10 important fashion exhibitions 2020

Planning vacation is always nice, especially if you know that the Prada exhibition will open in London, and in Rotterdam shows the works of Thierry Mwer. Gathered remarkable exhibitions worldwide, which are already going or only open in 2020.

Kimono: Kyoto to Catwalk in Victoria and Albert Museum, London

February 29 – June 21, 2020

In the London Museum of Victoria and Alberta is preparing a grand exhibition dedicated to Kimono – the most large-scale of all ever held in Europe. Curator Anna Jackson revealed the topic as wide. Most preceding exhibitions focused on traditions, that is, they told about the kimono of the Edo period (the segment of Japanese history from 1603 to 1868) – and that’s all, with the exception, except that the echoes of the tradition in the works of Exeva Miyaka and more couples and three of modern designers. Anna looked at Kimono not only in the context of Japan, she examined the process of its integration into Western culture, as well as the influence of the West on Kimono itself. The Kimono Exhibition: Kyoto to Catwalk covers 350 years of the history of this object of clothing, convincing the viewer that Kimono never had a purely traditional thing – it changed along with fashion.

Jackson shared exposure to three main parts. The first speech will go about the traditional kimono, about great masters, old staining techniques and other things. The second is told about Kimono Intercultural Travel – about the echoes of the Japanese costume in the fashion of the 20th century and how industrialization and globalization influenced the tradition. The third part is about young designers for which Kimono and today remains real art, as well as about kimono in pop culture (take at least costumes of the heroes of "Star Wars"). A very useful thing for us living in times when the signs of cultural apropriatia are looking everywhere, it will help to find the face between inspiration and assignment.

Bags: Inside Out in the Victoria and Albert Museum, London

April 25, 2020 – January 31, 2021

Another reason to look at the Museum of Victoria and Albert next year. The bag at the exhibition is considered not as a utilitarian accessory, but as a real cultural phenomenon. Exposition is divided into three sections: the first is dedicated to the functionality of the bag, the second – status, the third – design and production process (with a view to the bright high-tech future and a separate section of ecology).

10 Important fashion exhibitions 2020

Just show about 300 items from different historical periods since the XVI century. There will be a bag of Maria Stewart, the ASPREY bag is an integral attribute of the image of the Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher, famous Lady Dior and Hermes Birkin, named after Lady Diana and Jane Birkin, respectively, bags that have become popular thanks to Carrie Bradshaw, Kim Kardashian and other famous person ( fictional and real), as well as bag bags, such as the shop "I am Not a Plastic Bag" designer Ani Hindmark.

About Time: Fashion and Duration in Metropolitan Museum, New York

May 7 – September 7, 2020

The most large-scale fashion exhibition of the year traditionally takes place at the Metropolitan Museum Costume Institute. In 2020, the institute of a costume knocks 150 years, in honor of what Curator Andrew Bolton decided to poflocher. The topic sounds like this – About Time: Fashion and Duration ("About Time: Fashion and Duration"). Reading once, it is possible to decide that we are waiting for the notorious linear retrospective of the new fashion story, but not everything is so simple. An inspiration for the exposure was the film "Orlando" (1992), shot by the director Sally Porter in the novel novel Virginia Wolfe. His main heroine travels in time, living several lives in parallel. Fashion history with all variety of coexisting with each other styles is very similar to this plot and in general on all creativity Wulf. "What I like in the look of Virginia for a while is the idea of ​​continuum," says Bolton. – He has no specific starts, mid and end, it’s all one big fat middle. Fashion always caused me a similar feeling. Fashion is a real ".

The exposition of 160 items will be divided into two parts – two alternative time scales. In the first fashion history, they will present a traditional chronological manner – a number of things showing changes that occurred from 1870 to 2020. For clarity, exhibits will be exclusively black. In the second everything will be done otherwise – you will demonstrate the chaotic of the fashion history, the presence of "temporary folds" (they arise when the fashion runs forward or, on the contrary, roll back when some couturier quoted others, and so on). Exhibits here will be white. "About Time: Fashion and Duration is a rethinking of fashion history, which is fragmented, intermittent and heterogeneous," Bolton summarizes. Simplified scale number one helps to navigate in intricate quantities number two.

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