10 stretching exercises back muscles

Prevent back pain and improve muscle flexibility with stretching exercises: all about the problem and its back muscles solving. They will help restore the desired balance in the body.

Stretching the spine

Execution technique: Sitting on the floor, Slide your feet, lower your head and slowly lean. Breathe normal. Leaving, press chin to neck. The hands at the same time slide on the floor forward.

This stretching exercise pulls the paraspinous ligaments (muscles located under the spine) and activates the patellied tendons of the muscles, the muscles of the IR and the soles of the legs. Hands should not go beyond the fingers. You should not feel pain at the level of sprigs and vertebrae. If you felt pain, slowly return to its original position. This exercise is recommended to perform several times a day and after the working day.

Stretching back (cat-camel position)

Execution technique: Stand on all fours, slowly round and wipe the back so that three spinal spinal deposits are alone – lumbar (bottom), chest (medium) and cervical (top). Exercise slowly and carefully. Each movement should last from 3 to 4 seconds. Perform an exercise in 5-6 approaches.

Turns of the torso in the position lying (legs crossed)

Execution technique: Lie on the floor, bend legs in the knees, feet on the floor, spread your hands on the sides palms down. When performing the exercise, breathe correctly; Do inhale and exhale every 4 seconds when performing each movement. Lying on the floor, cross legs, as if you sit on a chair, the right leg should not touch the floor. Turn the thigh to the right of approximately 5 cm, then lower your knees on the left side. It is not necessary for the knees to get the floor. Right shoulder slightly raised above the floor and it is quite normal, you keep lying on my back face up.

Turn the right hand with palm up and lift it up towards head. Stay in this position for 1-3 minutes and make an exercise in the opposite direction.

Turns to the torso back

Execution technique: sitting on a chair, legs on the floor, make turns of the torso in the same way. Stop execution of the exercise if you feel pain. You must feel stretching from the bottom to the middle of the back. Perhaps you will hear a painless crunch of the spine, caused by the disclosure of the joint. Hold in this position for 20 seconds, then return to its original position.


Implementation technique: Start straight, legs on the width of the shoulders, the feet are slightly unfolded outward. The muscles of the buttocks and abdominal muscles are tense, squat in such a way that your hips are in position parallel to the floor. Put your hands on your knees. Tension thaza muscles. Take a breath and delay in this position, pressing the right hand to the right knee. Exhale and expand your shoulders left. Inhale and exhale three times (on average 20-30 seconds). Straighten and make a turn in the opposite direction.

Pose of mermaid

Execution technique: Sit on the floor, legs together, bent in the knees and turned left. Keep the ankle with your left hand, lift your right hand and breathe. Pull your hand up above your head and exhale. You must feel muscle stretching along the right side. Keep this position for 20-30 seconds. Exercise three approaches on each side.

10 Stretching exercises back muscles

Slopes in sitting position

Execution technique: Sit on the floor, pull your legs ahead. Grasp the foot belt for yoga or towel. Take a breath, raising hands to the ceiling. Exhale and start slowly leaning, touching the belly of the thighs. Grasp the belt for yoga or towel, spin smooth. Take a breath and in exhale Try to burn as low as possible by touching the body to your feet. Stay in this position from 30 seconds to three minutes.

Turns of the torso

Execution technique: Lie on your back, legs bent in the knees and raised up, as if you are sitting on a chair. Knees and hips should form an angle of 90 °. Put your hands on the floor with palms down. Make a deep breath and exhale, counting in reverse order from 4 to 0, while making moves to the left, up and then right. Do not break the shoulders from the floor, perform the exercise slowly. If you exercise quickly, you will minimize the benefits of stretching. Try to keep your legs together and lower them as low as possible without taking hands from the floor. Save position for 30 seconds. Return to the original position and repeat the exercise in the opposite direction. Exercise daily, one time in each direction.

Muscle stretching exercise near the wall

Execution technique: Become a wall so that the tailbone, the blades and the head come into contact with it. Raise your hands at the shoulder level, the elbows bent at an angle of 45 °, the palms look ahead. Slowly raise your hands up as close as possible, not taking off the tailbone, blades and head from the wall. Also slowly return to its original position. For each movement should leave 5-10 seconds. Repeat the exercise 8-12 times. If you feel pain in your shoulders, reduce the amount of exercises up to 3-5 times. During the exercise, you will feel movement in the chest, shoulders and top of the back.

Rotation of the torso in the sitting position

Execution technique: Sit straight, pull your legs in front of you. Bend the right leg in the knee and cross it with the thigh of the left leg, then bend the left foot in the knee (you can leave left foot in a vertical position). Position the left elbow from the outer side of the right knee, and put the right hand on the floor behind your back, looking through the right shoulder. Breathe deep and stay in this position for 15-30 seconds. Relax. Change the position and repeat the exercise.

10 Stretching exercises back muscles

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