10 "golden" rules for women’s beauty and health

Beauty and health of a modern woman begins with care about your face. After all, on the skin of the face, like on the palm, you can see how a woman feeds on whether it takes vitamin and / or mineral complexes, whether it does physically loads, whether it walks in the fresh air and t.NS. The list is simply infinite. What is a pity that the majority recalls this when the lifestyle leads to inflammation and irritation, pigmentation, wrinkles, skin diseases. But the right mode and care &# 8211; This is the best prevention. In this publication, we will give you ten "golden" rules that will miraculously affect your health and appearance.

Golden Rules for Women’s Beauty and Health

Rule number 1

Water, water, water. Be sure to use pure, non-carbonated water. At work, at home, on the road (put a small bottle in the handbag), however, very carefully before bedtime, it wakes up with edema. Water will not be able to replace the carbonated sweet drinks, coffee, tea, juices, a little &# 8211; not strong green and herbal tea.

Rule number 2

If you are still washed with soap (ordinary, children’s and t.NS.) &# 8211; Immediately throw it away. Soap dries the skin, deprives him of the vital moisture. With the help of consultants in specialized stores or cosmetologist, pick up the best tool for you &# 8211; Gentle milk, air foam driving gel inflammation or other. Stop your choice on a cosmetic brand, which actively introduces innovations and improves its products by offering buyers more and more opportunities.

Do not rub the fiercely with your skin towel, but it is delicately blocked by them or special paper napkins.

Rule number 3

Several times a week (3-4 r.) instead of morning wash with milk, foam or gel make ice &# 8211; This miraculously tones and "wakes up" the skin, charges energy for the whole day (do not forget about the neck and chest). Prepare a decoction of medicinal herbs (chamomile, calendula, mint and t.NS.) cool, fill in the mold for ice. You always have a beautiful remedy for washing, from edema and bruises under the eyes.

Rule number 4

Perform the morning, evening procedure (cleansing, toning, moisturizing / powered) care is always and completely. This requires any 5 minutes., But we tend to neglect them or terribly lazy.

Rule number 5

Beauty and health of modern women and cigarettes &# 8211; incompatible! Refuse this habit or, at worst, reduce the number of cigarettes on the day, refuse or minimize visits to the smokers. Smoking badly affects both the lungs and the whole organism and on the skin, depleting and sick it. About the dangers of smoking are written tons of literature, take yourself to read some work and motivation will not leave you.

Rule number 6

Fruits and vegetables. Use fruits and vegetables (3-5 servings per day, 1 portion is 1 apple or pear, 1 cucumber or green fragrant salad beam). If you can’t organize yourself a full nutrition, be sure to take a vitamin and / or mineral complex. Of course, it is not a full-fledged replacement, but will be able to save the situation.


Rule number 7

Dream. Insecurity is reflected in our appearance, and on well-being, health. With chronic lack of sleep, a good mood will very soon leave you, the complexion will become gray, bags under the eyes, wrinkles will appear … Clear 7-8 hours on vacation. Go to bed until midnight. It is at this time that the body is fully resting. Before bed, you can walk outdoors. Walk will saturate the organism with oxygen and guaranteed to provide you with healthy dreams.

Rule number 8

Masks for face. Cleansing, nutritious, moisturizing&# 8230; Cosmetic brands offer a huge selection for every taste, skin type, need and wallet. If you do not like to apply the mask purchased in the store, you will save homemade masks, the benefit of recipes &# 8211; weight. We all know that potatoes since childhood &# 8211; The best remedy for edema under the eyes, and stolen hot milk oatmeal &# 8211; Purifying agent for fatty problem skin. It is very important to apply them regularly (1-2 p. in Week).

Rule number 9

Review your food and refuse or minimize the amount of acute, fried, oily, salt and sweet (ah, all delicious). Improve your diet, enter in it fruits and vegetables, clean non-carbonated water, bran, herbal and green teas (reserves of black tea and coffee give enemies), low-fat meat and dairy products, fish. Prepare a pair or grilled dishes with minimal salt adding (a huge selection of spices and herbs in the markets provides ample opportunities for experiments), white bread replace black.

Rule number 10

Take yourself for the basic rule visit a cosmetologist. There are no disputes on this topic, many refuse the services of cosmetology salons because they believe that high-level home care can provide. However, nothing will replace the hands of a professional and experienced cosmetologist (choose your master on the principle of its professionalism, the quality of the funds that it uses, and not on the principle of value or distance from the metro station).

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