10 principles that teach a child to healthy food

School and pre-school children are difficult to please in the diet. They will prefer a chocolate bar or a sausage sandwich chocolate meat broth or a full-fledged second dish, carefully cooked mom. How can you teach children to eat healthy and useful food?

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10 Principles that teach a child to healthy food

We offer you some tips, how to make a right diet of the child and help him love healthy food.

Try to cook his favorite store sweets themselves. If your child loves marmalates in the form of serpent or bears, prepare your own marmalade animals with it. With the help of the fruit, gelatin and sugar, you can make a wonderful homemade marmalade. Purchase special molds to turn fruit mass in funny animals or make graceful flowers and hearts from it. Homemade marmalade can be painted in different colors and give it bright shades with the help of berry juices. Do not forget to comment on the process during the preparation of a particular homework and mention that, creating a homely culinary masterpiece, we know that it contains, whereas the composition of purchased products – for us a mystery.

Use cheerful dishes decoration. Carrot, chopped with asterisks or flowers, kid will eat much more swelling than crushed in the combine or on a grater. A plate of porridge will be more fun with the face drawn with jam, the same happens with soup and liquid sour cream. The products that have purchased a funny form turn the process of making food into the game, and the child ceases to perceive healthy food as something boring, not very pleasant, but necessary. Useful food must look beautiful and appetizing, then the child will want to try it and will soon love.

Prepare food from fairy tales! Turn the usual dishes to fabulous. Recall the fairy tales in which healthy food is mentioned, and tell their child. After that, offer to cook porridge from the "magic pot", Rapunzel salad from the fairy tale of the Grimm brothers or vegetable ratatus from the same name of the cartoon about a mouse. Children will definitely appreciate your imagination!

Let the snacks become useful. Keep on the table a vase with fruits, dried fruits or nuts. Inquitations in appearance automatically cause the desire to eat them. Let the child learn to snack only useful products.

Do not turn unhealthy food to the element of the holiday. Often, parents love to complement the children’s celebrations of sweet soda, chips and other not very useful products for children, justifying themselves: "Well, in a holiday, you can!"After some time, the child begins to associate harmful food with a bright festive event, whereas useful becomes a sign of gray everyday life. Replace the gas production by several decanters of bright freshly squeezed juices that will look much festive. As a snack, offer children small sandbrokes-canapes, they will become an excellent alternative to harmful snacks. Sud on the wand Multicolored products – tomatoes, homemade ham, olives, sweet Bulgarian pepper – and give them a beautiful form.

Choose the right sweets. Since almost all children adore sweet, teach the child to understand that not only the calorie chocolate can be sweet. Prepare baked apples on a wide stick – like those showing in Disney Christmas cartoons. Offer a child home milk cocktails from whipped in a blender of milk and banana. Bake pancakes in the form of animals and decorate their own cooked jam.

Sit surprises. For example, preparing homemade dumplings with cottage cheese, add to some of them along the nuts or berries. Tell your child that in one of them a surprise is waiting for him – and the baby will be happy to eat them.

Do not suggest the baby harmful food as a remuneration. Otherwise, he will perceive it as something positive and even more desirable than healthy food.

Best example – you yourself. Many parents forbid to drink harmful snacks to their children, whereas themselves they themselves are often snacking chips and candy. The child arises quite a lawsuit: why can I not, and they can? You are an example for imitation. So get to healthy nutrition together.

Use high-quality dishes that will save all vitamins and make a dish not only useful, but also appetizing looking. An excellent example of such dishes is a water shutter dishes that allows you to prepare foods at low humidity, keeping their color, structure and nutrients. For children, it is very important: the baby is unlikely to want to eat the brewing to the state of "swamp porridge".

Chef’s comment and an ICook Cookware Expert by Amway Alexey Semenova: "Many mistakenly believe that for cooking healthy useful foods require special kitchen equipment, many different ingredients, as well as a lot of time and strength. This is not true! Fortunately, there is a lot of simple recipes for useful dishes that you spend not more than 20 minutes. For example, to prepare a delicious porridge with berries or a bright ratatur of vegetables will not be any work – a minimum of effort and maximum benefit!"

Thanks to these unacceptable techniques, the child will produce positive associations with useful foods, and he can gladly lead a healthy lifestyle. Find new solutions, prepare together and be healthy!

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10 Principles that teach a child to healthy food

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