10 star cunning, the best roles of which were obtained deception

Stars — also people, so nothing earthly is alienated. Many of them sometimes embellish their abilities to get work. We tell you who are not afraid of lying.

Mila Kunis

The actress became famous for the TV series "Show 70s". Mila so much wanted to get into the project that I schitried and added for four years. 14-year-old Kunis became one of the main characters in the picture. Of course, her mystery was later revealed, but the film crew was already so accustomed to the young actress that no one became replacing it. Mila herself only spread his hands and stated that 18 years she will still be fulfilled, and for the sake of art, you can go on deception.

Woof Goldberg

This is VUPI today – one of the most successful actresses in Hollywood, and at the dawn of his career she could hardly find a job. Goldberg dreamed to be filmed in the cinema, but all her attempts to get the role were not crowned with success. The directors and producers the answer was one – she is too young for their paintings.

Desperate VIPI decided by anything to become a star of cinema, but as early as possible. For this, the starting actress added as much as six years. The result was not forced to wait long – talented Goldberg began to invite to the movies.

Anna Kovalchuk

At 22, the actress received one of the main roles in his creative biography – she reincarnated in the investigator Maria Shvetsov. However, this role could get some other actress if Anna did not take everything in her hands. Kovalchuk had to deceive the creators of the paintings that were looking for a 30-year-old actress.

"The fact is that on the film Maria – a woman of thirty years old, and I was at the moment of samples there were incomplete 22 years. If not my guardian angel Inna Lazarevna Shlionskaya, which is engaged in the selection of actors, I would probably not risk at all at all. It advised me to me. "Tell me," says, "that you are 28 years old – and your role". So it happened. I came to the samples of one of the latter, I was filmed on the video, the material was sent for approval to the big bosses. They liked it. But when the film was shown to me, I just didn’t believe my eyes: I can do all thirty there! Such a strange thing turned out to effect. I was very afraid that I will "reveal", but carried me, "said Anna Kovalchuk.

Chris Hemsworth

Chris had another problem – too high growth, which reaches 190 cm. Because of this "raisin", the actor often refused to shoot in the cinema. Hemsworth also had to lie to get at least some role.

He told that in fact five or ten centimeters below. What happiness was when Chris was offered to play a torus in a series of MARVEL movies. The main criterion when choosing actors was just an increase. Producers were looking for a high guy, and Hemsworth was perfect for them.

Liam Hemsworth

The problems were also a novice actor Liam Hemsworth, the younger brother of Chris. He so dreamed of playing in the film "Last Song", where his colleague was a former wife, actress Miley Cyrus, which also lied.

In the plot, the Hero Liam was to play a great in volleyball. On Casting, the actor stated that he was almost no equal in this sport (he was torn, of course). What was the disappointment of the creators of the picture, when they realized that Hemsworth was a nicuddy volleyball player. Fortunately, they did not exclude it from the project, but the shooting was still delayed.

For Liama, a professional coach was invited, who was supposed to train him the main rules of the game. Until now, the actor admits that the most difficult thing for him is volleyball.

Rachel Makadams

Rachel wanted to get a role in the picture "to the miracle" and made an incredible to achieve the desired. The main character was kept well to stay in the saddle, which is on the casting and confirmed the actress. In fact, she not only did not know how to ride, but he had allergies on horses.

Producers and directors continued to shoot, going to meet Makadams. The actress herself tried to overcome his fear and accepted special drugs to avoid an allergic reaction.

10 Star cunning, the best roles of which were obtained deception

Ann Hataway

On the samples of the film "Humpback Mountain" Ann asked a similar question – whether she can ride a horse? The actress stated that it easily cope with this task, although her words were real lies. The role of Hathaway received and tried to learn horse riding in a short time. When shooting started, Ann could not cope with the animal, which in front of the film crew dropped her. Right here really and came out.

Daniel Craig

In lies, the famous James Bond was caught when the new film "Cowboys against Aliens" began. The name speaks for itself, and in the picture there were many episodes with horses. Only here Daniel did not know how to ride the ride at all, although the samples assured that the workshops will cope with this task. When Craig was riding a horse, he walked only one – at least he would stay on her and disambiguous before everyone.

Robert Pattison

But Robert at the beginning of his star journey slightly embellished a biography. Coming on castings, Pattinson stated that he has professional acting education (although he did not have it), which he received in the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

Directors believed a young actor and offered work. Roberta was lucky that he was always talent. However, sometimes he wanted to show himself even more educated and successful, then he said that he also graduated from Oxford.

George Clooney

Today it is difficult to believe that Hollywood’s star once tried to find a job and constantly failed casting. Tired of failures, George decided to correct his biography. On the next samples, he stated that he was filmed in the movie "Cat People". It was some kind of evil rock, because a specialist in the selection of actors was the very person who once did it for the film "Cats".

He admitted Clooney, which does not remember that he starred in the film. Then it became clear that the actor just selected. However, he still helped to get a role in a new project, which never came out. But then the career of George went to the mountain – it was necessary to simply wait for her starry hour.

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