10 Heroes of classical literature who taught us to fall in love with "wrong" men

Heroes of classical works are beautiful – they are complex, interesting, multifaceted. That is why it seems to us since childhood that men should be. But let’s figure it out with an adult position: Are Yevgeny Onegin, Alexey Vronsky, Andrei Bolkonsky and Mr. Darcy, as we were in school?

If you look closely, it can be understood that most literary handsome – daffodils, neurotic or just infantile guys who avoid responsibility. Together with the largest book service by subscription MyBook We tell how classic heroes taught us to fall in love with "wrong" men.

Evgeny Onegin ("Eugene Onegin")

Back in school years, Girls sighed on Onegin. What brilliant handsome man, what smart and sophisticated! True, in adolescence, we rarely can understand that Evgeny Onegin – Narcissus, who despises other people and does not feel the feelings of empathy. To come for a beloved friend? Why not! Show ruthlessness and indifference towards Tatiana, which is decided to admit to him in love? Of course yes! And, of course, to inflame passion only when Tatiana turns out to be inaccessible – the typical behavior of neurotic with an avoiding type of attachment that is not able to build healthy relationships and experiences feelings for a partner only when he is distinguished. Well, you are still "in love" in Onegin?

Evgeny Bazarov ("Fathers and Children")

Another guy with a complex character. A witty and cynical nihilist denies all public values, love, romance and family traditions. Why did you like this character so much? Now such a man would seem terrible boring, despite his jungle behavior in the style of Bad Boy. At the same time, the bazaars are compacted and clamped – he is ashamed of even his own feelings for Anna, considering them with something unworthy of a true revolutionary and an adherent of science. Evgeny is trying to control all his emotions, from which he suffers. Such a person simply does not know how to relax and enjoy life, and therefore cannot make a happy and man next to him.

Andrey Bolkonsky ("War and Peace")

The man of dreams – the aristocrat, is good, the smart, and most importantly – with an attractive fler of sadness and disappointment … Andrei Bolkonsky seemed to many for many – to meet this and immediately fall in love! True, we did not take into account the moment that Bolkonsky did not want to take on any responsibility. He was much older than Natasha Rostova, but still behaved like an uncertain boy who cannot give a young beloved sense of security. Moreover, Andrei could not withstand his father who demanded to postpone the wedding with Natasha for a year – and where is the hardness of character, where determination? It turns out that Bolkonsky is not an ideal, but rather an ideal example of irresponsible and even weak, albeit an attractive man. It is a pity that it is sometimes difficult to consider this trait of character for all the merits.

10 Heroes of classical literature who taught us to fall in love with

Dorian Gray (Dorian Gray)

Another example of a book Narcissa, who used to seem very attractive to us. Young, very beautiful, unlupressary and interesting boy Dorian, who devoted his life to hedonism, entertainment and vices. In fact, all the charm of Gray is in his carelessness and the outer beauty, which he literally obsessed. A man who is not busy, but it is terribly afraid of wrinkles, – a sad sight … Therefore, the Roman Oscar Wilde must be perceived as an instructive – one should not "add" on cute and fun guys who are not interested in anything other than the parties and their own reflection in the mirror.

Alexey Vronsky ("Anna Karenina")

The case when you can fall in love at first sight. That Anna Karenina and did – we all remember what it ended. Vronsky was also passionately in love with Anna, but on deeper feelings and responsibility was not capable. Judge themselves, instead of supporting the lover-rejected society, he more often spent the time outside the house, on the races and at the card table. After all, he, as a man, this story was not worth a reputation! Alexey did not even try to understand the sensual miserable nature of Anna, did not extend her hand to her in the period of postpartum depression, and the manifestation of the strongest emotional stress considered the usual female hysteria, from which you can simply dismiss. And what did we like? Except that manners, confidence and ability to present themselves in society. Alas, but it’s not all the foundations of healthy relationships.

10 Heroes of classical literature who taught us to fall in love with

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