10 of the most strange home recipes affecting their effectiveness

Often we spend hundreds and thousands of consultation with specialists and the acquisition of expensive funds to solve our problems, and we are not paying attention to the ingredients that our houses are always at hand. If you open a refrigerator, you can find a lot of interesting and useful. Sometimes the most unexpected ingredient can come to the rescue, about the stunning abilities of which we did not suspect.

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Coca-Cola and perfect hair
Suckoo Waterhouse, a popular model, once admitted in an interview with the magazine US Weekly, which washes the hair of Coca-Cola. She said that he didn’t like to use shampoos, since their hair was fat and become hard. We buy a bottle of Coca-Cola and my hair without shampoo and air conditioning. Then by drying hair. They became softer and volume. The drink includes phosphoric acid and sugar. Acid lowers pH level, cuticle hair strengthened, and hair looks better. Sugar records hairstyle.

Tomatoes and acne aspirin
Everyone knows which basic ingredient is effective in the treatment of acne. This is salicylic acid and aspirin. How do you use aspirin? Just grind a tablet, mix it with water and get a casket that we apply to acne, and wash it off after drying. Tomatoes contain vitamins A and C, antioxidants and acid. If you have skin prone to fatty, tomatoes will help. Make from one tomato puree, impose it on the skin of the face. Hold such an hour and smash. Apply the mask once a day for a week.

10 Of the most strange home recipes affecting their effectiveness

Scotch from warts
You have warts, and you do not know how to get rid of them, you should not worry, because you will come to the rescue. All you need is to wind up a finger, where a wart, scotch and hold a week. Then remove the scotch and process the place where there was a bearded pumice. Wrap this place again with scotch for a week, and the wart will disappear. The fact is that Scotch blocks oxygen access and does not allow wart to grow.

Food soda will save from the unpleasant odor
Everyone is familiar with the feeling when the mouth is unpleasant as a result of the use of garlic, pended products or due to poor-quality hygienic procedures. In stores and pharmacies can buy a large amount of expensive equipment, including pills, sprays and rinses, while baking soda is much cheaper and safer. Put a little baking soda on your toothbrush and brush your teeth. You can also rinse your mouth with a solution of baking soda 2 teaspoons in a glass of water. Soda promotes that the acidity in the mouth decreases, killed bacteria, which are the cause of odor.

Chocolate cough
Everyone is familiar with the words of Mary Poppins that spoonful of sugar can cure all. This is the truth, if you treat cough. The 60 grams of chocolate contains the same amount of theobromine which is contained in a cough syrup. Theobromine inhibits the action of receptors that cause cough. Dark chocolate on time will save you from coughing.

Onions from pain in the ear
Pain in the ear can be considered one of the most mysterious, because no one can see what is happening in the dark tunnels of the ear passage. Scientists say that the pain provoke the bacteria that cause inflammation. Bow acts as an antiseptic that kills the bacteria. Cook the onion, squeeze out the juice. Drip into the ear 2-5 drops of juice and the pain will pass.

Lemon nausea
Sometimes for various reasons, we feel nausea. Some nausea during pregnancy, others – during a trip by car or by boat. Can save the tablet from motion sickness, but after all, this drug a lot of side effects, such as drowsiness. Therefore, the only way to survive in the rocking boat is considered a dream. But this is not an option. Better to take a skin of the lemon and smell the sickness in time. The smell of lemon will ease your condition. You can also suck peel and eat a couple of olives.

Sugar hiccups
Hiccup occurs due to spasm of the diaphragm. Diaphragm – a muscle that separates the chest from the abdomen. Hiccups can be very intrusive and causing trouble and discomfort. It is known that the aid can come spoonful of sugar. To confirm this fact, studies were conducted in which 20 people took part, and in 19 of them, Icota passed after they accepted a spoon of sugar. The fact is that the sweetness that fell into the tongue is acting on the receptors, forcing Ikot to leave.

Vodka from unpleasant
You know the reason for the unpleasant? These are bacteria. If you walk in the shoes all day, the legs sweat, and the bacteria love such an environment and begin to multiply intensively. No need to flee into the bathroom for fifteenth time in the day to wash the legs, the smell does not indicate that the legs are dirty. No need to spend a lot of money on expensive medicines that promise to get rid of this problem. Vodka – Here is your means. Alcohol, which is contained in vodka, dry and disinfects the skin, and the bacteria do not multiply. All that is needed to wipe the sole of vodka.

Mint and cinnamon gum remove stress
Researchers found that the chewing of mint or cinnamon chewing reduces stress by 20% and disrupts consciousness. Research participants argued that in 30% of cases, their attention has been raised, and in 25%, the mood has increased. The journey seems shorter to those who chew a chewing, and longer than everyone else.

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10 Of the most strange home recipes affecting their effectiveness

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