10 maternal holivarov

The audience of maternal communities can be very different, but the topic for discussion is always and everywhere alone, and it would be strange if they were different. Because small children are small children. How to feed how to teach to sleep and walk on a pot, whether to choose whether to choose an early development, how to overcome the hysterics of two- and three years and so on. Today, there is hope for this topic, the author of the blog "Boy to. And his mother ".

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In the call of the heart and duty, I am a cloud of various maternal community, I read a lot of forums and discussions. And the longer I live inside parental beliefs, the more I am convinced that there are classic questions of faith. Situations where to ask the issues of general properties is almost useless, and the disputes extremely rarely have a productive result, because each participant has its own convictions and a positive experience, and not many people say about errors.

Eternal Holywar, always number one, vaccinates against anti-recreak . Very rarely topics starting with format question "Explain to me your arguments", End on a discussion of arguments. The classic of the genre – the transition to the derogatory comments on the representatives of the opposite camp, the discussion of the pharmaceutical lobby and the perpetrators of the current measles epidemic, for example, the cloud of references to dubious resources, and then moderators come and drive away from the forest. Break.

Number two. The theme of breastfeeding either never loses relevance. There are very imputed threads when discussed, for example, experience in the excavation from breast or something similar. But almost always there are supporters of rapid folding of the notorious GW and those who feed up to 2-3 years and further. Each of them there is a mass of arguments in favor of its position, here only a newcomer there is no benefit. You still feel smooth as much as it turns out and wants. And yes, the topics of the second order – breast milk against the mixture, feeding on a schedule or on demand. Approximately the same counterproductive history.

Number three. Sling against strollers . Here too everything is clear. Someone like push stroller, and someone even a five-year-old child is trying to put in a sling. But it will always be anyway, what to discuss. Wheelchairs will recall the Slingomamam’s origin and curves of the back legs, and Slingomama will tell those who laid children in the stroller, how the kids are missing mom and its heat. Nothing from this will be confirmed by the facts, but we live in the world of sensations.

Four number. Okay, you chose a stroller and now want to understand what kind of stroller meets your requirements and wishes. Here, of course, all the sharpness of Holivar will not be, but we are all a few sectarians, and therefore TEUTONIA, Maclaren, Stokke, Bugaboo fans and other leading brands are extremely rarely talking about the lack of their vehicles, but it will be happy to list all the minutes of other wheelchairs. You will remain assessed by the question of the objectivity of these conclusions, the task is also so-so.

Number five. Treat whether colic . Here, passions are heated by the policies of pediatricians, some of which prescribes a mass of drugs to invest infant states, and part considers them natural and not worthy of pharmaceutical effort. That is the classic question of faith. If you ask how you coped with colic, you will be given a million councils. Listing the most drugs, white noise benefits, jumps on phytball, feces tests and so on, so on, so on.

Number six. Desert . The rubber product is also an eternal apple of discord. The stories about the sucking reflex will be overwhelmed with horror stories about the spoiled bite and late speech, someone will call the pacifier with their salvation, and someone is one of the harmful inventions of humanity.

Number seven. Homeopathy against classical pharmaceuticals . This is a sharp and sick question, here to talk with an adherent of another point of view practically meaninglessly, I am more and more in this convinced.

Number eight. Early way out of the decree and preparing the child Nyan or kindergarten. There is also a huge dispute too. Recall role "meaningful adult" In the life of the baby, and what his absence can turn into, they will be especially active to what the unfortunate mother has the psychological problems in the child in the future.

Number Nine. Children’s Son . How to teach a child to sleep, practicing a joint dream or from an early age to lay a child in a separate bed. Dispute acuity is heated by a mass of techniques and practitioners who teach parents how to teach one year old sleep all night. A separate number is a discussion of the technique "Scroll", which usually brings passion to the maximum degree.

Number ten. "Dispute about teachers" . In some sense, it closes all of the above. Because someone believes in Sierz. Someone repeats all the passage of Dr. Komarovsky. Someone continues to believe from Dr. Spock. Names can be called dozens and dozens, the benefit that the literature for parents is now produced in excess. Who will believe you, it is again a question that is not worth a dispute. Because it is again a question of faith.

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10 Maternal holivarov

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