12 autumn outfits for fans retrostilya

Remember the saying "Everything is new – it is well forgotten old"? This rule also applies to the world of fashion. Retrostil actively returned to the fashion collections. In our review offers 12 ideas for costumes in the spirit of yesteryear.

1. Dress-gown in the style of "swing"

Gorgeous dress for the swing look simply stunning. The length midi, sleeves to the elbow, or three-quarters, skirt-sun and fitted style … all these details give the figure of feminine coquetry and lightness. Such dresses look outstanding in any color. Do not be amiss to purchase the classic outfit of tartan plaid.

Dress for the swing can look extremely sexy if from under the skirt you can see the lace lining.

2. Raincoat and beret

White raincoat strictly cut and white takes – this is only part of the details that turned the image of the model in the outfit from the distant 1940s. There are other details that are characteristic of retrostil: translucent black stockings, a handbag on a short strap, shoes on a "wine glass" heels with a longitudinal strap, as well as midi dress of wine. By the way, wine color enters the fashionable autumn palette.

3. Pleated skirt

Over the past couple of years, the fashion designers began to actively return to their collections of the Skirt Plecery of different lengths. Midi Stamps remain the most popular. Such skirts are perfectly strong, largely due to even and direct folds that create the same effect as the narrow vertical stripes on clothes. Thanks to them, the figure is drawn up in length. Pay attention to the feet of the girl in the photo: she is clearly not a thin, but the skirt makes her silhouette thinner.

4. Terry sweater

Want to turn the summer wardrobe in autumn? Then combine a thin skirt with a warm sweater. The terry sweaters and sweaters were insanely popular in 1980-90. Fluffy terry things are not only perfectly warm, but also pleasant for the body with their softness.

5. Dress with a fishe tail

Penasia Fish Tail Remind the Silhouette of Mermaids. Such skirts and dresses narrow to the knees, and then expand. They create a slimming effect, giving the figure outline of hourglass. This style dresses reminds the style of the 1920s. The motive of the style of "Militari", which has arisen due to dark blue color, similar to the color of the shape of the marine fleet. Vintage atmosphere enhance short gloves with tread and cute collar with flounders.

6. Cowboy jacket with fringe

Cowboy jackets won the world! Stylish and comfortable cubes are suitable for various base things and look dynamically. If you like the retro style and want to bring trend trends into the image, then you should choose a jacket trimmed with fringe.

7. Flared jeans

Clash is one of the most popular types of jeans. Outlined denim pants confidently return to fashion, glad the wealth of variations. Clash helps to balance the figure in cases where the girl has very narrow caviar and at the same time disproportionately wide hips. However, on thin girls, the clashes look stylish too. It is possible to combine it with fashionable outfits of the season: with shoes with animal print and with crochet clothes.

eight. Blouse with Ascotom

The collar with ribbons (known called "Ascot") was originally present in the male wardrobe, but then confidently moved to the women’s wardrobe, decorated with a gate of blouses and dresses. Fans of retrostille worth choosing a strict blouse with ascot. More classics will give a peas print. You can add blouse by midi skirt and cardigan. An interesting decision will be opaque black stockings with bright shoes of contrast.

12 Autumn outfits for fans retrostilya

nine. Bohemian Tunic

Bocho style reborn again and became one of the most popular trends. If you look for ideas for the autumn wardrobe in the style of boho, create an outfit with a tunic free cut. Choose Sticks and Prints in Hippie. You can create a stylish outfit with high boots. Boho is best suited for brown shoes made of leather or suede.

ten. Denim shirt

Remember movies and magazines of the 1980s? At that time, jeans shirts from the "Stephed Fabric" of a Light Shade on Metal Buttons used in great demand. Despite the fact that such shirts are more suitable for outfits in a street style, you can complement the jeans shirt and evening image. Look at this interesting combination with a sexy fitting skirt, trimmed by fringe.

eleven. "Mamina" jeans

Many women in the 1990s preferred "mother’s" jeans. Typically, light blue, these spacious jeans with a high waist did not shout out movements. If such pants are preserved in the covers of your wardrobe, boldly take them and create a comfortable ensemble with a warm sweater. So that the image does not look too much at home, add a couple of glamorous parts. For example, white shoes with a sharp sock and on a thin heater, a bag-envelope and retro glasses.

12. Tweed jacket

Twid things confidently return leading positions. Just look at the pret-a-port collection from Chanel, in which excellent images of the season "Autumn / Winter 2019-2020" were demonstrated. Twid costumes are undoubtedly warm and become excellent idea for business image. However, you can create a flirtatious outfit in the style of Streeting, adding a bright tweed jacket of a flirty miniskirt.

Despite the fact that the lack of harsh previous prohibitions allows modern designers to create anything, they are increasingly returning to the styles of the past. Why it happens? First, retroxts are already tested by time and enjoy the interest of consumer. Secondly, the fashion of the past years was called to emphasize the beauty of the female body, which you will not say about some modern trends in the spirit of "Unisex".

You love proven time fashion? Then boldly inspire the ideas of fashionable images of the past. Be stylish and gorgeous!

12 Autumn outfits for fans retrostilya

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