11 Fashionable Top Clothes of Autumn 2019

In places, autumn already makes itself felt by the gusty winds and rains. It’s time to look at the current styles of jackets and coats that will help to warm up and look stylish. We will explore 11 trend variations for fans of different styles.

1. Jacket Fyson "Rowjack"

In the trend, leather jackets and leatherette, sewn in the style of koshuhi. For this style, a black color is characterized (however, there are exceptions), a postponed collar and the presence of serpents, rivets and other metal parts.

2. Lacked raincoat

In fashion collections of the season, you can often notice the lacquered raincoats, as a rule, long and black. Simone already nicknamed a joke "Matrix. Reboot ", because the style of these raincoats resembles the outfits of the heroes of the same film. Coat and raincoats of such a plan can be chosen both strict and creative. By the way, black coat became a business card of the fashion collection of the house Dior.

3. Jean jacket

One of the leaders among demi-season things remains a denim jacket. Denim’s jackets will help create autumn offsayz style images or boho.

4. Trenchkot

Magnificent trenchkoty moved to the lady’s wardrobe made of male wardrobe. Unlike the bushlates, which we will talk about just below, the trenchcrot almost and you will not see the guys. Typical distinguishing features of tripkots are considered: coquettes on the back, belts, fake straps, large buttons.

Classic models are made in bright shades of brown, most often you can meet the models of sand and light gray. However, it is not necessary to clearly follow the traditions. You can choose any colors. Elegant and expensive will look white trenchkot, as well as cream and ivory colors.

5. Coat-cape

Cape (or Capecot) is an amazing combination of femininity and comfort. For such styers are characterized by certain features: the length to the buttocks or the middle of the thigh (Maxi is extremely rare), no sleeveless, free cut in the form of a trapezium. Often, Capeam preferred pregnant, because this clothing does not tighten the abdomen, staying comfortable. However, the slender kapecot girls go no less.

6. Dry jacket

Many with hostility belong to the blowing jackets, believing that such clothes are suitable only for skiing. However, let you convince you! There are many feminine styles of dodged jackets: fitted, shortened, they are driving a figure, emphasizing graceful bends.

Stylists assure that the dark jackets will not leave fashion for a long time. Besides the fact that the dutes allow you to experiment with the images of Streeting, it is also warm clothes that is easy to wash at home.

7. Dufflkot

The ideal rainy solution will be Dufflkot. The distinctive features of such a coat include a large hood and easily recognizable fasteners. As a rule, Dufflcot has large buttons of the pointed shape that they are in looped loops. In order not to wet, choose the styles from water-repellent materials.

eight. Bomber

Bomber Jacket – a first-class solution for young, active and slender. Such jackets are typical cloth for pilots, so they are also called flight or pilot jackets. You can find out the bomber on rubber trim cuff and bottom edge. Bomber gates, as a rule, wide, postponed, zipper.

11 Fashionable Top Clothes of Autumn 2019

Fitting jackets can be manufactured from a variety of materials: from leather and suede to synthetics. The postponed part of the collar can be finished with a fur or sherpy of contrasting color.

nine. Sports Jacket Logsa "Versiti"

Sports jackets of Lessey "Versiti" are also called university. They came into fashion due to the style of the preparing, with the nuances of clothing characteristic of him, resembling the form of foreign schools, colleges and universities. Spearly sports jackets Contrast sleeves, there is an ornament with stripes.

Sports jackets in Slavic countries are usually called the Olympics and they often can be seen at the form of command athletes. Some stylists do not distinguish them in a separate appearance and refer to the type of bomber. However, there are a number of differences. First, the versity can be fastened not only for lightning, but also on buttons. Secondly, Versiti collar is usually trimmed with a rubber band, according to cuffs. But the gum on the cuffs and the leaf of the jackets are really reminiscent of Bomber. Sports jackets will become an excellent supplement for the wardrobe student.

ten. Steady jacket

Quilted jackets (like coat) will remain trendwear in the wardrobe of autumn. The most frequent print in such shapes is considered a pattern with stitched rhombuses, however, there are other options. Unlike the dodged variations (also quilted) in this chain, strokes are smaller and not so convex.

eleven. Bushlat

Bustlands – magnificent clothes that the ladies of the fashion designers borrowed from the wardrobe of the nautical military. The huge advantage of bushlates in buttons located in two rows, thanks to which this type of coat can be fastened and on the left, and on the right side, in contrast to the way the wind blows. Trendy will remain classic Bushlands of black and dark blue, but fashionista can please themselves and other shades. Now still relevant color of pink pastel.

To keep up with the times, learn about the incoming and outgoing trends of the season. Finance does not allow to buy new clothes? Simple tricks will help you look expensive even in budget things.

As for the mentioned jackets, coats and raincoats, they will be guaranteed to remain in the trend and in the coming seasons. So their purchase will not turn the money thrown into the wind. 🙂

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