nominations on "Oscar". Jennifer Lawrence took a figurine in the nomination "Best actress". This comedian film is filled with sensual confessions, funny scenes, dancing. The film has already managed to become a classic of cinema.

We no longer worry for your mood, because we are confident that this movie will make sure you. And if then you want something hard, you can start movies about viruses and epidemics . Just do not get fond of this topic, because it can negatively affect your psyche.

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