10 Errors that spoil your vision

Reflected from snow, sand, concrete and water light, as well as artificial lighting in solarium especially dangerous. There is not only undesirable in solarium in general, but also much more dangerous than under the scorching sun, since the impact of ultraviolet rays is even stronger there. Attempts to tan can lead to skin cancer, premature aging, burns and eye irritation.

2. You incorrectly use contact lenses

After a long experience, wearing may seem that nothing terrible will not happen if you wear one-day lenses on the second day. But they, of course, are not intended for reuse, and by this you increase the risk of infection. To be in the lenses longer than necessary, change them with other people, sleep in them and not change the case for reusable lenses is also harmful – usually it is because of this in the eyes of infections that worsen vision.

Disinfection of reusable lenses – key moment to protect the eyes. Find out the doctor how long you need to soak the lenses in the disinfecting fluid, never use the solution again and in no case do not buy lenses and care products yourself, without consulting a specialist.

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The specialist may suggest passing the following surveys:

  • Refractometry – method of diagnosing eye anomalies (hyperopia, myopia, astigmatism), retinal damage and iris;
  • biomicroscopy – a way to study the state of the age, conjunctiva, lens;
  • ophthalmoscopy – diagnostics of zone zone, vascular shell, optic nerve disk.

It is best to give preference to simple designer solutions similar to the natural form of the eyeball. But there are also such models that are capable of increasing the size of the pupil, significantly changing the look, image.

The rules of care for the purchased goods are contained in the instructions, the norms of which must be strictly observed. Otherwise, get acquainted with the strong overwork of the eyes and in the worst case – with infections. Lenses are stored in a container filled with a special solution. And in no case, do not rinse the lenses with water and do not leave where it fell!

  • Do not touch the latex surface with dirty hands;
  • Do not allow another person to fit your lenses;
  • Do not wear a lens for the left eye to the right, and vice versa.
10 Errors that spoil your vision

And most importantly – when selecting or changing lenses, always consult with the doctor!

3. You often try your eyes

Very often wiping the eye only drives the pathery even further, and it is impossible to remove it with ease. There is another way to get rid of what is prevented in the eye: try to blink often so that the tears were washed away, or use drops to rinse the eye.

4. You wrap contact lenses

5. You do not throw out overdue cosmetics

6. Do you smoke

7. You spend a lot of time at the computer and smartphone screen

The American Academy of Ophthalmology recommends following the rules "20-20-20": for every 20 minutes when you look into the screen, it should have at least 20 seconds when you are distracted by an object at least 20 feet (6 meters) from you. It will help my eyes at least relax a little, even if you do not have the opportunity to interrupt work at the computer.

eight. You do not wear safety glasses

nine. You rarely check vision

ten. You rely on drops from redness

The two most common causes of strong, but painless redness of the eyes – conjunctivitis and burst blood vessels, and usually passes through one or two weeks. If the eyes also hurt and redness does not pass, you must contact a doctor.

Oksana Kuznetsova

During the day it is useful to perform an easy eye charging. It will remove the stress from the intraocular muscle, will improve blood circulation and remove fatigue. Sit right, take the most convenient position for you, first slowly move your eyes to the right and left, take 10 round movements in one direction, then to another. Then close your eyes for a few seconds and repeat the whole complex again. Now alternately strain and relax the eyelids. Perform an exercise 5-7 times. Several times focus on the tip of the nose.

Another effective reception, about which everyone forgets is a massage. Close your eyes, massage them with middle finger with circular motions. Adjust not too much and do not too much. Magnificent Eye Massage Option Method Bates-Shichko. Three fingers are involved: index, medium and unnamed. Start with the fact that we dissolve the forehead with circular movements, paying special attention to the inter-block space – it is here that the optic nerve passes. Then go to mass production of temples, cheekbones and nasal sinuses. After that, it is necessary to rush well the back of the neck – you can ask someone about help. Final part: Let’s start stroking the closed century, slightly click on them several times and climb.

In addition, it is useful to make eye compresses. Brew tea and chamomile in a proportion of 50/50, soak the tissue and put on the eyes for 15 minutes. Another option that will be perfectly soothing the irritable eye and will remove the tension – the compress of parsley. Parsley leaves finely distortion, wrap in gauze and lower in boiling water. Cool down and attach to centuries for 10-15 minutes.

Of course, we should not forget about the rules for working at a computer and watching TV. Monitors are best spaced by the window and ensure that the lights or the sun are reflected on the screen. Adjust the adequate brightness level. To do this, open the white sheet of the new document and see how the eye reacts. If the color "cuts" the eye, muffle the brightness. At the same time, the distance between the person and the monitor should be at least 50 cm.

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