10 tips from Victoria Beckham, how to look stylish

One of the participants of the popular group Spice Girls and the Football player’s wife David Beckham, Victoria, is undoubtedly considered an icon of style. Her image is thought out to the smallest detail – it does not matter for a hike to a store or outdoor. She experimented with his wardrobe from the young age with his wardrobe, passed the time and brilliant talked jeans with a low waist.

Now Victoria releases fashion collections for virgin labels and gives advice, how to choose your own style.

Beckham formed 10 major fashion rules that will help look stylish anyone.

1. Glasses

Victoria can rarely see without sunglasses. She wears them in any weather and for various cases. Some believe that in this way she hides from all age changes in appearance or saves from photographers. Beckham herself claims that glasses are just the necessary accessory who puts the final point in creating a stylish image. Aviators, Dragonflies, Ray Ban … Each model corresponds to a separate way out.

2. Jeans Skinny

Wiki real fan of jeans. In her wardrobe more than ten different models. She advises if it is not possible to purchase several different options, buy some skinny dark blue or black. Such jeans perfectly emphasize the figure, and thanks to dark color, both for daytime walks and exit in the evening.

This type of clothing can be combined absolutely with all: heels, moccasins, blouses, men’s shirts, tops, jackets … Such jeans is basic to create any image and universal acquisition.

3. Accessories

In addition to sunglasses, Victoria considers an important accessory – bags. In the wardrobe of each girl there must be a few bags: different sizes and colors. Sometimes in all the way the bag can become a bright accent, so it is not necessary to overload it by other accessories.

Ability to correctly pick up for clothes Such little things like a bracelet, clock, ring, pendant, hairpin, bag or glasses will help make onions unique and stylish.

4. Ballet shoes

A couple of years ago, Victoria Beckham denied the existence of such shoes like ballet shoes. She wore only high heel, even when the child was in her arms or she rubbed the cart in the supermarket.

Now the wiki wears even sneakers. She stated that it was not worth paying attention to the words of others and walk all the time on heels. Moreover, the fashionable chief of the last year was exactly the combination of a boiler dresses with bright sneakers.

Ballets can be combined with absolutely with any clothes: from the wedding dress to the style of Casual.

In addition, it is much more convenient than the hairpin. And you should not believe that it is the heel who makes a woman a woman!

5. Dressed only in a situation

"Try to dress in accordance with the situation," advises Victoria Beckham.

If you are planning a trip to the party, it is appropriate to wear Chanel dress and shoes from Christian Louboutin. If you go to a picnic with children, then such an outfit will be inappropriate.

6. You need to follow the balance

Victoria will allow themselves to wear both shortened styles and frank necks. But she advises if you want to wear a mini skirt, it is better to choose a long sleeve sweater and with a more closed neckline, and vice versa.

Midi skirt length although it looks primarily, but at the same time very stylish. In this case, you can choose an open T-shirt.

10 Tips from Victoria Beckham, how to look stylish

7. The combination of black and white

The combination of white color with black is not only a business style, rather can be called classic. Do not necessarily wear pants and blouse in such colors. It can be jeans, skirt, dress, shirt, shoes ..

The main thing, such a combination will never be losing, excessive or inappropriate.

eight. Minimalism

Less – it does not always mean simple. Sometimes it is better not to zealous with accessories and the number of clothes in one image, but simply add it to the belt. It will look much elegant.

nine. Black color

Black – a win-win option for any image, and he is a favorite in the ward. It is not only perfectly combined with other flowers, but also in itself a very self-sufficient.

It is appropriate for both a red walkway and for a walk with friends. Black you will protect yourself from an erroneous and inappropriate combination of other colors.

In addition, black clothes are slightly fitting.

ten. Classic silhouette

Fashion varies every day. If you want to look stylish, it does not mean that you need to chase after the last trends. Victoria remains an icon of style because he gives more preference to the classics.

Worth betting on classic silhouettes that you are sure that you go. Thus, wherever the fashion trends go, you will still look great. In addition, such things are relevant over long. And Victoria advises to buy foremost purchases.

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