10 qualities of the perfect girl according to men

What &# 8220; perfect girl&# 8221;? We asked for men and made up the top 10 female qualities necessary in order to be perfect&# 8230; for men.

ten. She is independent

"No one wants to be a nanny in a relationship. If the girl had a difficult day at work &# 8211; We are ready to stay her vest and support. But if she is simply not able to fully exist without a man &# 8211; it deprives us of freedom and in the end strangle. I would prefer to escape from such a person at the first opportunity. ".

Independence of both partners &# 8211; Key to happy relationships. A man wants to continue to open something new on his chosen, even if you have long been celebrating. It is important in addition to your relationship to have other interests and hobbies.

"I do not want to upset anyone, but to live with a closer girl annoying very and very fast. With a girl who does not match me intellectually, I say goodbye without regrets ".

With a smart girl, a man does not bother, because she will be able to interest him and surprise. Men will have to match her and develop. And besides, he will be glad to an interesting companion in the breaks between sex.

eight. She is sexy

"The girl should be sexually compatible with me. For example, if I am a Fan Nado Mazo, and my partner can not live without pink linen in a flower – this is a serious problem. We both must be on the same wave, well, or at least so: if sometimes I sometimes really want to add piquancy to our sex life &# 8211; She should gladly dress in the skin and Latex and take a wagon in hand ".

Of course, this does not mean that the girl should know all the preferences of his boyfriend from the very beginning of the relationship. But you both should have a powerful attraction to each other and most importantly – the ability to negotiate and come to a compromise. It is important that you both can deliver each other pleasure in bed – or maybe on the table – no matter how the circumstances.

7. She is attractive

"Probably, it is obvious, but I will note – the perfect girl should want to look good not only for me, but also for myself.".

When a man is with an attractive girlfriend, his self-esteem increases. At the same time, the girl does not have to look like a clone Angelina Jolie or his other idol. Your mutual love should motivate you both try to look well.

6. She respects Him

"That’s what is really important: my girl must respect me. Otherwise I will constantly think &# 8211; why, in fact, she is still with me? This means that it should be able to listen to me, even if the atmosphere has grunted. And she will not find out personal relationships in public. ".

The golden rule of relationship is to respect their soul mate. Try to look at things from his point of view, well, he must not forget about yours, for for healthy relationships, the key value is mutual. Very hard one of the partners to respect the feelings of the second, if his own feelings are clearly neglected.

5. She gives him to be a man

"Never, I will never be able to meet a girl who will make me have hated muesli for breakfast and prohibit football with friends. Good girl will allow me to be a man with all my brutality, football and everything else. The perfect girl will bring us a couple of bottles of beer with friends and make their branded sandwiches ".

It is easy to understand that you and your young man are two different planets and just need to allow him to be. You would not like if he forbade you shopping with a girlfriend. Therefore, it is not worth it to interfere with communicating with his friends.

4. She does not roll for no reason

10 Qualities of the perfect girl according to men

"Have you ever met a man who constantly fucking his companions would convince them to change their behavior? An ideal girl understands this and acts thinner, wiser. She knows when you need to express discontent, and when it is better not to pay attention ".

However, if the couple lives together and the man suddenly does not come home at night, without even calling, and his girl completely indifferently perceives this fact &# 8211; Case is nearing a catastrophe. It is impossible to pay attention to this situation. Of course, men should not be patient even the perfect girl.

3. She is friends with his friends and relatives

"The perfect girl will take care of finding out with whom I communicate with. She will help my mom to tune Olivier for the New Year, will learn to laugh at the specific jokes of my brother and will want to meet my friends ".

And all this will be sincere. Then his friends will not roll his eyes by learning what you are going to join them. After all, their friend’s girl &# 8211; their friend.


"If you found a girl who loves you as you are &# 8211; hold for her boyfriend! Of course, all of us have a slightly annoying habits and our halves have to somehow tolerate them, but if my girl really loves me, she will not have problems with it!"

Your true attitude towards a young man is manifested in how you look at him and how you behave with him every day. If your look does not light up when you see it, if you deeply in the soul you don’t care what he says &# 8211; Perhaps for you he is just another boyfriend. But if his unexpected call or the appearance on your threshold make you shine, he will understand that you really love him.

1. She makes it better

"And let the men do not make a skeptical face, because it is really so – the perfect girlfriend or wife makes us better every day! She doesn’t need to do anything or talk &# 8211; It happens somehow by itself. Suddenly you understand how badly turned with younger sister when it was younger. Or suddenly you start to postpone money for the future. Think what makes you do it? Love is possible?"

10 Qualities of the perfect girl according to men

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