10 everyday rituals that will help feel happier

In the fuss of the metropolis, we often forget about simple joys and do not find time to truly enjoy them. We have compiled a list of everyday rituals that will help increase awareness and feel happier. We promise, no difficult tasks, all techniques can be easily taken.

Wash out

Master all we sacrifice sleep. His we are ready to simply exchange to the late dinner with friends, a party or the next episode of the exciting series. But it is his lack of all the most affecting our mood and productivity. Regular underwear leads to a deterioration in memory, a decrease in concentration, a drop in motivation and absence of inspiration, and still ruthlessly reflected on the face. We can’t say that you must sleep at 8 o’clock every night, for each limit your own, but if you go far over midnight, but you get up neither zary and fight all day with drowsiness, your daily routing is to revise.

Make a plan for a day

There is nothing worse than realizing at the end of the day that he passed without. You did not work, and did not rest, but just something took time. To avoid disappointment, we offer every morning or evening – to someone as convenient – draw up a list of cases and allocate among them priority. This small habit is especially useful for those who have to lead several projects at once. It will help to significantly reduce the level of stress and feel that you own the situation. Bonus: Every time you put a tick opposite the task completed, you will find a small dose of dopamine – Hormon of happiness.


Proven: six minutes of reading reduce blood pressure and remove anxiety. It seems that this fact is enough to take a rule to read at least a couple of pages per day. In addition, this simple habit is a good way to relax, so we suggest opening a book when you want to take a little break in work. The text will help switch and dispel, and still learn something new and inspiring. Agree, it is better than to scroll tape.


At the University of Essays in the UK, researchers found out that people who prefer once again walk on foot, often feel joy and satisfaction from life and less often experiencing stress. Only there is one condition: you need to walk without a phone in my hands, otherwise the whole positive effect disappears.

Let yourself be small joys

A bouquet of flowers on the desktop, the cream for hands with the smell of the sea or beautiful notebook – let each your day there will be a little more pleasant little things that you inspire you, especially in such a difficult time. Listen to what you want right now? Vanilla eclair? Sleep for 15 minutes? Or maybe listen to any song? And allow yourself this little joy.

Let yourself choose

"It is very important not to act on the impulse, but to make a conscious choice. To learn this, it is enough to give yourself the opportunity to choose a minimum of three options at least in one aspect of your day, "says a practitioner psychologist, the founder and ideolog of the community of professional psychologists Otvet.CO Veronika Sidorov. – That is how it behaves "Nice good mother" (in psychology there is such a term) with his child. She offers him options to choose from provided that their basic relationships are saved. For example, for lunch, she gives him himself to decide what it will eat: mashed potatoes, soup or stew vegetables. Thus, the baby learns to choose, learns to determine what he feels what he wants. But if in front of him mom every day would raise a plate of soup, without specifying, he wants him or not, learn to choose it would be very difficult. The problem is that in his adult life we ​​continue to act on the specified scenario. For example, in the morning we are in a hurry to work and know that we have a cup of coffee and glazed cheese. We do not ask ourselves: "I want this breakfast really?" We do not have enough skill to offer yourself an alternative. So I advise you to take a rule for at least one aspect of your day to give yourself several options. To have a buzz, conscious pleasure, and not just an action on the impulse ".

10 Everyday rituals that will help feel happier

Learn No

Many people with difficulty say there are no additional projects and obsessive requests, and then suffer because of these promises. But, unfortunately, if you say something yes, you deny yourself in another – you pay less time to family, hobbies, goals and even health. And besides, get a lot of trouble and anxiety. Therefore, if you do not feel the resource to respond, – nothing terrible: politely, but clearly explain to the interlocutor, which is not yet ready to support it, because in priority you have other tasks. As practice shows, many people relate to such fair answers with understanding and respect.

Thank you

Do not forget to speak closest warm words

Call with words support, note with a wishes of a wonderful day, a message with encouraging thoughts is a trifle that wonders. When people hear and read such things, the whole world is transformed, it seems warm, open and friendly. And they start sharing attention and love in response. As a result, happiness doubles, because the joy is experiencing both: both the recipient and the addressee.

Use positive installations

Briefly explain what the benefits of positive installations. For example: "I am grateful for everything good, what is in my life". They reduce negative thinking, help appreciate good and focus on purposes, dropping everything too much. As the Buddha said, "we are thinking about what you think. In these simple words "sewn" the whole essence of this method. The main thing is to find exactly those phrases that are responding to you, or invent and write their own.

10 Everyday rituals that will help feel happier

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