10 healthy slimming cocktails

Such cocktails not only affect the shape, but also help to eat more fruits and vegetables, thereby filling our body with vitamins and other nutrients.

Slimming cocktails – this is a means made from vegetables and fruits, but with most of the vegetables to reduce sugar hit in blood. You need a mixer for cooking to keep all the vitamins that are contained in the pulp and the skin of the products. To make the perfect cocktail for slimming from fruits and vegetables, listen to several basic tips: if it turned out to be very thick, add water or some kind of vegetable drink; Add to taste Sunflower seeds, pumpkins, sesame, flax seeds or chia, as well as a variety of seasonings (cinnamon, turmeric, ginger, coriander).

1. Cocktail for weight loss and getting rid of toxins

Although our body conducts a detoxification process naturally through liver and kidneys, some products improve this process, such as lemon and green tea.

1 Handful of Spinach
4 pulp artichoke
Lemon juice
Green tea

2. Slim cocktail "Anti-destroy"

Such a smoothie will give you strength and update the body. It cleans the intestines, improves digestion, cleanses the kidneys and bladder.

3 tablespoons flesh beets
½ pears
¼ avocado
1 pinch of sea salt

3. Laxative cocktail for weight loss

This is a cocktail recipe that acts as a bowel defender, as a laxative and a source of vitamins A, C, E.

¼ mango
1 handful of raspberries

4. Slimming and Water Balance Cocktail

5. Cocktail Detox Slimming

This smoothie is rich in potassium and contains a very small amount of sodium, so it is an excellent tool to remove fluid, cleaning the body and loss of excess weight. In addition, it contains calcium, phosphorus, iron, iodine and magnesium.

1 handy of fresh salad
1 Pear
Coconut milk
½ Pinica

6. Nourishing cocktail for weight loss

This sweet cocktail from the banana will fill you with the necessary energy and, moreover, it will help to lose weight, because it is very light and at the same time nourishing cocktail.

1 banana
1 Persik
1 Chipping of ginger
1 teaspoon jam or honey

7. Slim cocktail "Perfect skin"

In addition to the active burning of fats, this cocktail contributes to improving the skin inside and outside, enhances protection and eliminates flaws.

5 languishing
1 yogurt
½ banana
1 teaspoon chia seeds

eight. Cocktail for weight loss against constipation

10 Healthy slimming cocktails

Oatmeal and apple create an effective fiber cocktail that helps to cope with constipation. Blueberries will provide the body with vitamins C and E, as well as antioxidants.

4 blueberries
1 teaspoon oatmeal
1 yogurt
1 teaspoon of flax seeds

nine. Cocktail for weight loss and efficient sunburn

This cocktail contains carrots and apricot rich in beta carotene, which prepares the skin to the effect of sun rays, provides a bronze tan and protects the skin from the negative effect of the Sun.

1 carrot
½ apricot
¼ mango
4 strawberries

ten. Cocktail for slimming with antioxidants

Orange and Papaya are two fruits with a high concentration of vitamin C and antioxidants that prevent skin aging and promote the growth and restoration of tissues.

The flesh of orange
½ Little Papaya
3 strawberries
Zestra Orange

It is not always easy three times a day there are fruits and twice – vegetables. However, these are important components of the diet. The use of fruits and vegetables by 40% gives the risk of diseases. Therefore, these cocktails will help you balance the diet, because they contain a lot of fruits and vegetables.

It is very important to make these cocktails from seasonal products. They are more juicy and retain all their nutritional properties, because they do not need long-term storage and transportation. Do not try to fit in one cocktail all 5 meals with vegetables and fruits, because your body does not have the ability to absorb such a large amount of nutrients for one meal. In addition, a large amount of fruit increases the flow of sugar into blood. If you often remove with fruit, then the risk of diabetes increases.

Remember that slimming cocktails are only an addition to your diet, and not replacing a full meal. Such cocktails can be used instead of the first dish or snack.

Key tips for the proper cooking of a cocktail:
1. Choose seasonal fruits and vegetables.
2. Place more vegetables than fruits to reduce the amount of sugar and calories.
3. Make cocktails with vegetables and fruit skurt.
4. It is better to use a mixer, not a blender.
5. Do not forget to fill cocktails with seeds, spices or dried fruits.
6. Add a few lemon drops and store cocktail in the refrigerator.
7. If it turned out very thick, add water, ice or vegetable drink.

Follow these basic rules and the result will not make yourself wait!

10 Healthy slimming cocktails

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